The Fluffy Army Tykes

Tough Fuzzys

The Fluffy Army Tykes

It was the most beautiful collection that he had in his possession. Some were puzzled by the fact that a collection this size would give the impression that he needed these little ones to have as real friends. The problem with that point of view was the fact that they weren't real. They were toys. And Stevie would have to face the fact that he was allowing himself to think and feel they were real.

Stevie was a boy, thirteen years old, and he began a love affair with stuffed animals. He saw them as cute, fluffy, fuzzy, and cuddly. He couldn't stop admiring the way they were made. His first stuffed animal was a little lion that had eyes wide open, a mouth closed with a well shaped nose. All the features of a lion were made exactly with that toy. Another one that was given to him for Christmas was a bear that was made to stand on all four legs. It was a black grizzly bear with a pointy, but half-oval shaped ear with the mouth opened showing the little teeth. A third stuffed animal that Stevie got was a miniaturized St. Bernard dog for his birthday. The face of the dog didn't impress the family much, but it didn't deter his impression. Now he could claim that he had a dog in the family. As time went on, Stevie continued to get more stuffed animals in his arsenal: a tiger, a polar bear, a monkey, and a cat. One stuffed toy that was not as popular as the St. Bernard was a cute cuddly snake, particularly a boa constrictor. The face of the boa had a cartoon like smile with its little red thin tongue sticking out. Stevie's parents didn't like snakes at all, whether real or fake. But they were happy that Stevie had these toys.

One night, when the family was asleep, the living room, and the kitchen were left in a completely messed up state. Stevie and his parents had a gathering of family and friends, and the party ended up being a fun night of games and dancing. Lots of trash, like cups, and plates, and plastic wares were spread all over the floor, tables, and kitchen counter. When the night was over, the parents cleaned up a bit, but were too tired to continue. Stevie tried to help as well, but was too tired to move at all. Hence, they all went to bed.

During the middle of the night, while the lights were turned off, a shadowy figure started appearing in the living room. There were no sounds made on the steps. Everything was still, completely quiet, despite the figure roaming around the house, particularly the living room, and the kitchen. Up in their room, Stevie's dad suddenly opened his eyes after a brief sound was made. He lifted his head up, wondering if he actually heard anything. Nothing. He thought he was just imagining, or was dreaming. When no sound was made, he quickly fell back to sleep. No sound would be made after that

The morning sun started to rise. The parents started to get up, and get ready. They knew they had to clean the house right away. Stevie's mom went to his room to wake him up. Stevie himself got up with much reluctance. When they got down, all of them were surprised at what had happened: the plates were organized, the floor was swept, and the living room tables, and furniture were wiped clean from the little spills. The only thing to do was to wash the dishes that were stacked beside the sink. All three were wondering how all this happened. The weirdness crept up inside, except in Stevie. He assumed that one of them decided to get up in the middle of the night, and to continue to clean up. The parents assumed one of them did the job while the other was sleeping. They quickly went to the sink to finish up cleaning the dishes. Everything got done in an hour. The mother then started to thank the father,

"You know, I appreciate the effort of you waking up in the middle of the night to continue fixing down here." The father replied, "I thought you did that." Now this started to get more weird for them. They turned to Stevie. But Stevie indicated that he had nothing to do with this.

Stevie went back to his room. His stuffed animals were lying on his bed, ready to be played with, and cuddled. On his stuffed lion, he noticed a smudge of dirt on its left side paw. He was wondering where that smudge came from, knowing that he never would put any of them near a place where they could get dirty. Stevie started to have an idea. He continued to look at his toys. Even he was still in disbelief.

