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The Trilogy of the Jars

Three Novels by Marten Hoyle

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I hoped to create a worthwhile piece of literature and wound up writing three books, which I have dubbed The Trilogy of the Jars. The novels are available now on Amazon.

Not one of the three books are sequential. They may be read in any order, or simply alone as individual novels. This I have assured and was the goal once I realized I was creating more than one piece. I do not like the idea of direct sequels and vow never to do such a thing.

The first novel is The Note. This is perhaps a tale of supernatural forces as a young poet attempts to write a suicide note in a remote location. But it would seem the house he has found himself sitting in has a different agenda as the spirit of Suicide Himself appears to speak with the poet. Searching through memories, the poet discovers he has long lived with the dead. But is it truly a supernatural tale? Or is it merely the effects of morphine corrupting his brain?

The second novel is The Spider's Kiss. This tale of horror is linked to obsession. The youth who narrates this piece is a brilliant young actor who will stop at nothing to land a decent, starring role. His obsession was borne out of tragedy when he witnessed the death of a friend. That was in his childhood when the elusive Copper Fang Spider claimed the young Carmen as a victim. Throughout his youth, the narrator collects specimens of the Copper Fang and speaks to them, believing (naturally) that they speak to him as well. Following his formative years, he enters into the realm of stand-up comedy, finding a whole new world of performance art and a new potential for greatness within himself. That is, until he loses a competition. His rage turns to a simple solution with one of his "children."

The third and final book in the Trilogy (just recently published) is Diamond Skies. This is a tale of schizophrenia. The story is told from the perspectives of the many voices dwelling in the mind of a young man referred to as "the child." The child is currently held captive in a compound wherein he is undergoing the horrors of gay conversion therapy from a man the voices have named "The Priest." It is a battle for psychological foundation as the voices attempt to mount a defense against the man who seeks to destroy them.

To read The Trilogy of the Jars, simply go to amazon.com and type the name "Marten Hoyle" in the search bar. If you find yourself interested, the three books should be the first to appear, along with all the other Marten Hoyle titles available on the site.


The Kindle Edition of the Trilogy can be found through the following link:


The books are also available in paperback.

It was never my intention to write a trilogy. I never have before believed in creating such things. But, the elements which tie the three books together are the Jars. There are two types of Jar in these novels: Those with a golden lid and those with a silver lid. Whatever the mystery which binds these objects to the narrators and their individual tales is up for interpretation. It is for the reader to decide what horror the Jars actually represent and what they are. I hope, should the reader find him or herself curious, that they will read the Trilogy in its entirety, and enter into a realm of dark literature that is crafted in a beautiful fashion perhaps unseen in the horror genre for hundreds of years.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reading this little article.

Sincerely yours,

--Marten Hoyle's

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