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There's Something There. Part 1


By The Unlucky WandererPublished 3 years ago 7 min read

There's a legend around this small town about a old, decrepit house still standing in the middle of the woods. People hear odd noises, screaming and some times if you're out there at night and you shine your flashlight to the windows of the house you might see someone staring back at you with black holes for eyes. No one knows who lived there last or what had happened to the house or the people who lived there.

Rumors around town was that a family of five, the Hallows, that had lived in that house many, many years ago and one night Mr. Hallows went crazy and killed his entire family then himself. The family was not found for many years until a hunter had come across the house after hearing strange noises and decided to investigate. According to rumors the hunter went inside, the house was falling apart and plants had started overtaking the house, the hunter went from room to room finding nothing until he got to a room upstairs and finding bones scattered all over. The hunter supposedly ran out of there and went to the police but thats where the stories alwasy get mixed up and no one knows what happened from there. People have tried to look at the library for the history of the town to verify the rumors but nothing can be found and not knowing if the Hallows actually lived there and/or if the hunter was real and if he went to the police. Now it's just the local ghost story you tell around a campfire.

School kids always liked to dare each other to spend the night out in the woods near or in the house. Hoping they would see the ghosts of the Hallows family, many people have tried to investigate the house in the woods to get answers about this family that had once lived there. Once investigated no one would say what they saw or got on video due to being absolutely terrified, not talking at all and always looking over their shoulder like something was following them.

Of course the teenagers of the town would always head out into the woods on the weekends but never got far before returning to their cars and leaving once again. Until a group of six teens from town were determined to make it through the woods and find the house. Sarah, Lynn, Kelly, Owen, Steve and Ian had been friends since they were in diapers, always together in and out of school. This weekend they had finally decided that they would so it, they would finally find the Hallows house and see what all the rumors were about. Friday night the six teens were all packed up and ready for a night in the woods with backpacks filled with some extra clothes, snacks, flashlights with extra batteries and of course Owen had to bring his video camera with extra batteries aswell as another memory card just incase. Sarah, Lynn and Kelly all brought their phones as their flashlights while Owen, Steve and Ian all had regular flashlights hoping to save their phones just incase they had to call for help.

Taking the back roads further into the woods everyone all started to become excited. Talking rapidly about what they'll see or hear, Owen going over his camera once more to make sure that everything was good and ready to go, hoping to get some good footage to upload to his vlog.

"Owen are you seriously going to film this?" asked Lynn disbelief in her voice.

"Um duh! My fans want new content, gotta give them what they want and why not with our own town ghost story than the Hallows house!" Owen exlaimed happily.

Lynn just rolled her eyes and continued talking with Sarah, Kelly and Ian. Steve was driving his fathers SUV so he would have enough room for everyone and there packs. "We're almost there guys, make sure you have everything and that you have new batteries in your flashlights." Steve announced.

Steve pulled the car off to the side of the road throwing the car into park. "Alright, let's go." Steve said turning around to look at everyone.

All six of them slowly exited the car, making sure to grab their packs and meeting on the far side of the car, closet to the tree lined forest. Steve had looked around at his friends before nodding once and leading the way into the already darkening woods, "it sure got cold since we left town." whispered Lynn to Ian as she wraps her jacket closer to her body, holding in her shivers.

"Here take my extra jacket." said Ian retreiving his jacket from his pack and handing it over to Lynn. Lynn smiled and nodded her head accepting the jacket and quickly wrapping it around herself. The six of them continued their trek into the woods, following Steve hoping he knew where he was going.

The sun had completely fallen behind the horizon making the woods even more erie, hearing odd noises from every angle, a crunch of leave every now and then. After about 30 minutes of walking and zig zagging through the woods Steve finally said that they should take a break, everyone groaned a 'finally!' before slumping to the ground already exhausted.

"Steve, Man how much longer of all this walking we going to do? This isn't very good content." exlaimed Owen.

"We should be there within the next half hour to an hour." Steve said looking over to Owen not even commenting on the content comment.

After everyone finally got some water and a quick snack they repacked their bags and started again heading further into the woods. Owen stayed close behind Steve making sure to get Steve in the frame of the camera while walking through the trees. As they were walking Owen made sure to look through the camera's little screen to get the perfect shot.

"AHHHHHHH!!" A scream echoed through the trees from every direction if that was even possible. All of the teens were quick to cover their eyes till the screams stopped all looking at each other asking 'what the hell was that' with their eyes.

Steve stood up straight before saying "Well I'm going to say we might be getting close or someone is being killed."

"Really Steve?!" Kelly screeched a wild look in her eyes.

They all agreed to continue their way, Owen right behind Steve then Kelly and Sarah hugging each other shaking with fear and then Lynn and Ian at the back.

"What is that?" Owen whispered pointing ahead of them, looking through his little camera screen.

"I'm not sure...." Steve trailed off quietly.

The group slowly moved forward to whatever Owen had seen, as they got closer Owen zoomed in to see. "It's an old well?" Owen questioned.

What the teens had stumbled upon an old moss covered stone well. Steve was recalling that in some stories he had heard that you know you were getting close to the Hallows house when you'd pass by a old well but that's all Steve knew about.

They slowly made their way towards the well, wanting to get a closer look at it. Just as they were about 6 feet away from the spooky well, and before they could get any closer a ear splitting, blood curdling scream reverberating out of the well, so loud the six of them screamed themselves covering their ears and one by one the sounds coming out of the well was so loud that they started passing out. First Ian then Kelly, next Sarah, Lynn and Owen fell to the ground and finally Steve, trying to fight the blackness surrounding his vision before finally succumbing and falling to the ground along with the rest of his friends.


About the Creator

The Unlucky Wanderer

I love writing horror and scary stories but if they're real or not, it's for you to decide..

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