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The Vampire of Sandcastle

by Spooky Boo about a year ago in fiction

What evil lurks within the shores of Sandcastle?

Welcome to Scary Story Time with Spooky Boo. Today I bring a story from the vault of scary stories that I've written about vampires. Roxanne is a troubled girl with a few friends who aren't the best people to hang out with. If anything, they are a little mean to her and leave her out of everything. They ask the wrong person to buy them booze for the beach and for some it will be their last night enjoying the full moon on the beach in Sandcastle, California.

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Now let's begin.

The Vampire of Sandcastle

-- 1 --

I remember the last time I felt the sun upon my skin. It started on a night like this one, the moon was full and I had nothing better to do than drive out to the coast with my friends. Growing up in Northern California isn't all it is cracked up to be. The beaches are usually cold and it can be extremely crowded, but for people between the ages of 18 to 20, there is absolutely nothing to do. You're too old to hang out with the other kids and too young to go to the bars. High school kids are totally beneath you and getting into bars was extremely difficult. OK for me it wasn't, but for my friends they couldn't. So instead, we found some sucker to buy us some booze making him think that he could drink with us then we would ditch him. It wasn't anything new, we did it all of the time. Guys are easy to manipulate if they think they're going to get laid and some have a one-track mind.

That was then. I heard kids had it harder now. It's probably a good thing though. As you will see, underage drinking at the beach can get you into a lot of trouble. I was about to turn 21 at the time. My birthday was in one month. One stupid month. I could have been having the time of my life somewhere at a bar in Sandcastle with my fake ID, but instead, since my friends were incapable of faking anything, we decided to buy a few bottles of JD and party on the beach, in the dark.

As we sat on the old log we often partied on, the waves crashed against the shore. The water didn't quite reach the log and the tide was low so we were pretty safe from the depths of the Pacific until around 2 A.M. when we would be leaving anyway. That was all we were afraid of. I unscrewed the top off of the cheap rum we conned the guy to buy us at the liquor store while I heard the pop of a can of soda my friend Jenny opened. She poured the Coke into the first red cup and handed it to me. I filled the rest of it with the sweet golden nectar and then passed it to Priscilla who passed it to Tammy and so on. The teenage alcohol assembly line went on until my cup was the last. Of course, I knew how much to fill for me, I was the heaviest drinker out of our whole group--even when the guys showed up.

"Mmmm this is perfect, Roxy," Tammy said as she sipped on the rum and Coke. "Like, you know how to do it right every time."

"Practice, you know?" I laughed and started to sip my own drink. Rum and coke was our favorite out of any. When the guys came with us they always wanted beer. So boring. Tonight was Girls Night Out and we picked what we wanted to drink as we always did, but it was easier to grab the alcohol when the guys weren't around because men we so easy to get to buy for us.

Lori suddenly stood up and pointed toward the trail to the parking lot. "Who's that guy over there? Doesn't he look like..."

"The guy that bought the booze." I continued for Lori, who was then focusing on the stranger from the liquor store.

"How in the hell did he find us?" Lori asked as he sauntered over closer. We were really good at ditching these guys as we knew all of the backroads to the beach. If we ever suspected one was following, there were side roads we took to go the opposite direction. No one ever found our party spot until now.

He wore a long, black coat and black leather boots. His faded black jeans were almost grey, but you could tell they were worn. The jacket was buttoned up almost to his neck, but it looked like he sported a Victorian gothic shirt underneath. His dark eyes and black hair were just as dreamy as they were at the liquor store and he immediately caught my attention. I felt like I could read his thoughts and they weren't very pleasant. He half smirked when he put one leather boot on the log and leaned in with his elbow on his knee and his hand under his chin. "Hello, ladies."

The words rolled off of his tongue like the love song of a fine rock ballad. I took a deep breath and watched as he licked his lips. He wanted something, that was clear, but there were five of us and I was packing heat so there was no way he could get away with anything. I took my revolver everywhere with me. It was a small gift from my grandfather before he passed away. It was only a 6-shooter but it would still do the job if needed. Still, those dark eyes and shaggy black hair had me intensely mesmerized. I took a deep breath and gripped the pistol in my pocket. "How did you find us?

