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Their Adventure into the Fall of the Bermuda

by Alina Gober about a year ago in fiction

Chapter One

It’s a scorching sunny day in South Venice, Florida. Mandy is out with her friend Eric, in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. They’ve been friends since Sophomore year. They were part of, as they call it, “The Cool Group.” But they were actually just a bunch of nerds who read all the time or fished with Eric out on his boat.

Mandy was a transfer student. Along with her sister, Lola. They said they came from a school called the St. Thomas School, all the way from the Caribbean. They transferred in the middle of the year, which everybody thought was weird. But Eric and Aki thought it would be cool to be friends with people from a different country, so they introduced themselves. They all hit it off from the beginning.

Now they’re all grown up and living life. Aki is a biologist. Lola is a doctor at the local hospital. Mandy is a school English teacher at the high school they all went to, Venice Senior High School. Then Eric. He’s a fisherman. He fishes for the local markets and himself. He doesn’t really eat anything else besides the sides that will go with the fish.

“Hey, Eric! How much longer are we going to be out here?” Mandy asks. She’s not a major fan of being on the water. She prefers to be in it. Soaking in all of the salt. “I mean I’ve only caught what the supermarket needs. Just let me fish up my dinner then we’ll be on the way.” Eric replies. But as soon as he said that, something enormous hits the boat. “What… what was that Eric?” Mandy asks as she grips on to a pole near the wheel room of the boat. “I’m honestly not sure. I’m just going to go ahead and pack up my stuff so we can leave.” Eric says as he reels in his fishing line.

Mandy knows a lot of the creatures that are in the ocean and usually something that can hit the boat that hard isn’t such a friendly creature at all. Then it hit again. Making Mandy fall into the wheel room on her butt. “Eric!!” She yells but with no response. She keeps yelling, hoping that he would respond but still nothing. She stands up and goes out onto the deck and looks around for him, but she can’t find him anywhere. She keeps yelling his name. But still, no response. She starts to panic, looking everywhere on the boat for him but she doesn’t see him anywhere. “He has to be in the water.” She tells herself.

She starts walking along the edge of the boat looking for him everywhere, but she doesn’t see him. She keeps yelling his name until she finally loses her voice. Then the creature hit again. Then again. And again. All she could do was hold on and keep looking out for Eric. Then it hit one last time. Making her fly out of the boat into the dark abyss of the ocean. She opens her eyes immediately while she was under the water to see if she could see either Eric or the creature. But all she sees is water. She starts to swim up to get some air but as soon as she got to the top, the creature grabs her by her legs. Dragging her deep in the ocean.

She looks down realizing what the creature is. It’s a great white. One of the most vicious creatures of the ocean. She tries kicking it near its eye, hoping that it would just let go but it didn’t. The shark just kept pulling her and pulling her. Then suddenly it made a sharp turn. Now it’s taking her up again. Mandy started to feel lightheaded. She was losing too much blood. She kept kicking, using all of the energy she had. Then the creature finally let go. Just leaving Mandy by herself, just floating at the top of the ocean. She was losing a lot of blood, so much that the aroma of blood started to fill the air. She can’t even swim anymore. No matter h0ow hard she tried. So, she just continues to lay there, praying that someone will come and find her while she laid, floating on the top of ocean, falling into a dark deep sleep.

Then suddenly, she wakes up gasping for air. She tries to get up, looking around in panic for the shark that once had her leg. “Hey. How are you feeling?” Eric asks worriedly. “Oh yeah, I’m just feeling marvelous, ya know.” Mandy replies sarcastically. “Man, I love the ocean so much but some of those creatures down there are monsters. It just left me to die. It didn’t care.” Mandy starts ranting. “Where the hell were you at? I was looking all over for you before it knocked me into the water.” She continues. “I fell into the ocean. I was starting to swim back to the boat but then the shark came near me, so I froze. Then once it left, I continued to swim. But once I got on the boat, I didn’t see you anywhere. I just kept looking and looking then I seen something bobbing in the water, so I drove the boat near it, and it turns out it was you.” He replies.

He continued to patch up her leg. Trying to clean it up as good as possible. Wiping away all of the blood and putting alcohol where the sharks’ teeth was. Mandy screeching out in pain every time he put more alcohol on it. “I know, I know. I’m so sorry.” Eric says as Mandy laid there crying from all of the pain. Eric then finished wrapping up her cuts and bites and laid her on the bench out on the dock. “Now just lay there, I’m going to get us to mainland and get you to the hospital immediately. Just stay with me.” Eric says. He cranks up the yacht and starts driving towards the mainland so he can get her leg looked at as soon as possible.


Alina Gober

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Alina Gober
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