Top 5 'Supernatural' Demons

And the Actors Who Played Them Best

Top 5 'Supernatural' Demons

13 seasons deep, countless monsters, constant family drama, Lucifer, God—we have seen it all with Supernatural. But by far my favourite part of the show has always been the black (and sometimes yellow) eyed demons. These evil and seductive characters have been responsible for many of the best storylines in the show. This list explores my five favourite demons and the "meat suits" that played them the best!

1. Ruby - Genevieve Padalecki

Coming in extra hot at number one: the ultimate betrayer, Ruby. Originally, the character was played by Katie Cassidy, but was later perfected by Genevieve Cortese (Now Padalecki).Ruby led Sam to believe she was protecting him—feeding him demon blood, making him strong enough to kill Lilith. However, in reality, she was working alongside Lilith and using Sam to break Lucifer out of his cage. Ruby had Sam wrapped around her finger and it was intoxicating to watch. Speaking of intoxicating, how about that sex scene, am I right?

2. Cain -Timothy Michael Omundson

Straight from the bible: Cain, brother of Able, Knight of Hell, and quite possibly the hottest demon to ever grace the show. While historically he did murder tons of people, Cain was actually kind of a romantic. After falling in love, he put away the first blade and gave up killing—at least for a while. We continue to see a lot of human qualities in Cain on the show. In season nine, when he's first introduced, Dean and Crowley find him living a quiet life alone in the woods. While his good hair, amazing beard, and great acting have landed Cain in second place on this list, he is not without his faults. For instance, Cain is responsible for creating by far my LEAST favourite demon—Dean, or "Deanmon" *eye roll* Pump Sam up with demon blood, take away his soul, whatever. But leave Dean alone, okay?

3. Meg - Rachel Miner

An unnamed demon possesses a young blonde woman named Meg Masters and assumes her name. Meg was originally played by Nicki Aycox in season one, but the role was taken over by Rachel Miner in season five. In the beginning, Meg works closely with the yellow-eyed demon, Azazel, making her a quick enemy of Sam and Dean. However, in later seasons she begins working with the brothers and their angel friend, Cas.

Meg would not have made my list at all if it wasn't for Rachel Miner's version of her. She has a sinister grin, witty sense of humour, and devilishly good looks. I'll take badass brunette Meg over crazy blonde Meg any day of the week. And who can forget the pizza man...*wink*

4. Young Lilith - Sierra McCormick

This is a little girl who knows what she wants and isn't going to let anyone (not even sweet old Grandpa) get in her way. She's sassy and evil and she eats cake everyday. HELLO! Sign me up. Sierra McCormick does an amazing job at flipping the switch from sweet little girl to evil demon child. Lilith in general was a kickass demon, but young Lilith really takes the cake...literally, she loves cake.

5. Crowley - Mark Sheppard

Of course, we save the best for last. A classic Supernatural staple, the king of hell himself, Crowley. Whether he's working with or against Sam and Dean, I am always #TeamCrowely. Mark Sheppard brings an elegance and a swagger with him that is unmatched by any other character to ever be on the show.There you have it—the best of the worst when it comes to Supernatural. Who cares if the good guys win when the bad guys are this much fun? (Spoiler alert: the good guys DO always win)

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