"It wasn't difficult. Five beautiful women in a 68 Camaro driving out to the coast? I could smell the sweet scent of your skin," he was suddenly beside me. The tips of his fingers made me shake as he brushed them against my cheek and neck. I shivered inside, but not from the cold. It was something from within. A need I couldn't understand, a desire that came from the depths of my soul.

My friends were suddenly standing all around him. Tammy was kneeling at his leg while Lori hung onto his arm. Jenny was pulling on the other arm and Suzie wrapped her arms around his waist. He laughed as they all began to run their hands up and down his body while I still sat on alert, my right hand on the butt of the gun in my pocket.

"So weak they are, aren't they?" he gave a chuckle before leaning into Lori's neck and tearing a hole deep into her throat, ripping out her jugular with his teeth. Blood sprayed out all over him and my friends yet they didn't even seem to care. Lori dropped to the ground as he ripped his nails into Jenny's chest. Her still-beating heart was pulsing in his hand when she fell to the ground.

"You bastard!" I screamed as the gun went off from my pocket. The bullet sunk deep into his chest, but he didn't fall. He laughed as he pushed his fingers inside his torso and pulled out the bloody bullet, the crimson liquid dripping from his fingers. I took another shot at his leg as he simply snapped Suzie's neck and let her fall to the ground. Another bullet ripped out of my 6-shooter and hit his shoulder. I was aiming for his face, but at that point, I was shaking too much. He stared at me and shook his head.

"Kill me already!" I stepped back into the surf. I didn't realize the tide had moved in so close. It couldn't be that late so soon, but the water was moving in.

"Did you think it would be that easy?" he cooed at me with a voice that sung in my ears and made me tremble.

"What are you?"

The stranger was instantly at my side, caressing my cheek and kissing my mouth. I could taste the blood from Lori's neck on his lips. He dipped his face into the base of my neck letting his razor-sharp teeth pierce my skin. He held me close to his body and I could feel his pulse against my breast. As the life left my body, he pulled me gently against him and said, "I don't want to kill you Roxy. I want to use you."

-- 2 --

As my arms dropped to my sides, I could hear my heart slowing and pounding in my ears. The stars were brighter than I had ever seen and as my eyes closed I wished I could see them one more time before I died. I felt the cold ocean water brush against my skin as the stranger gently placed me on the sand. Tears welled in the corners of my eyes. I knew it would be my last night alive. So stupid to trust a stranger.

All I could think of as I slowly drifted away was the thirst I craved. I wanted, no needed, to drink. With great effort, I rolled over in the sand and tried to drink the saltwater but just choked as it went down my throat. The laughter above me reminded me of the Stranger.

"Are you thirsty, pet?" he cupped his hand behind my head and pulled me up to rest on his knee.

My eyes fluttered open and I looked at him with disgust. "Just let me die."

"No, pet. You are going to live like I do," he said as he bit into his wrist. "You will live forever and in the night. I've been looking for you for a lifetime and I'm not ready to give you up so easily."

I wanted to move, scream, do anything as the blood from his wrist drizzled on to my lips but I was too weak. As the dark fluid tricked into my mouth and on my tongue, my body ached and flushed with need. He smiled as he pushed his wrist over my mouth. Eagerly, I latched on to the wound and began to weakly suck the blood from his wrist.

Suddenly, I was very hungry. A low thump echoed in my head as I looked around like a rabid animal. The sound was coming from Suzie. She laid there, her neck broken, but very much alive. Her lower lip quivered with fear as I crawled toward her. I could see in her eyes that I terrified her, but I couldn't stop myself. From her bruised and broken neck, I tore into the flesh of her skin and began to fill my body back with the life that he stole from me.

"Drink, my pet. Drink."

Suzie slowly stopped breathing as I consumed her life into mine, and when I felt replenished, I stood, feeling more energy than I had in a lifetime. I looked at the Stranger and laughed. "I'm not your pet."

He stepped over to me, his black hair wisping in the wind and those incredible dark eyes staring right into me. I wanted to buckle down in his presence, but I wouldn't. I couldn't. He murdered my friends and whatever the hell he did to me, I couldn't change. He grabbed me and kissed Suzie's blood from my lips, and wiped my chin with his thumb. "You're going to be a fun one, Pet."

I pushed him away and knelt next to the bodies of my dead friends. He watched me as I stripped off my clothes, and as I dropped the bloodied cloth beside the other girls, I cried. I figured someone would find my clothes next to my friends if they weren't washed out to sea first and think I was abducted. I didn't want them to think I did it. "I'm so sorry," I sobbed as I grabbed whatever cash was available in their wallets and walked naked up the beach.

