The Mystery of Zozo: Part I

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A True Ouija Board Story

The Mystery of Zozo: Part I
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"By the right choice and true application of thought, man ascends to the Divine Perfection; by the abuse and wrong application of thought, he descends below the level of the beast. Between these two extremes are all the grades of character, and man is their maker and master."

Never judge a person by how they look. Never judge them by their clothes, or by their disposition. And especially, don't judge them by their smile, no matter how much it glistens in the sun, screaming out a vibration of purity. Everything that is pure is corrupt, and all that is corrupt comes from something that once was pure. If it never was pure to begin with, its very presence is the epitome of evil— but deep down, all evil longs to be pure and good.

Never judge someone by the first impression they make on you, no matter how much it sticks. People are masterminds, shifting shapes and colors to match the vibration of those around them. Sometimes, an impure soul will shift itself into beautiful colors just to feel as though they can match someone else's beauty. Instead, they will slowly feed off of that person, creating holes in their aura and crevices deep in the heart. They may not do it purposely, but one's pain is contagious and one's toxic thoughts can create a hole so dark in one's mind that it hides right in plain sight as a demon hides behind a shadow in the night.

Once that purity is diminished and let down to the point of no return, then it is they who become a shapeshifter. A person can only be broken down so much, and once this has passed that point one will begin to mimic the corrupt, impure spirit of the very essence which filled them with hatred to begin with. But what many people don't realize is this: behind every person's anger is pain of some sort. You may think this is impossible, but I'm sure you've thought it was impossible for that person to hurt you so badly as well; to dig so deep that they found a spot in your heart which was already predisposed, and blackened it evermore, until it stopped the blood flow in your entire body from pumping regularly.

Never create false truths in your mind about yourself and the people around you, because those truths can soon become reality. The mind is powerful enough to break you down or lift you up all the same. Instead radiate beautiful truths of what glows and glistens around you. If someone truly is righteous, it is not possible to think badly of them and create this same negative image. If one begins to dissipate under the pressure of your strongly-held beliefs then they were already broken in one way or another. They just cracked under the pressure to reveal what was hidden beneath the facade of purity they worked so hard to create. They hid their lies, their sins, and their illness to convince themselves that they were a different person, that nothing they've ever done has changed them since infancy. Truth is, you cannot change what is. What is always will be, and that is the truth forevermore.

People avoid their feelings often. We'll dig and we claw at the throats of those around us before we decide to dig into our subconscious minds. Even those who try to do so will fail because the pain has become so disgustingly overwhelming that it feels like nothing. And that nothingness feels just like Hell. Numb, visceral shells are all that becomes of those who hold down their emotions begrudgingly. And soon, those people become so lost that they don't know where it all began. Their friends turn their backs on them, family forget to call and check on them, and their spouses become distant, as to avoid the toxic web of pain that is spewing from their very essence.

Hell is here. Hell is our emotions—all of our anger, sadness, guilt, and every ugly intention, creation, and sinful thought all balled up into a massive, monstrous ball of pure pain. This monster is real, and he is lashing out now because we are lashing out. He is attacking us just as we attack each other. He is creating thought forms so strong that they resonate with some of us, allowing us to communicate with the vast sea of pain that lives inside of his red, hollowed eyes. He is Satan, He is God, and he is human. He is everything in creation which embodies pain. Like a wilting star, he is dying. This poor creature is regenerating, losing memories and thoughts alike, because he cannot handle the massive amounts of pain bestowed upon him. But this pain is no crown, and he simply does not wish to be king. He did not ask to be created, and he does not have a good idea of who we are or what we are capable of as an entire race. He is lost—lost just as we have become.

Most people are too ignorant to even begin to grasp such a concept, to be honest. But go ahead, just try it. Envision the pain and feel it as your own as I move along. I guarantee this will strike a nerve somehow, and if you really are trying, you can feel him, too. He wants you to, but he has given up trying at this point; just as any person would give up on a friend or a lover who is so enveloped in their own lives that they judge and disrespect their loved one, never feeling and only seeing what lies above their pain. What lies above is never the same as what lies below. For every God, there is a Devil.

This entity does not have a name. He has only half of a face now, seeing as the other half has already been lost in regeneration. His pain comes out through our deeply interconnected consciousness. We see images and writing that show him and depicts the visceral, ravenous pain that our race has created him with. Every thought is magic, after all. We are all powerful creators. And right now, we are so corrupt as a race that we're literally creating “demons,” which are lashing back out at us.

This entity is known as the ultimate Ouija board demon. In all of my nine years experience, I have never met one so complex—so dark and painfully hateful, yet with so much hidden beauty in his intricate poetry, art, and vision. He portrays pain, but if one is willing to accept him and see the truth, he does not dual out pain. Therefore, it is impossible for him to be a demon. If he was, I'm sure I would be possessed by now, because he is living within me, creating lovely symphonies of tragedy and love all in one. Are you confused yet?

