'The Haunting of Hill House'

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Why Watch It? (Warning: Spoilers)

'The Haunting of Hill House'

Why watch the series?Well basically because Stephen King says its banging, what more do you want?


Beware! This is not your typical horror series. The thing that sets this apart from many films, and shows too, is that it blends an engaging story line with enough gore and jump scares to keep us watching, all whilst nibbling our fingers anxiously and dipping into the popcorn bowl.


From the outset, loss is a predominant theme of the show and is originally portrayed as horrific and puzzling, chiefly through the originally questionable death of the matriarch, Olivia Crain. Anyone who has experienced loss knows this is true - yet as the series progresses, it shows us the other side of mourning: not only the acceptance and understanding but also the perspective of the deceased. For example, when Nelly talks to Luke with her siblings in the enigmatic "Red Room" during the final episode of the series, she explains:

"There is no without. I am not gone. I am scattered into so many pieces and sprinkled on your life like new snow."

At this moment, she embodies the acceptance stage in grieving - she accepts her own loss and mourning for her life - and in doing so, allows her siblings to accept and mourn her so they can all move on with the knowledge that she, and therefore their mother (or any other lost loved ones), are not gone, but will continue to be present in aspects of their life. To put it bluntly, this small piece of dialogue admits the fact that although someone is not present in your life, small memories or thoughts of them (like when you smell a certain perfume that reminds you of someone) will forever be in your life and through memories and thoughts, they still remain.

The frightening part arises when the deceased doesn't want to move on, such as Olivia, who hasn't accepted her lonely fate and feels abandoned without her family...


Ghosts. This captivating and chilling series explains ghosts in the most beautiful way that has changed my perception of the freaky floating people that lurk in the shadows.

The series essentially explains through Steve, both at the beginning and again at the end, that ghosts are usually just wishes; simply left overs of powerful emotions and experiences that are so strong that they echo through time.

Very beautiful, right?

I still don't think I can ever watch Hereditary alone in the dark though. Ever.


I personally feel that although the series has a clear Gothic and horror genre, that actually, at it's most basic formula—as many Gothic stories are—a love story:

The love that the Crain siblings hold for each other, the love their parents hold for them and the love their parents have for each other allows them all to remain be a part of each other's lives throughout time, experiences and realms. The love they share and the memories they share are so all enduring that they are always connected and this is demonstrated perfectly by Henry and Olivia's "Lover's Meeting" reunion at the end of the season: Their love transcends all of the obstacles, including death. All of their family's love transcends linear chronology and keeps them together forever. No more till death do us part.

Now, what more are you waiting for? Go watch it and get ready to poop yourself!

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