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The Jogger

by Ferrari King 8 months ago in fiction

The Man with Tall Man's Syndrome

This is the true story of Jim Fulcom and a jogger he encountered. Jim was a big man around six foot six and 329 lbs, and suffered greatly from Tall Man’s Syndrome. He enjoyed bullying his way through life and was at one time a police officer. He was kicked off the force for police brutality and being insubordinate to his superiors in addition to treating his coworkers badly. Jim believed he had a right to do what he wanted and used his large size to get his way. He once bullied a little old man out of a Christmas tree. Jim knocked down and pushed the man and laughed while the old man’s grandson looked on. Jim owned a dog, a large golden retriever whom he allowed to run freely although state law required a leash. The dogs’ name was Snaps who had a brown coat and a white diamond shaped spot on top of his head. Snaps was not a bad dog, but Jim was not a good man so he rarely fed Snaps. Jim was also a bully to his wife Veronica. Veronica was a short angry woman who liked to dress as trashy as she could. She cussed out the children in the neighborhood but generally would not say anything to the adults. She enjoyed heating up chocolate candy in her microwave every morning, which was one of her guilty pleasures. . She made sure no one else in the house used that microwave first, not even her two children. Veronica did, however; like to cause problems for men by trying to get her husband to attack them. One day walking out of a grocery store and bag boy was walking back in with a few carts and Veronica looked at her husband then looked at him and said, “Hey baby.” He was not more than 17. To this Jim said angrily to the bagboy, “Stop looking at my wife.” The bag boy did not have the opportunity to actually look at Veronica before Jim made his statement since he was too busy with the carts. Also the bag boy the reader should know is the grandson of the old man that was at one time bullied out of a Christmas tree. Veronica was only brave when her husband was around. In May of the year our story will take place, she and her husband were at the Marina on their boat. When Jim had gotten his car to the docks to take the boat out of the water someone was putting their boat in the water. The law stated the person unloading their boat into the water has right of way and the person taking their boat out had to wait. Veronica being safe on her boat yelled profanities at the man but Jim did not dare do anything since this man was of equal height but did not suffer from Tall Man’s Syndrome. The man was dressed in blue jean shorts and a white T-shirt. The man told Jim to control his wife or prepare for a beating and told him of the law. Jim quickly got Veronica to hush up. Jim would not dare antagonize a man his height. The man continued to look at Jim with his cold penetrating eyes since he was the type of man that would rather fight a man of equal or greater height than himself unlike Jim who was a true coward.

June 7th, started out like any other day. The sun was warm; the birds were singing and not a cloud in the sky. It was a beautiful spring day. As usual Snaps was not leashed and was frolicking in the yard when he spotted a jogger. He ran up to the jogger who was stunned after seeing an appearance of large dog and knowing of several attacks by dogs on joggers was ready to defend himself. The jogger did not have time to determine if Snaps was aggressive so, armed with mace decided he did not want to mace the dog directly but instead sprayed the mace over the dog’s head which was enough to get the dog away but not enough to cause the dog any discomfort. The jogger was no more than five feet six and perhaps 165lbs.

“Why did you mace my dog, jackass” yelled Jim with such an angry voice.

The jogger replied as kindly as he could, “I maced over his head since I do not know that dog and I have no way of knowing if he is aggressive.”

Jims reply was, “Come here jackass, I want to fight.”

“I am not going to fight over a dog; your dog should be leashed since that is the law.” “He only wanted to lick you, and I do not have to leash my damn dog.”

“How am I suppose to know what your dog is going to do, I am not just going to just sit here to find out and I do not want to be licked by your dog.”

Jim started clinching his fists and replied “Get over here, now!”

The jogger simply replied coolly, “no, and you really should be careful who you mess with, you do not know what others are capable of.”

“I do not have to worry about anyone, I am afraid of no one, now come here.” The jogger said, “You will be afraid soon enough” and left.

Jim felt triumphant on his victory but if he knew what was in store for him he would have simply apologized to the jogger. His wife was standing beside him the whole time flipping off the jogger and sticking out her tongue and laughing. A few months went by without anything happening. Their dog went missing around Thanksgiving that year. Jim looked everywhere for Snaps but there was no trace. All he found was the broken chain to his fence to his back yard lying on the top of his car but he thought nothing of it. As it neared Christmas Jim forgot about Snaps.

A few days before Christmas Jim went to check for mail and as soon as he opened the mailbox he let out a loud shriek. His wife and children ran out to see what he was screaming about and they all started crying and screaming. In the mailbox laid the head of Snaps, with a new leash. Snaps’ eyes were missing. Jim called the police but forgot about the jogger he had bullied several months earlier. Jim and his family were shaken up for the rest of the holiday. On January 4th of the New Year Veronica decided to have her chocolate candy. She placed it into the microwave and set it for 1 minute and then went into the living room. After a minute was up the whole house was rattled with a loud explosion. When the police and firefighters arrived they soon found that someone had rigged the microwave with explosives and the timer was set by whoever used the microwave. Basically the microwave was turned into a bomb. The explosion was only powerful enough to set the kitchen ablaze and the resulting fire mainly destroyed the kitchen. Jim; however, did not have fire insurance to cover the damage. He spent the day trying to figure out why anyone would attack his family and he realized he had made a lot of enemies with his bullying and his Tall Mans’ Syndrome. The next day he got up and as he went to his car he found all the wheels flattened and the rest of Snaps on the hood of the car. His wife came out after him and after seeing the dog she passed out. She was taken to the hospital and a team of highly trained detectives interviewed Jim but none could figure out who was doing this. Jim fell asleep at the hospital and then once he awoke he remembered the jogger. “It has to be him,” Jim shouted to his wife and the police officers in her room. Jim was unable to give a description of the jogger considering the time that had passed.