At school, Stevie would sometimes bring one of his toys wrapped around his school bag. Other kids would find it strange that a kid their age would be into that. Some thought it was funny. Others started to tease him. Stevie didn't mind the teasing. But it continued until it evolved into taunts. Stevie was not the kind of kid that would get violent or start a fight. His parents taught him to always stay out of trouble. If he did that, things would turn out well. It was hard to follow that path when the taunting started to go a little too far. Some would tease him by throwing objects at him. One boy, who was known to be a bully, threw pencils at Stevie one day, while in class. Stevie didn't look back, abiding by his parents teachings to not strike back. His stuffed lion was sitting on his backpack on the floor. The bully continued on. Some kids noticed, but didn't say anything, fearing that he would get at them for snitching on him. This time, without thinking, he threw a small sized scissor. The blade hit the back of Stevie's neck, leaving a bleeding mark. Stevie reacted with a bit of pain, wanting to strike back. But he couldn't see himself fighting against the school bully. The bully smiled, then laughed a bit. For some odd reason, the teacher didn't respond to any of what went on. Did she not see it literally? Or had she seen it, but decided not to do anything? She knew she couldn't do anything to discipline the bully. Some tears started streaming down his face. When the class ended, Stevie went to the sink where a hand towel was laying on the counter. While there, the bully was talking to some of his friends. Without looking, the scissor that was thrown earlier, all of a sudden, was thrown at the bully's lower left leg. The throw was so strong it got stuck through his leg. A loud shout ensued. Stevie went to check what happened. He had no clue why the bully was now laying down on the ground, and groaning on his pain. One of his friends took it out, but not without it bleeding some more. Stevie quickly took the rest of the hand towel and went forward to help the bully. The teacher then responded to help the bully as well. When the bleeding was stopped by the hand towel, the bully started to blame Stevie. Caught off guard, he tried to convince the bully that it wasn't him, that he was by the sink to wipe off the small bleeding he had behind his neck. The bully then scoffed, believing that he was pretending to care for him, but that he threw the scissor back in retaliation. Upon seeing the stuffed lion on Stevie's backpack, looking at him, the bully rushed in to grab it. Stevie looked in horror as the bully did the unthinkable: the stuffed lion was ripped apart. Stevie, now overwhelmed with grief, started to cry like a baby. It was as if his best friend was taken away from him.

In the principal's office, the parents of both Stevie, and the bully came over to discuss what had happened. The bully's parents looked like the kind of folks that no one dared to mess with, with their big shaped bodies, and rough rugged facial looks. The clothes they wore resembled a mix of punk and biker clothing. Compared to Stevie's parents, where their type of look resembled the 1950s era. Discussion arose as to what happened, and what could be done. Instead, the discussion turned into heated arguments. The bully's parents argued that Stevie was up to no good, and compared him to being an unstable person, pointing to the fact that he brought a stuffed animal to high school as a teenager. Stevie's parents argued back about Stevie telling them how their bully son threw scissors at him, even though he never did anything to him. The bully's parents shot back by believing that Stevie threw it back in retaliation, and pretended to care, and helped him after.

Nothing came out of the meeting. A deep division was now formed between the families. The principal had no choice, but to warn the two that if anything happened from this point on, he would have no choice but to call the authorities. None assured anything. Both left the school premises.

A few days passed after the meeting. Everything seemed all right until the bully came back to taunt Stevie, with another stuffed animal on his backpack. The stuffed lion was fixed by his mom. Stevie tried to stand up for himself by telling the bully to back off. That didn't sit well with the bully, who now dismissed it. Again, without thinking, he pushed Stevie down to the floor. This time, the bully had some friends with him. They all looked at him with smirks on their faces. The bully came down towards Stevie, telling him that this wasn't over, and that he would continue doing this. Stevie didn't know what else to do. His body started to shake. It was the shake of fear.

Later in the day, when school was over, Stevie started walking back home. On the way, without noticing, the bully, and his crew started following him. Stevie looked back, recognized them, and started running. They started to chase him down the road, all the way to his house. Stevie's parents weren't at home at the time. When he arrived, he ran towards the backyard of his house, because that's where he would enter after school. Before he could reached the door, the bully grabbed him, and started beating him up. Some of the crew joined in, while the others tried to stop the raucous, but they would be threatened if they dared to stop them. When the bully was done, Stevie was bleeding, barely standing up. All of them laughed, as if they had completed a good day's work. When they left, Stevie managed to stand up a bit, and started limping to the steps of the backdoor. But he started to sit for awhile. His eyes started to close, and he fell asleep. Out of nowhere, the stuffed lion came over. It was alive, and looking at Stevie. Then, pointing its head to the sky, a loud, wailing cry rose up from its voice, calling all the other stuffed animals to come alive, where only they can hear the wailing cry.

