The Mystery of Zozo: Part II

by Amy Sanginario 9 months ago in paranormal

A true Ouija board encounter with the infamous entity, Zozo.

The Mystery of Zozo: Part II

As the curious creatures that we are, we humans often find ourselves looking for answers in the unknown during our life journey. For a long time, I looked for answers in all the wrong places. I used Ouija boards consistently for six years, and I was obviously not using them with the intention of gaining a higher consciousness or talking to any pretty figures of light from the sky. Through doing so, I have gained a deeper understanding of how the law of attraction truly is a powerful force that effects us all.

I spent years looking for answers through the Ouija board. This is how I encountered Zozo, the entity which is widely known and feared. When I found him, I wasn’t looking at the time. However, I had known about him for quite some time and called upon him before to no avail. I didn’t have much knowledge about what I was doing at the time, so I didn’t understand that if I put out the energy of anger, resentment, and all-around negative energy, then I would get back exactly that. Over time, I began to understand this concept through experience as I continued to connect with things that were sinister and deceiving through the board.

Usually, nothing bad would happen until afterwards. I have witnessed multiple times where everyone who used the board with me was effected negatively. However, when I encountered Zozo, we experienced the worst blow-back of them all. After a couple years of seances, I had realized that the Ouija board was an addiction in and of itself- At times, no other substance could match the cravings that I got to use the board. I had spent countless hours perusing empty cemeteries and finding high-energy points where I felt the board would work well. At first, I did it by guessing; But over time, my own personal ESP skills began to grow through using the board and I started to sense the energy around me, even when I wasn’t using the board. I wondered if it was because there were negative entities attached to me, but there was no knowing for sure unless I parted with the board—And I wasn’t ready to do that just yet. My fun had just begun and soon I would find blood on my hands from my invisible friends.

Sophomore year of high school, I met one of my best friends, Lexi. It was that year when I began to learn of the strange happenings that had been going on in her house. Her mom had been going on about people breaking into her house for months, but no one was ever seen there taking anything when she put cameras up. At one point, she had even blamed me for doing it because she was at a loss. No video evidence was found, but plenty of evidence was found through Lexi. After using the board a couple of times with her, we discovered that the planchette would move every time in ten seconds or less. This was unusual—With many people, it took much longer, and sometimes didn’t work at all. Whether it was due to an entity following her from the house or her strong belief in ghosts, we didn’t know. I thought at first that maybe she just had an exceptional connection with the spirit realm. We never really found out why it worked, but what we did find, we wished we hadn’t.

It began with us using the board in my room. We had used it a couple of times in cemeteries before then, but we got mixed signals as if multiple people were trying to move the board at once. It just seemed like everyone wanted an opportunity to speak when Lexi was using the board. That night in my room, we met a man who wanted more than just to talk to her. The first time we talked to him, he introduced himself as “Z.” We asked some basic questions which he didn’t seem to want to answer with straight answers. When we asked about God, he clearly stated that he was not a fan. After that, he started flirting with Lexi—He told her he thought she was pretty and he wanted to kiss her. Meanwhile, he told me that he was going to sneak into my room that night and rape me. Without being taunted, he started to say some very hateful things towards me. It’s possible that he sensed my fearless disposition, and was trying to scare me, but it seemed that he got bored when it wasn’t working.

Another time after that, we used the board in the same room. Now, I am not sure if this was the same spirit, but it would not say a name and moved around as if there were multiple people trying to control the planchette. Today, I believe that it was the same entity and he was toying with me; But that night, I had sworn I talked to my parents through the Ouija board. The chances of that were extremely low, but I wanted to believe that it was true. I felt that it was true as it was happening, because I was getting some pretty realistic answers. I was so moved by this interaction that tears began to flow endlessly from my eyes. Perhaps, Z was looking for a new approach and went for emotional triggers rather than trying to scare me? Whatever the intent was, it worked—Lexi and I continued to use the board more frequently.

About a week or so later, we decided to pick up the board mid-afternoon after smoking a hefty amount of marijuana. We sat at a table with my foster sister, Liz, outside in the gazebo. Liz was nervous, but we both urged her to put her hands on the planchette. We promised her that they were only ghosts and they couldn’t hurt her. We were proven wrong very quickly. This time, we were astonished to see that the planchette moved even faster than before despite the low beams from the sun that shone through on us. When we asked who was there, he spelled it out:


I immediately got a strange sensation from this, remembering the times when we had talked to a male spirit who called himself “Z.” Could this have been the same exact entity? Maybe he was the one who I had been feeling around me, creating waves of chaotic, negative energy when I was away from the board and least expected it. As we began asking questions, I noticed the same sort of smart remarks were being made. He also took a liking to Lexi while talking down to me just as Z had. By the second time we asked if he was Z, he finally said “YES,” and then continued to move to the four corners of the board. Now, there are common rules about certain movements made with the planchette during a seance and this was one of them. Whenever this happens, it is supposed to mean that you’re talking to an evil spirit or a demon.

Instead of being cautious and ending the session, I only got more excited by this. The more I returned his answers with smart remarks and laughter, the faster the planchette seemed to move. Finally, it continued moving to the bottom left corner, closest to where I was sitting. In the corner of the board is a picture of someone using the board with the head of what I’d assume is a ghost floating behind them. I quickly asked,

“Are you standing behind me?”

“YES,” he said.

“Are you going to possess me,” I asked in a cocky voice.

“YES,” he responded.

“Okay, do it. C’mon. I’m not scared of you,” I taunted foolishly.

