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Trapped In A Universe

"Lost in the Twisted Realms of Reality"

By Michelle StampsPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
"When reality shatters"

My reflection wasn't my own, as I gazed into the mirror. Instead, a dark figure bled through its arm, calling out to me with a sinister aura. When I touched the mirror, I felt a sharp pain, and the next moment I woke up in my bed. However, things were not as they seemed.

My mother, who had passed away in a car accident years ago, came into my room to serve me breakfast, but her face turned blurry, leaving only a creepy smile with no eyes or nose. I felt like the world was ending until her face returned to normal.

As the day progressed, I received a notification on my phone stating that my ex, who had died in a fire in 2021, had escaped from prison and was out for blood. My friend Rosabella came to comfort me, and I went to history class but dozed off, only to wake up and see Michael staring at me with the same blurry, creepy smile that my mother had earlier. The figure I saw in the mirror before I touched it appeared, but then dissolved before my eyes.

When I tried to use the bathroom, my teacher refused, so I fell asleep in class and had a terrifying dream. In my dream, I heard a whisper saying "Touch the mirror or die" repeatedly. I woke up to find Macy staring at me blankly, telling me that I was seeing things and needed to eat.

During lunch, I saw the dark figure in the mirror again, and the world around me collapsed. I couldn't take it anymore and slapped a boy, breaking his glasses. I ran off and went to the abandoned house where I found the mirror.

As I approached the mirror, the walls bled, and I heard souls singing "touch it or die." I took out a hammer and smashed the mirror, falling into it. I saw a small girl crying blood and pitch black, and I put my hand on the mirror, pulling her into my world.

The sky turned red, and I was surrounded by mirrors with different versions of myself in them. Black hands came out of one of the mirrors and pulled me in, and I saw a girl walking up to the mirror and trying to touch it while another tried to break it. Suddenly, my face turned blurry and into a sharp smile, and my body turned into purple clouds as I gave off a dark aura.

Trapped in a universe filled with distorted realities and the unknown, I was left to wonder if I would ever escape.

As I drifted through the purple clouds, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was watching me. The distorted realities around me seemed to be closing in, suffocating me with their dark aura. The mirrors with different versions of myself were multiplying, and the black hands that had pulled me in were now reaching out towards me with a menacing grip.

In the distance, I saw the girl again. This time, her face was twisted in terror as she struggled to break free from the grip of a grotesque creature that had emerged from the mirror. The other girl had vanished, and I realized with a sinking feeling that I was completely alone.

My blurry face contorted into a maniacal grin, and my body twisted and writhed as the dark aura intensified. I felt like I was losing myself to the distorted realities, becoming one with the malevolent force that surrounded me.

Suddenly, a piercing scream echoed through the air, shattering the silence. It was the girl's scream, and it jolted me out of my trance. I could feel my body solidifying, and the purple clouds dissipated, revealing a dark, twisted world beyond.

I stumbled towards the sound of the girl's scream, my heart pounding in my chest. As I drew closer, I could see that the grotesque creature had the girl in its clutches, dragging her towards the mirror.

Without thinking, I lunged towards the creature, my hands grabbing onto its twisted limbs. The creature turned towards me, its eyes blazing with an otherworldly fury. I could feel its malevolent force radiating off of it, suffocating me with its dark aura.

But I refused to back down. I could feel a newfound strength welling up within me, a force of will that pushed back against the malevolent force. With a final burst of energy, I managed to wrench the girl free from the creature's grasp and drag her towards the mirror.

The distorted realities around us shook and shuddered as we hurtled towards the mirror, our bodies tumbling through space and time. As we emerged on the other side, we collapsed onto the ground, gasping for air.

But we weren't alone. The twisted, malevolent force that had pursued us through the distorted realities had followed us through the mirror. And it was hungry.

As we looked up, we saw the creature looming over us, its grotesque features contorted into a feral snarl. It towered over us, its dark aura suffocating us with its malevolent force.

We scrambled to our feet, our hearts pounding in our chests as we backed away from the creature. But it followed us, its twisted limbs reaching out towards us with an otherworldly fury.

We were trapped, with no escape from the twisted, malevolent force that had pursued us through the distorted realities. We could feel its hunger, its desire to consume us and drag us back into the unknown.

And then, as if from nowhere, a bright light filled the room. It was blinding, intense, and it seemed to push back against the dark aura that surrounded us.

The creature let out a piercing scream, its form contorting and twisting as it tried to fight against the light. And then, with a final burst of energy, it was gone. The twisted realities around us faded away, and we were left standing in a room filled with light.

We looked at each other, unsure of what had just happened. But then, a voice spoke to us, clear and strong.

"Welcome to the world beyond the mirrors," it said. "You have passed the test, and now you may leave the twisted, malevolent force behind. You are free."

We looked around the room, realizing that we were no longer alone. Others stood around us, survivors of the twisted, malevolent force that had pursued us through the distorted realities.

Together, we stepped towards the light, leaving the horror of the distorted realities behind us. And as we emerged into the world beyond the mirrors, we knew that we had survived a test of strength and will. And we were stronger for it.


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Michelle Stamps

Writing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I bring a fresh perspective to the table, and my unique voice is worth exploring. Readers can expect to witness growth and development in my writing.

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  • Kristina Stamps-Gray2 months ago

    Wow I was not expecting that twist ending

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