As soon as the cry went up, many stuffed animals came down from the house, managed to open the backdoor, and watched Stevie continuing to lay down on the ground with his eyes still closed and bruised. The little group started crying and wailing to the sky so loud. Looking at each other, and looking down on Stevie, the little fluffy army tykes were ready for payback.

The animals picked up Stevie, carried him to the house, and brought him up to his room, laying him down on the bed. Some of the little ones took some cotton swabs in the bathroom to soothe the swelling of the beating Stevie got. When everything was done, all of the tykes gathered back into their position where they started to come alive, because Stevie's parents were about to arrive in the house. Once inside, the parents hadn't notice their son had already come into the house until they both went up to their room, and saw Stevie's open door. Their son's bruises shocked and horrified them. The mom came over to check on him, distraught. The father was more shocked, but angry as to why this happened to their only son. Hurt and anger grew inside them. They wanted to know who did this to him. A few minutes later, Stevie was barely awake. He gave a bit of a moan, signaling to his parents that it was hard to get up. The parents looked back, and went towards him, trying to comfort him. They gave him a glass of water. In the meantime, the parents tried to ask Stevie what happened, and who did this. Instead of answering them about the bully and his crew, Stevie wondered how he got into his bedroom. He then assumed that his parents brought him up, and he asked them how they found him in the backyard. The parents became dumbfounded, telling him that they never found him there, and instead already saw him in his room. Things were now getting weird, which made it more upsetting for all of them. Regardless, Stevie's parents continued tending to his injuries.

With his body recovered, and walking down the hallway of his school, a new stuffed animal was on his backpack. Unsurprisingly, the bully and his crew came up to him again. This time, Stevie knew what was coming, and started out of the school building to get back home. He walked as fast as he could. But big as the typical bully was, he was as fast as Stevie. They finally reached the house, but by then Stevie was in tears, and scared for his life. This time around, Stevie's dad was home, because of his day off from work. When he saw Stevie coming in with tears, he rushed outside to see if he was doing okay, but saw the bully in sight. Stevie's dad had now confronted the group that was known in school as dangerous. The dad started talking, and getting emotional, asking why they were bullying his son. None of the kids cared what he said, not even the bully himself. The bully dared to challenge Stevie's dad, as if he wasn't going to do anything. After trying to reason with him with to no effect, the dad grabbed the bully's neck, and started pushing him towards the wall of the house, bashing the bully's back, and putting his right forearm to the front of his neck squeezing it tightly. He warned the bully to stay away from his son from here on out. The crew was shocked to see a skinny, middle aged man being so tough. They dared not lay any hands on Stevie's dad. After the warning, the bully and his crew left the premises. The dad went back to Stevie, and gave him a big hug, knowing that everything was all right, and hoping that this would be the end of it.

The pain started to creep up on him. He kept rubbing it, and rubbing it, but it only seemed to get worse. He came home, dumping his backpack on the living room couch, and heading straight to his room. He plopped onto his bed, face down. The bully himself started to cry. When they heard it, his rough parents came to see what happened. The bully explained that Stevie's father laid a hand on him, which caused his neck to grow stiff and painful. The parents reacted right away, without hearing the rest of the story. Now they vowed to get revenge for their son, a son they thought would cause no harm to anyone, but was simply being himself.