Another few months passed without much happening except harassing phone calls and strange noises at night. On the one year anniversary of the incident Jim came home and found all the windows to his house busted. Jim went to all his neighbors but none had seen a thing since they were all at work. Jim started shaking and he then heard his wife say, “Jim you got a letter, and in the sender column it simply says sworn enemy.” Jim took the letter out of his wife’s hand and then began to peruse the letter. It was written has follows:

By now you have learned fear

By now you have learned your size means nothing

You cannot stop me

You cannot appease me

You cannot slow me down

I know your every move

You have no idea who I am and what I can do

I feel bad about your dog but could care less about your family

I will attack you until I decided to take your life

The dog incident was not our first encounter

You are a bully and a true jerk

May you and your wife burn in hell

Jim feel to the ground and his face turned pale. “What is it Jim” said his wife nervously as she snatched the letter put of his hands. “Oh my God,” she screamed after she read the letter than there was an explosion in their backyard. The jogger had blown up their shed. Again the police was called and there was no evidence. Jim could not figure out who this guy was and when he had met him before. That Christmas came without much happening and Jim decided to take out the Christmas tree he has bullied from an old man many years ago. That night Jim’s fire alarm went off and he rush to see his tree set ablaze. Being prepared he used his fire extinguisher to put out the fire and again called the police. They found the jogger had disconnected the alarm system and Jim later found his gun was missing. Jim did not know what to do at this point. He only wished he had not been such a jerk his whole life. A few days later child services came and took his kids due to the dangerous situation he was in and allegations of abuse. Although there was no evidence of abuse child service took his children anyway. The police were too overwhelmed with budget cuts and a high crime rate to offer any police protection for Jim and many believed he deserved what was happening to him.

Later that week Veronica went to check the mail since Jim was now too afraid to do so and she let out a horrific scream, looking back at her in the mailbox were the frozen eyes of Snaps with a note which simply read, “Do not look at my wife.” Jim could not figure out the meaning of this note. Veronica turned to Jim while shaking, “This is your fault, all of this and everyone here is glad this is happening to us because of you. You are a bully and I am leaving you.” Jim in a fit of anger grabbed Veronica by the throat and began strangling her and said to her, “We are in this together and you chose to be with me, remember?” Veronica died from the strangulation. Jim then looked horrified at the corpse of his wife, “What have I done?” Wasting no time Jim drove off.

Later that night Jim found himself alone on a dark rode and he was lost in his thoughts so he did not hear the large truck coming up behind him and rear ending him. The truck did this several times. Jims’ heart raced in his chest when suddenly the truck pulled alongside him and attempted to run him off the road. After being crashed into several times Jim flew off the road and two of his tires went flat. Jim ended up crashing into a large tree. Although bloody Jim managed to slowly crawl out of his car and noticed it was pitch black and nothing could be seen. Suddenly he felt a major blow upon his knee from a tire iron and Jim went down like a sack of potatoes.

“Remember me, now Jim? Do you know when the first time we met, Jim?”

“You are that jogger but I have no idea how we meant,” Jim said in incredible agony and fear. Jim did not want to anger the jogger any more than he was already angered.

“You bullied by grandfather out of a Christmas tree and you pushed him. He later died of a heart attack because of you. You accused me of looking at your wife 2 years later, although she had not even came around the corner, now you remember, Jim?”

Before Jim could answer the jogger then gave him another blow across his other knee and another cross his left ear. “I am sorry, please do not kill me mister.”

“I told you that you should be careful who you miss with, well let’s just say I work for the government and I have certain skills and do you honestly think sorry will help you? You murdered my grandfather who was taking care of me. I was left in an orphanage. No one adopts 15 year olds. In a fit of anger the jogger beat Jim with the tire iron. The beating last a few minutes until Jim passed out.

Jim awoke to find himself on a meat hook in an abandoned warehouse with his hands behind his back. His wounds were taken care of and he was left hanging for a day. Suddenly Jim heard the jogger come in and heard him say,

“Jim, I did not want to do this and I actually tried to forgive the things you have done but that day I was jogging and you showed your true personality I knew I had to teach you and your kind a valuable lesson. You bullies cannot get away with your crap forever and not face punishment. This is your punishment Jim.”

“Please don’t, please let me go”, cried Jim.

“I thought you were a tough guy but like all bullies you are just a coward aren’t you, don’t worry you will be dead soon enough.” The jogger injected Jim with Tetra toxin to paralyze his body but keep him awake and made sure he had plenty of adrenaline in order not to pass out. The Jogger started by cutting off Jims’ eyelids, toes and fingers. He then cut off his hands and feet and removed his tongue. The jogger grabbed a drill and drilled into Jims’ knees. With a dissecting knife he opened Jim’s abdomen and pulled out his internal organs. Jim did not live past this part and the police found his body 2 weeks later. The jogger was never caught and no one has a description of him. Currently the police are looking for any leads that will lead to his capture. All the police have is that he is five foot six, brown hair, and blue eyes. If you have any information you are asked to inform the police immediately.

Ferrari King
Ferrari King
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