This creation lives within us all, but not all of us are able to sense him or contact with him. Psychologists and philosophers ponder the idea of him being a part of the human consciousness, simply a part of our own minds which has been disconnected from many of us. He has been disconnected because we push our pain away so frequently after creating it, sending it all to him. No one knows where, how, or why this happened. A simple theory would say that all energy is created, but none of it dissipates. It is simply transferred, and like attracts like. So, if this entity was created, it began with a source of extreme pain and then grew from other people until it became so huge that it is now an intelligent and complex sentient being that is widely feared.

People fear him because he knows. He can see everything within our minds, and he is powerful enough to create intense, dangerous situations within our minds, bodies, and lives. He is the epitome of an ancient demon, but he has only just appeared in the late 1800s. I could tell you how he was created, but will your ignorance outweigh your inner truths? Will you listen, or will you simply judge and shake your head in disbelief? It is simple, really.

Zachary, Mama, Zaza, or Zozo are common names that this extremely powerful and all-inhabiting presence goes by. This sounds scary, but with just a little bit of research, you would see that he is actually a trickster entity. He is like a joker of sorts; he wants to laugh and loves to make us laugh to avoid the terrible pain he experiences. In fact, the name “Zozo” is roughly translated to “penis” in Haitian. You're probably thinking, “oh, well that's not scary at all!” Well, think twice, because Zachary does not take any disrespect from people—even if it comes from simple thoughts in your mind. He has been known to lash out, causing various traumas in people's lives. More often than not, he will only do simple manipulations, such as moving small objects in your house to scare you. He also will scare people away from the Ouija board, who he knows are not prepared for interaction with the spirit world, whether it be because they are ignorant or disrespectful. However, there are also cases of people having terrifying experiences where their lives have been put in danger.

There was a woman who claimed to use the board, contacting Zozo. Soon after, her child started running around the house, yelling, “Zozo!” repeatedly, until she forced him to stop. After that, they pulled out of the driveway to go out to breakfast and were abruptly side-swiped by another car. Luckily, no one was hurt. Another story pertains to a man with a wife and infant. This man claimed that Zozo came to him, stating his name and telling him he was going to take his family to paradise. When the man asked where paradise was, Zozo replied by saying “H-E-L-L” on the board. The man jolted up quickly to check on his wife and child who were in the bathroom. When he entered the bathroom, his wife was not there and his child was nearly drowned in the water.

Now, remember that these are merely stories—not only could they be completely exaggerated, but no one was actually killed. People were only made to be extremely fearful of their lives, in order to be sure that they didn't mess with entities which were beyond their comprehension. It is extremely discouraged to taunt, make fun of, or laugh at anything you speak with using a Ouija board or other type of seance. There is actually a video on Youtube where a girl and her friends meet Zozo. The girl who was talking to him proceeded to call him “Zozo the clown,” laughing at his name as soon as he proclaimed himself. She was promptly possessed by him, and collapsed onto the floor. It seems as though she has a seizure in the video, but she is believed to be okay now. These are all things which would definitely mimic the work and markings of a demon, but perhaps, we have just come across an entity which is deeply misunderstood and lashing out at people's judgment and ignorance. After all, the root of all anger is pain.

I am not writing this to scare you, and I am definitely not writing to encourage you to attempt any form of seance. In fact, do not attempt to use the Ouija board at home without a professional. Even then, I would encourage you to stay far away from it. What people don't know is that these boards not only connect us with spirits, but also demons, angels, our subconscious minds, and everything in-between. When accessing this board, you open yourself up to every single vibration, thought form, and entity that lives within the human consciousness. Zozo is only one of many manifestations that lives within and around us. And what you need to know is that they cannot hurt you if you don't reach out to them. And even then, they only hurt you if you either disrespect them, or if you want to be hurt deep down due to some kink in your mind which makes you feel undeserving of this life you were given.

The moral of this story is actually not to talk about Ouija boards and contemplate the existence of what lies beyond the veil. I began this as a lesson to all of those who look at the world through jaded eyes, as well as those who judge harshly when judgment is not required. I want you all to know that by embracing your own pain, you are creating even more pain in the world around you. By judging, you are creating pain and reflecting it back onto you. And by holding onto grudges, lost loves, and toxic people, you are only fueling your own pain as well as these manifestations, which have been created in our subconscious minds. Now, you see just how powerful your thoughts are—we literally are at such a loss as a human race, we are creating demons that are tormenting those who cannot even fathom their existence. But just as all people, even the things which live beyond our dimensions are full of complexities, just waiting for our race to stop being so judgmental and hateful. We create pain where pain is not needed, and war where war is not due. We create monstrosities in our own minds, and attract them to ourselves by our own thought patterns and actions. One cannot be hurt if they do not want to be. I encourage you not to pick up a Ouija board, but to find a pencil, a friend, or a therapist. Stare your pain in the face and tell it that you are not afraid. Let it go. By doing this, you may unleash some monsters of your own. Do not be afraid. These are reflections of your own mind, hiding in the crevices with your darkest thoughts and secrets. Delve deep into your mind and open up to your monsters. You will thank me later.

Amy Sanginario
Amy Sanginario
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