Everything was set and done. The parents had their crew with them getting ready to take on Stevie and his parents. The bully's parents were known to be part of a small, but dangerous biker gang who controlled the neighborhood within a ten mile radius. Nobody dared question the gang wherever they went, even though the gangs themselves managed to lay low, and make the neighborhood look like it was a safe upper middle class area. Even the school that Stevie and the bully attended had some administrators that were connected to, or part of, the gang. The bully himself didn't think this was necessary to attack one family. The parents told him that there was a code to live by, and that code was that any member of the family that are hurt physically or verbally by anybody needs to be avenged, either by torture, or death. The bully couldn't say anything else. He loved his parents so much that he wouldn't dare question them. If he did, he would be yelled at. Up until his early teen years, the bully has been taught to always be tough, and take charge of anything he sees or touches. The lesson was not to be pushed around by anybody. But that lesson was now questioned, as he wondered if it really applied to himself, or could it have been misused. The parents, and their gang were on their way to Stevie's.

At Stevie's house, everything was quiet. The father was reading the newspaper in the living room. The mother was quietly sewing. And Stevie was up in his room, taking a nap. Suddenly, an object was thrown through the window, shattering it piece by piece. Out of curiosity, the father went out to look outside at what was happening. Another object was thrown again, shattering another window of the house. This time, it hit the father's head, bringing him down the floor real hard. The mother came to see what was going on. The front door of the house was suddenly broken through with one of the biker gang members storming inside. The member violently threw a lot of the possessions all over, while looking for the family. More members stormed in. After a few minutes of ransacking the house, they took the father and mother and gathered them in the living room. Then Stevie came down tied up with his mouth gagged. The fear and tremble filled the room up as all the members stood around them. There was nowhere to run and escape. The thought that this could be the end for them grew near. The bully's parents stood in front of Stevie and his parents. Degrading and humiliating them, the bully's mother took out her gun, and pointed it at all three of them. The smirks and smiles of the members grew bigger on their faces, seeing this as entertainment. No hope. No sense of decency. No humanity. Why would these people want to be entertained in other people's misery?

POP! First shot went out. Stevie's father lay cold on the floor. POP! Another shot. Stevie's mom went down, eyes closed. The gun pointed at Stevie this time. The bully's mom slowly pulled the trigger one more time. But out of nowhere, police cruisers appeared at the neighborhood with their sirens blaring. Cops got out of their cruisers, and started chasing off the biker gangs, including the bully's parents. Stevie and his parents stayed down on the floor, seemingly dead. A shocked Stevie had his eyes opened, not knowing what just happened, looking very catatonic. After the tussles that came between the cops and the gang, Stevie and his parents were left lying dead on the floor for awhile. For some reason, no remaining police officers were left to handle the fallen family for a few minutes.

With the house empty, shadowy figures came down the stairs. It was Stevie's stuffed animals, alive and walking down to check what happened with their loved ones. All of them, from the lion to the bear to the dogs, came down, and were horrified to see what happened. Their little four legs walking in tiny bits, trying to rush to the family. A cry came out of their little mouths hoping that they were fine. When they came close, their little paws started stroking the bodies, hoping they would wake up. The father didn't wake up. Other paws stroked the body of the mother to see if she would wake up. There was a nudge, but the eyes didn't open. Stevie continued to lay catatonic, where the stuffed toys tried to make him move, but nothing happened. Seeing that Stevie was unresponsive, the little fuzzy tykes cried loud in pain and anguish, raising up their heads, as if they were calling on something or someone for help. When the sirens, and blaring lights of the police cruisers came back, the little stuffed toys went back up quickly to Stevie's room to avoid being seen.

The police officers came back, looking at the bodies of the family. They looked at them with some pity in their eyes. Knowing that the family had dealt with a notoriously dangerous gang with one of the members having its kid attend the same school with Stevie, they simply took the bodies up, and laid them on the stretchers when the ambulance arrived, not having much remorse. It reflected the fear of these small police force with how they were powerless. Discussions came among each other. Up the stairs, one fuzzy stuffed toy, the lion, heard what was going on. The small police force simply did not know what to do in this situation. That settled the case.

Stevie and his parents were resting at the local hospital. The parents were in one room, and Stevie on the other. They were in a state of coma. Stevie opened his eyes, and saw someone standing in front of him in the room. It was blurry at first to see who it was. Then a voice started to speak. Stevie took time to regain sight, but the hearing was becoming clearer. He recognized the voice, and was in shock, and in fear, and angered. It was the bully.