"Where are you going?" the Stranger strolled beside me--almost floating.

"Anywhere away from you."

"You need me," he stepped in front of me, not letting me pass.

Strangely enough, I did need him and deep inside I knew it. I would die alone with whatever he did to me. "What the hell is this? Vampires? There's no such thing. It couldn't be. They're not real."

"Yes, vampires are real and you are now one." The Stranger took off his long black leather jacket and wrapped around my naked body.

"Bullshit." I accepted the coat, not wanting to draw attention to myself.

"How do you think you're still alive?"

"You murdered my friends."

"You didn't need those friends." he laughed. "They were stopping you from greatness. You should hear what they say behind your back about your aspirations."

"Have you been following us?"

"For quite some time. They were jealous and you knew it but you put up with it. Why?"

"Those bitches were just like me. There was no one else to hang out with because no one else was like us that's why."

"Good. Still the little snot you were before. You'll need that because you'll get hungry again."

I stopped and looked at him then ran my fingers in his thick, black hair while looking at his dark eyes. Those eyes, I could get lost in those deep pools of darkness and I didn't want to. He moved in closer, putting his hand on my cheek and lowering his lips closer to mine.

"No," I said, pushing him away. "There are rules now, got it? I'm not your pet. I'm not your slave. You teach me what to do and maybe we'll hang out. Maybe."

His laughter echoed down the beach and in the cove.

"Shut up. Someone's going to hear you."

"You have a lot to learn, little girl," he started walking again, ignoring me.

"I want more," I said, feeling the hunger ache in my body. I hadn't completely drained Suzie and honestly, she tasted like bitch. "And what the hell is your name, anyway?"

"Augustus," he said as he bowed.

"What, are you like a Roman emperor or something? Thousands of years old?"

"Something like that," he smiled. "I'll tell you more in time, but for now," he pointed to a body lying on the beach alone wrapped in a sleeping bag next to a burnt out fire. My insides raged with hunger just looking at the man.

We slowly approached the body but stayed far enough away for the sleeping man to not hear our whispers. For a moment I just stared, wondering how I could possibly even feast upon another human being.

"Don't be afraid, pet. This man is a predator. Scum of the Earth. He hurts children. His last victim was a 10-year-old boy. I don't have to tell you what he did to him."

"How do you even know that?" I was confused. Was he following this creep, too?

"Close your eyes and open your mind to his thoughts," he grabbed my hand and I did as he said. Horrific visions of the man's latest conquest appeared in my head. There was his victim. Naked, strangled, alone, and hidden behind a garbage bin at the Crownhead Apartments in town. I choked on my own bile as I coughed out the image from my mind.

The man stirred in his sleep and must have heard us because he awoke, startled. He looked at us and tried to get out of his sleeping bag. "Hey...hey what do you want?"

I strolled over, licking and biting my lips and tried to hide my disgust as I approached. "Hi there. We're looking for someone to play with."

He smiled as the Stranger's jacket I wore opened just a bit to reveal my naked skin. "OK baby, whatever you want."

I knelt down beside him and pushed him to lie down on the ground. I'm not sure what he saw in me, but fear spread across his face as he looked at me. I suddenly felt the piercing of my skin under newly sprouted fangs where my top and bottom canine teeth once were. "Leave me alone!" the words screamed from his lips.

"Pig, you're going nowhere. And believe me, when they find your body they'll find all the evidence they need to know what you did to that little boy." I tore into his neck with my teeth. The copper taste of his blood tainted my lips as I began to drink. With my left hand, I pressed on his esophagus as he tried to scream and laughed while he died. His body shook and convulsed underneath me.

"That's enough," Augustus pulled me up by my arm and wiped my lips with his thumb. You'll feel sick if you take too much.

I grabbed the creep's beanie hat and his wallet then stuffed them into the pockets of the leather jacket knowing I had to collect evidence so they would find who killed the kid. We walked arm and arm to the Stranger's car as the sun began to rise over the Pacific. His black Mercedes had dark tinted windows and he assured me we would be able to make it back to town to his house before the sunrise became dangerous. He also knew exactly what we were going to do with the evidence.

To Be Continued...

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