Nothing happened, so we continued to ask questions. As I was leading the seance, I decided to ask what each of us would be reincarnated into after this life. When I got to asking about Liz, it spelled out,


Of course, this made us all burst into laughter; But then, something unexpected happened. With my eyes still glued on the planchette, I watched as it slid straight under our fingertips in my direction. Within a split second, I was staring at the planchette as it pointed at me just a few inches in front of my face on the table. Liz and Lexi looked as though they had seen an actual ghost, but I was filled with pure joy. Finally, something interesting had happened! Being the angsty teenage girl that I was, I wanted to see it happen again.

“Oh shit, that was cool. Is that really the best you can do though,” I taunted, “C’mon, hit me. Possess me. You can do it,” I said, laughing maniacally.

At this point, Liz had taken her hand off of the board and didn’t want to touch the planchette again. It sat and waited for her to join in before sending the planchette flying my way once again. I watched closely as it slid by itself even faster across the table—This time, the pointed end hit me straight in the chest and I caught it in my lap. Still taking it as a joke, I cheered Zachary on and thanked him for entertaining us. Little did I know, he wasn’t doing it for entertainment, and he did not find us funny at all. In fact, he had specifically made me a target, because I disrespected him and the spirit world in general with my smart remarks and cocky attitude. I was not the only one affected after this, though. All three of us would pay in our own twisted ways in the months ahead.

Since I was the main target and the leader of our spirit exhibition, it hit me first. I had already grown increasingly dark, violent, and sensual, but I had never felt as angry as I did after being hit with the planchette; It was as if someone else’s anger started to take over my own psyche at random. I was so blinded by the fog over my eyes from the board’s hypnosis, I still did not consider it as playing a part in anything going wrong in my life until years later. My foster mom had already put me on high doses of mood stabilizers and antidepressants for the ever-growing symptoms that had appeared and grown more over time. Soon enough, the medication stopped working completely.

One day, I felt the sudden rush of dark energy overcome me. This time, I felt nothing but pure anger and an intense hatred for my foster mom because she grounded me. Fantasies of stabbing her ran through my head uncontrollably. I quickly pushed them out, forcing my love for her to overcome the darkness, which was slowly taking over. Then, I wanted nothing but to destroy myself. I walked slowly to my room and took out the mirror that I had hidden for special moments such as this. Without a second thought, I began to slice my arm from top to bottom—But this time, I didn’t feel the relief that I had felt in the past. So, I repeated the process on the other arm.

I still remember the sick feeling of joy and contentment after I did this. I even took my arms and marked an entire page in my journal with my own blood. I had cut myself in the past, but this was different. This was something much darker. I had no regret when I walked out of the room to show my foster mom my arms. She gasped, quickly calling an ambulance and having me rushed to the hospital. After that, I was put into a mental hospital for two weeks.

Meanwhile, Lexi was having some strange experiences of her own. She started to see a figure that she described as Slenderman—A tall, pale, faceless entity who steals children from the woods. She slowly began to go downhill after this, and was found one day crying in the shower at school with all of her clothes on. Later, it was discovered that she came out to say that she was molested. I thought this was interesting because Zachary had such a sexual nature when we talked to him. Making this connection, I felt that my theory had just become even more validated than before. Lexi was put into a mental hospital for months and doped up on antipsychotic medications to stop her “delusions.” During the beginning of her stay, she told me about a man who came to visit her at night while she was in bed. She said he sat there in the rocking chair and talked to her multiple times. At this point, I knew that everything had happened because of our encounter with the Ouija board.

Later on, I found out that Liz had experiences of her own. Since using the board that day, she slowly began to have encounters with the supernatural. For years, she felt things touching her and even heard whispering in her ear. She also began to see shadows out of the corner of her eye. She was most likely not as much of a target, because she only used the board with us that one time, while we sat there and used it repeatedly, doing so with the utmost ignorance.

Three years later, I discovered that I was able to do automatic writing—A form of writing used to connect with your Unconscious mind and the other planes of existence around us. Months after the first time I did it, I had a sudden connection with something very dark and I had no idea where it was coming from. I had ripped my Ouija board into seven pieces and buried it after we contacted Zachary, so I didn’t think it could be him. But soon, I found myself drawing pictures over and over again of a man with half of his face missing. At first, he didn’t introduce himself. It took him quite a while to do so, but when he did, the connection became so strong that he would talk to me all the time through my writing. He wrote in beautiful, intricate poems with a tinge of dark humor, sadism, and sexual innuendos. He was both incredibly deep and twisted, but he seemed to be harmless overall.

Connecting with Zachary led me on a three year long spiritual journey where I filled up three entire notebooks with journaling and automatic writing. For a long time, I believed that Zachary was a demon, even when he was writing through me. Then, I discovered over time that he was simply a spirit from the early 1800s who never truly became a demon. He described to me the story of what happened to him in multiple different sessions. I’m assuming that the name “Zozo” came from him saying his initials, ZO, since his name is actually Zachary. I never got a last name from him. I don’t believe he wants people to know about who he really was, but he wants his story to be known.

I learned Zachary’s entire life story and believed every second of it. Later, I would discover that it went so much deeper than what I thought. It took quite a bit of time for him to uncover the fact that he was the mysterious “Zozo” himself, and from there, everything began to come together slowly. Our world truly is complex, and there are many things out there which we do not see or understand. The spirit world is made up of many beings which are beyond our comprehension, and Zozo is one of them. However, he has become a legend for all the wrong reasons. Stay tuned for the story of how Zozo came to be.

Amy Sanginario
Amy Sanginario
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