When his sight became more clearer, Stevie felt that he was trapped in a nightmare. The thoughts came to his head: was he going to hurt me again after what I've gone through? I want to rip this guy off? The thoughts started to have an effect on his mental stability because of the presence of the bully, causing the heart monitor to beep very loudly on the screen, so that nurses had to rush in to try to calm him down. They looked at the bully in an instant, thinking that he did something to him to cause this. The bully didn't do or say anything to cause the rising heart rate. After everything was calmed, and the nurses and doctors came, the bully continued to stay alongside Stevie. After a few more minutes of rest and calm, Stevie opened his eyes again. This time, he didn't flinch, but looked at the bully with a stern look in his eyes. The bully didn't do anything except to try to calm him down, because he didn't want to do any harm to him. Fear still gripped Stevie, but he realized he couldn't do anything. The bully reassured him that he wouldn't hurt him, but wanted to apologize for what happened to him. He told Stevie how truly hurt he was for what his parents did, and that he tried to stop them from doing it. Slowly, Stevie's face started to change, shocked to hear what he was hearing. Then, Stevie drew his eyes closed, not mentioning anything, but had a face that showed how traumatized he was. The bully stood up, put out his arms, and laid his hands on Stevie's shoulder.

After the scuffle with the police, and with no arrests being made, the bully's parents and the crew went back to their hideout, and waited until everything was dealt with and over to the cops. They paid them hush money to pretend that nothing ever happened, or else face severe consequence with the gang if they ever backtrack, and dared to arrest any of them. Everyone was in a discussion on how to finish this matter once and for all. Some said to go to the hospital, and finish them off. Others said to wait it off until everyone in the evening shift at the hospital were gone. Another idea given was to raid some valuables back at the house, since they thought it would be an easy task while they wait to eliminate Stevie and his parents. All agreed to do both, and to put a vote to exactly what time they would do it. After the vote was made, the parents of the bully didn't realize their son was present, and heard everything. Both mom and dad thought it was great to tell their son what they were going to do, all to avenge what Stevie's dad did to him. What surprised them, and got them angry, was when the bully told him this wasn't a good idea and it needed to stop. The more they continued going down this path, the more problems it would cause. With anger inside, his parents smacked him on the face, telling him how stupid he was for thinking that way. They told him they would deal with him after doing their heinous plan. Shocked and scared, the bully felt hopeless with no resources to stop his parents and the gang.

