The Thing Outside Her Window

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The Night With The Heavy Rain

The Thing Outside Her Window

Kristina looked out of the window. She squinted her eyes desperately trying to see clearly through the dark night. This was not made easier with the heavy rain splattering on her window. She did this every night. Every night before going to bed, she would eat her dinner, make some herbal tea and stand at the window in her bedroom, staring out of it, cup in hand. She did not do this for no reason of course, but after months and months, it had become a routine.

Kristina was a paranoid girl, 22, living alone in a quiet area in London. Although she did live in the city, she could only faintly hear the sound of sirens and engines at night. There was something quite comforting about this to her. When she could hear the slight noise of people chattering before or after a night out, the soft hum of a car driving past her private road or even birds chirping in the morning. These things let her know that she was not alone in the world. Quite a weird thing, actually. Why would Kristina need reassurance that she was not alone in the world? Seven billion people, countless animals and insects, and she thinks that one day she'll wake up to all of it gone.

Kristina had no logical reasoning for feeling so paranoid, besides the fact that she did watch an awful lot of science fiction and horror movies—oh, and the thing she would stand by her window every night looking for. She would usually be able to see it immediately, but tonight that was different, given the aggressive amount of rain. She peered through her blinds as normal. There was no hope.

After standing by her window for 15 minutes, Kristina backed away slowly feeling as if she was being watched intently, and not just from outside the window. She turned around abruptly and looked down the long dark hallway outside of her bedroom. She put down her empty cup of tea on her bedside table and rushed to close the door. That made her feel better, but she was right. Behind the door she had just closed, was a sharp pair of yellow eyes glaring at her malevolently...

Kristina released a ghastly scream as she toppled to the floor. She turned over to see the sharp pair of yellow eyes staring right back at her. She was face to face with it. Slowly it began to take small steps toward her, never breaking eye contact. Kristina, still laid on her back propping herself up with her right arm, lifted her hand and began to stroke the smooth black fur of her kitten. She rolled her eyes in relief as it purred lightly, her mind began to wonder as she thought of what she imagined it was that pushed her to the floor before realising it was her small cat. Kristina stoop up abruptly and hurried back to the window, slightly separating the blinds to get a better look.

There it was. It was back. Standing there, firm and strong, across the street from her window. It seemed as if it was watching her, looking right back. The only thing is there were no eyes. Not that Kristina could see, anyway. Yet she still felt as though it was peering right through her. Kristina often felt like she made herself more paranoid than she needed to be. However, this did not stop her from trying to prove herself right. She moved from the window she stood at to one further down the room where she could still have a view of the thing outside of her window. Kristina let out a distraught gasp at what she had just seen. To her horror, it turned; it turned its head to follow the direction Kristina had moved. Horror stricken she ducked down swiftly and stretched her hand up to close the blinds. She could feel her heart beating so fast it felt as though it was going to beat right out of her chest. She began to panic.

What if it tried to get into her house? What was she supposed to do? What was it? Which seemed to be the most important question given that she had no idea what she could be up against. Kristina was not a fighter; she was a hider. She had not ever taken a self-defence class; she had never even been attacked by anyone to have an idea of what she could do to protect herself. It was not going to be like watching television, everything is so different in real life. She was scared, she was very, very scared and the thing, still stood outside of her window.

What was it waiting for?

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