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Their Adventure into the Fall of the Bermuda

by Alina Gober about a year ago in fiction

Chapter Three

Two days pass. Mandy is finally out of the hospital. They went to the store on their own terms to buy their part of the portions for the trip. They’re all making their way to the docks with all of their supplies. Lola is watching their every move. Observing everything their taking on the trip. Wondering why Mandy really wants to go to the Bermuda. Why would she want to go back? There’s nothing to go back to.

“Oh! Eric! I forgot to mention. We don’t have a boat so I was wondering if we could take yours.” Aki says. “Of course. I would love to take my boat. I have a huge storage room downstairs where we can put everything and a living area for electronics. It’s perfect.” Eric replies.

They all carry in everything that they bought and put it all on the right shelves in the storage room. They made a water area, a canned food area, a boxed food area, a sweets area, a gear area, two regular fridges, and they also have three deep freezers. Two for meats and the third for the fish that they catch. “Make a check list so we know we got everything.” Mandy suggests. Aki starts writing on a piece of notebook paper.

“Let’s see…”

• 10,000 cans of canned food

• 180 packages of several types of meats

o Bacon

o Beef patties

o Hot dogs

o Chicken breasts

o Etc.

• 50 packages of ham and turkey

• 50 packages of cheese

• 2,000 boxes of side foods

• 300 cases of water

• 2,000 boxes of goodies

• 100 feet in thick rope

• 30 things of duct tape

• Fishing lines

• Fishing hooks

• Nine flashlights

• 50 packages of batteries

• Scuba diving gear for them three

• 50 guns

• 200 ammo cases

“Looks like we got everything!” Aki shouts. “We’ll set sell tomorrow!” He continues. After he finishes talking, he gets a random call from someone. “Hm, its Leeroy. My boss. Wonder what he needs.” He thinks to himself.

“Hey. Um, Aki. You really shouldn’t go on this trip.” Leeroy says. “Wait, what? What are you talking about? I already got my crew and we already bought everything that we need for this trip and put it on the boat.” Aki says aggravatedly. “Knowing you, I’m sure you did but you don’t understand. Someone else just disappeared there. It about 25 men, including their captain. They just vanished into thin air. The only thing anybody found was their boat. The crazy part is that the boat was perfectly intact. Nothing’s been touched. So please for the love of God don’t go. You’re one of my best employees and good friends here at work. I can’t lose you so just please, think about it.” Leeroy says desperately. Then he hangs up. “I didn’t come this far just to chicken out. We’ll be fine.” He says to himself.

“Hey! You two want to go eat dinner at like Olive Garden or something before we leave? I can tell you about all of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Bermuda.” Aki suggests. They all agree and drive over to the nearest Olive Garden. Once they get there, they all go ahead and order their food and drinks.

“So, them theories. What exactly are they?” Mandy asks. “Alright so, obviously there’s not just one theory. There’s multiple. “The first one is obviously the most assumed one. It’s a whirlpool. Some people believe that there’s a giant whirlpool that is consuming all the boats.” He starts off. “Then how does that explain all the planes going missing?” Eric asks. “Well, they believe that the whirlpool causes extreme winds from it going in circles all the time, causing the wind to bring down planes. Or there’s this energy that just brings them down. I’m not sure exactly.” He continues.

“The next one is a creature that you probably haven’t heard of before. It’s called the Liopleurodon. It’s a giant flesh-eating sea mammal that grows longer than 30 feet and weighs more than 3,500 pounds. It has enormous jaws that have several rows of sharp teeth to chomp their prey with. They believe this sea creature attacks ships and eats all the humans on them. Some say it jumps out of the ocean and grabs planes right out of the sky with its enormous jaws. But I honestly doubt it.” He says. “Now Aki, you’re just starting to sound denial about the stuff that happens there.” Mandy interrupts with a slight smile. “Well, I mean the Liopleurodon is extinct and no creature we know that is alive now can jump that high.” Aki replies.

“Okay then, what do you think happens there Mr. Aki sir.” Eric says while laughing. “Me personally, I don’t know. I think its crazy mystical storms that take anything alive to their land and leave the boats to be.” Aki says with slight sarcasm. “You don’t believe a fish could jump six miles up in the sky, but you believe in a mystical storm?” Mandy asks. “Did you not hear the sarcasm in my voice?” Aki asks lightheartedly. “Oh whatever.” She replies while throwing a napkin at him.

Mandy is eager to go. She has business to take care of there. She just hopes that Lola doesn’t get in her way. If she does, she doesn’t know what she’ll do. She probably won’t be able to control herself. She just hopes that they make it to where she needs to go. There’s going to be a lot of obstacles, but she believes in her friends and herself. They’ll make it. They’re tough. Tougher than anybody she’s ever met.


Alina Gober

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Alina Gober
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