At around seven in the evening, with no one in sight around the neighborhood, but some staying inside their house with the noise of the motorcycles roaring, the bully's parents, and the gang made their way into Stevie's house. It was dark. No lights were on. Remains of some of the wreck in the house that the biker gangs caused were still lying all over the floor. A good number of them entered in, walking slowly, looking for good valuables. A few members found some, and started looting them. The bully's parents looked all around the house. They couldn't decide what to do. They started going upstairs, and looking at Stevie's bedroom door, they started going toward it. Once inside, they saw Stevie's collection of stuffed animals. They looked at them with disgust. The mother snatched one and simply looked at it, particularly the St. Bernard dog. The long stare into the stuffed animals eye made her want to rip the head off. In fact, she wanted to rip all of them off. She started with the dog. For some strange reason, the head wouldn't come off. She then grabbed the lion to rip that one off, but had no luck. The bully's dad took one and tried to rip off the head of the bear. Still didn't work out. Because of their inability to tear any of them, both of them started trashing Stevie's room. Once that was done, they went back downstairs where the other members continued ransacking the place to get more valuables. Suddenly, a strange whistling sound started to echo. Outside, around the neighborhood, and inside the house. The bully's parents and the members were looking all around to find where that strange whistling sound was coming from. It was a whistle that they never heard, one that they thought was out of this world. The quarter moon still shone a little bright in the sky, but all of a sudden, it started to get dark, and everyone in the gang couldn't see anything: the other houses were blacked out, the lamp posts couldn't be seen, plus lights were turned off, even their eyes that should have been able to see a little bit of their dark surroundings failed, but could only see the quarter moon in the sky with no night clouds on sight. Everyone was starting to panic, including the bully's parents. Luckily, a few of the members carried flashlights when they needed it during the rides in the evening. They turned them on to see what was going on. The whistling continued to sound, but this time it grew a little loud. The fear that gripped their bodies was now making their legs too weak to walk out of the property. They also took out their pistols, aiming at whatever would come out. They looked and looked. The light switch in the house didn't work. One had to go check the the big circuit breaker to try to turn on the main power. Nothing happened. The circuit breaker didn't turn on anything. Now everyone was feeling terrified. The whistling sound continued. Then, clacking foot steps started to sound. Everyone was looking around. What was that sound? Shadows started to appear and move. When they looked, they tried to identify it as some kind of four legged creatures. One member with the flashlight came inside the house, pointed at the shadow, and discovered that it was a live dog. It got odd for them, because they couldn't recall any dog in the house during their raid. When they tried to grab it, the dog gave a big bite at the member's left hand with with such ferocity. The member struggled so much that he felt he was being overpowered by the dog. The flashlight shone towards it revealed to be a fully formed St. Bernard dog. He tried to kick the dog off, but it kept getting stronger so that the other guy took his gun, and shot it. Everything was over, but what happened next became even stranger. There was no blood coming out of the dog. In another room, a low growl sounded as if it was a bear. The member in this room took his flashlight, and saw that it was a big black bear that stood up tall, and started roaring. It started coming towards him, but the member had his gun and shot at the bear. The bear fell down. Also no blood, they saw. Everyone was in a panic, wondering where all these animals were coming from. Everything was becoming a nightmare for them. Another one saw the stuffed lion toy lying down on the floor of the den. With the flashlight pointed towards it, the toy slowly and supernaturally transformed into a a fully formed lion. After that, it started away from this member, who was now terrified at what he witnessed. The lion turned around, mouth wide open, and stealthily walked towards him. The lion then roared a great roar, and chased the guy. The member started to run away, but the lion managed to grab the guy, and flung him through the backyard window, and was knocked down to the ground. As soon as that happened, the men who shot the bear saw it rise up again, much bigger and stronger. The St. Bernard dog that was shot: rose up again, much bigger and stronger. Noises from the upstairs room started clacking loudly, as if it was the sound of more feet walking. In the kitchen, the members ran to hide for cover, seeing there were no big animals in that section. However, once a good number of them were hiding, a monkey the size of a basketball appeared at the counter of the kitchen, having a few kitchenwares in its paws. The monkey started throwing things at the members with great speed and accuracy. They couldn't escape. Everything seemed hopeless. The members got out of the house, and out of the neighborhood, but many were badly injured from the grip of the stuffed toys/live animals. The bully's parents managed to escape into the dark, and ditch their comrade's demise. They couldn't believe what just happened. How could these stuff toys just all of a sudden grow into big live animals. Instead of changing their plans, and changing themselves, they just got more enraged, and wanted to get back at Stevie and his parents. They knew where they were staying since the local hospital had connections with the gang, and it was the place where the members would get their care. The bully's parents were on their way. The members, distraught at what they experienced, found themselves lying on the ground of the street. The lamp post lights were back on, and the neighbors witnessed what happened the whole time. The members yelled for help, saying they were attacked by huge animals. The neighbors didn't think much about wanting to help them, but added that they didn't see or hear any animals at all.

