The Guest

by Andre Lewis about a month ago in supernatural

The Invite (Episode 1)

The Guest

It started off as a strange night, and the new people across the street added even more strangeness. I knew it would be a long night with very little sleep. I could feel the strange presence in the air and my soul was restless. After being up for several hours I finally fell asleep. But this night I wished that I had never slept at all. The dream took me into a dark and deep realm. To a place that I have never been before, and hope that I will never go again. Someone else also joined me in my dream, and hid in the shadow of a dark and damp space. Something that I knew and felt shouldn't be there. I could see myself walking down a long and dark dirt road. Where was it leading me, I wondered? I had no idea, and I couldn't turn back even if I wanted to. Somehow I was paralyzed in my sleep, and I knew this was my destiny.

After walking which felt like hours, I heard voices, yet I could not see anyone or anything. They were talking about me, and I heard one of them say, what should we do with our new guest? One voice spoke of peace, but the other voice wanted me to suffer and feel their wrath. All of the sudden, out of nowhere I felt weak, lost, and afraid. I thought to myself, what is going on here? Where am I, and who are these voices? I needed to get closer to see who they were, and to learn more on why they wanted me here. But for some reason the closer I got the more I felt an evil presence that was full of hate and rage. Is this God and the Devil fighting over my soul? Is this just a strange dream? All I knew was that I was locked into a dream that I wanted no part of, and I could not wake up or get out to save my soul.

No matter how close I got to the voices, I could not see anything, but I heard them louder and clearer. They were talking about me as if they knew me for years. The feelings that I had were making me feel strange and sick. I had an uneasy feeling that I was about to be taken to a place no one would want to go. I would do anything to wakeup from this dream! Then again I am not sure if this was a dream or a real nightmare! I thought back about all the horror movies that I'd seen in the past, and wondered, will I now become the star of this horror session? I must a keep a cool head and focus on what is ahead and all around me. Since I am not sure what is truly going on, I must get to the bottom of this, and solve this mystery to get out of this mess that I am now apart of.

Back to the people across the street. They moved there about five days ago, and nothing has been the same since. Many of our animals are missing, and I haven't seen my friend Eddie lately either. That's really strange since he used to come see me everyday. I called and texted him several times, and haven't seen or heard from him or anyone at his house for a while. Maybe they went out of town, but he always let me know when he is taking a trip or gonna be busy. I have a gut feeling that someone is wrong. Not only do I have to solve my problems, Now I need to find out what happen to Eddie and his family. Besides, he lived next door to our strange new neighbors. Come to think of it, the last time a saw Eddie was when he was talking to one of the new neighbors.

I was about to go introduce myself to them, but something inside said no! So I just stayed away and planned to ask Eddie what he had learned about the them. Now that Eddie and his family are missing, it looks like I am on my own. This may be a bit out there, I wonder if they've done something to Eddie and his family? The new neighbor that I got to see reminded me of one of my gothic friends who also is a witch. Wait are they witches too? Did they sacrifice Eddie and his family? Man I told you I'm going too far out there with my thoughts. Can they be witches and into human sacrifices? See how crazy that sounds? Then again a lot of animals are missing lately, and now a few people. I have to get to the bottom of this for sure!

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