This doll may give Annabelle a run for her money

A child's toy should bring joy, not rise the hair on the back of your neck.

This doll may give Annabelle a run for her money
Cursed doll

In 2014 I found a cloth rag doll at a thrift store one evening and decided to give it to my 3 year old granddaughter Jayla. The doll was in fair condition and had a few faded spots. She was wearing a long dress that looked like something out of the Antebellum era, and I visualized a little girl running through the yard playing with her. After I got home and took the doll out of the bag, I wished I had never made the purchase. She had looked like an innocent rag doll while inside the store but in my kitchen she gave me the creeps. In the brighter light I wondered how I ever could have brought something this evil looking home with me.

Every time I looked at her I got this ominous feeling as if she was looking right back at me. I could not turn my back on this doll without quickly looking over my shoulder. Chills went up my spine and there was something in the facial expression that made me feel there were evil spirits inside this doll waiting to be invoked to come out. I wondered who originally owned her, what her name was and how she ended up in the thrift store? I immagined the doll causing all kinds of accidents and the parents of the little girl who owned her giving her away. (Yes I know I have watched too episodes of Hauntings and The Haunted).

I decided to find out if I were perceiving correctly or if it were my imagination going into overdrive. I showed the doll to my husband who is the one in the family who is the least likely to consider anything to be paranormal. He took one look at her and told me she looked really creepy and asked me not to giver her to Jayla. I next showed the doll to my youngest son and he said in a loud voice that I needed to get that thing out of the house. He added that it made his skin crawl and looked demonic. When my oldest son came by I let him take a look and he said the doll looked like she had an evil spirit and he also asked me to get rid of it quickly.

I took a picture to see how people would react and put it on Facebook. Three or four individuals said the doll looked possessed. My daughter said it made her think of Annabelle the doll from the movie. Annabelle was a Raggedy Anne doll that was supposedly posessed by the spirit of a little girl named Annabelle. The doll is said to now be residing in the basement of the home of paranormal investigator couple Ed and Loraine Warren. If you have watched any of the paranormal television programs you know that different people handle the supernatural in varied manners.

Cultural upbringing, Native traditions and religious beliefs all play a part in how such things are dealt with. Some people use sage to cleanse a home, while others read mantras and make declarations that they are taking their house back. Healing crystals, and salt are sometimes used toward off evil. Shamans, Psychic Mediums, Empaths, Priests and paranormal investigators are often called upon to rid the home of evil or do an exorcism. There are also those who call on the Name of Jesus and I am in this last catagory. I mean no offense to anyone but I was raised to believe the Name of Jesus is more powerful than evil, so I was calling on Him throughout all of this.

I was praying that whatever was in that doll would stay there and that myself and my family would remain safe. I've spent much time in antique shops, thrift stores and at yard sales. This is the first time I ever got an item that not only gave me cold chills, but troubled everyone who saw it. I decided that I could not allow this evil looking doll to spend the night in my house so I put it inside of a box and took it to a nearby store where I dropped it in the dumpster and prayed it would remain there.

On the way back home I kept looking at the seat and in the rear view mirror to make sure she did not escape and ride home with me. I had seen such things on the Twilight Zone and in movies and now it was all coming back to me with clarity. You can judge for yourself, whether or not you can sense the evil that eminates from this doll, even in the photo. There was not one person who saw her or the picture that did not say they felt the presence of evil and I belive that speaks for itself. I do believe this doll may have been cursed.

Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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