At the hospital, by late evening, most of the doctors and nurses went home for the night. The ones left were just starting their graveyard shift. Some of the lights were turned off to save power. Stevie and his parents remained in bed resting. All was well, until the bully's parents came. Armed with pistols in their hand, they started forward to the room where Stevie was staying. There were security guards in the hallway knowingly seeing the parents. They were being passed on to allow them to go and do what they wanted to do for fear of being harassed by the biker gang, or worse. Slowly, the employees working the graveyard shift started to tremble seeing the parents pass by, from the doctors to the nurses, all the way to the custodians. They almost reached the room with no interruptions. They saw the poor helpless family lying down peacefully, continuing to recover. They almost reached the room until something weird happened: the rooms and hallways went completely dark. The weird whistling sound appeared again. The bully's parents discovered that they were all alone. The few people that were in the hallways that they passed suddenly vanished. They couldn't believe if this was happening again. They got scared, but angry and furious at the same time, worse than they were back at Stevie's house. Looking at the glassed room where Stevie was staying, surprisingly, the family was still lying there. With their flashlights pointing towards them, they made another scary surprised: the stuffed toys were laid on the beds of Stevie and his parents. Looking away, and getting ready with their pistols, they looked back to discover, to their horror, the evolved stuffed lion reappeared between them and the family, giving the appearance of it being a guard for the family. With the knowledge that they couldn't be stopped with the shot of the pistol, the parents slowly moved back, while the lion slowly got into a position of being ready to attack if needed. The door of the room was left open. The parents looked around, now wondering if there were more wandering around. To the left, they heard a growl. To the right they heard another growl. They had their guns pointed everywhere, readying themselves just in case something jumped on them. They were still wondering where all the people went. The only other people they saw were Stevie and his parents, lying on their beds. Fear gripped them heavily. The "toughness" that they harbored throughout the years had left. They had become scaredy cats, in the terms of elementary school kids. The bully's mother held tight to her husband's arms. Slowly turning around to one hallway, a shadowy figure with four thick legs slowly appeared. It was the bear that terrorized the members in the house. Now facing them, the bear stood up and roared loudly to show that they were not getting away with anything. The bully's parents yelled back in fear that the father pointed the gun at it, and started shooting. Instead of the bear lying dead on the floor, there were no effects from the bullets, and the bear remained alive and well, continuing to charge at them. The bully's parents backed up and kept shooting but the bear smacked the gun away with its huge paws and knocked them off unconsciously. The bear then picked up the two and flung them through the room windows, shattering them in pieces before they landed in front of Stevie's bed with a thud. The thud woke up Stevie and his upper body rose up quickly. The bully's parents looked at Stevie. Stevie, in a coma-like state, looked back at them with tears in his wide eyes. He then turned to the lion and the bear, still with tears in his eyes. All of a sudden, the bear and the lion slowly turned back into the stuffed toys they were meant to be. Stevie fell back down on his bed, his eyes closed again. The darkness of the rooms and hallways started to recede, and the lights started to turn back on. Nurses, doctors, custodians. All confused people. Security guards were also in attendance. Shivering, and trauma gripped the bully's parents. They sat in front of Stevie's bed, looking straight down to the floor. They mumbled things no one could understand. The manager of the hospital came over to check what was going on. Everyone present said that one minute they were normal, the next minute they went nuts and berserk, and started yelling obscenities to the point of falling unconscious. They even told the manager that they were brandishing their guns all over, but didn't fire a single shot. That's when they called security to come over for help. When everything was explained, the manager ordered the security guards to detain them while they call the mental hospital from the next town to acquire the bully's parents.

After a few moments, Stevie slowly woke up. The nurse beside him gave him water to drink. Stevie's parents continued to lay down on their beds with their eyes closed. The nurse asked Stevie how he was doing. He replied that he had a very unusual dream, describing them as flashes appearing before his eyes. He felt a thud, as if someone was pushing his bed, and for a few seconds, he thought he saw this room covered in darkness with a few animals he couldn't describe properly, and two people inside the room, other than his parents. The nurse felt a little weird hearing the description that Stevie was giving. She knew what had happened with the bully's parents, but didn't want to believe that Stevie witnessed what had happened. She told him that were a few mishaps that were going on while he was asleep. She didn't want to scare him to make him think that he was a target. Before the nurse left, her eyes caught the stuffed lion, and bear laying on the floor, and gave them to Stevie once she picked them up. Stevie held the lion and the bear close to his chest, and gave them big hugs, happy that the nurse found them, and gave them to him. He pulled them back to look at their small dimpled eyes. Goosebumps appeared on his skin after looking at their eyes. He wondered where, and why this feeling was happening. He just looked at them and stayed silent.

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