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The Evil Haunted Forest

by Carol Townend 7 months ago in fiction

There is a myth that evil exists in Sacred Forest, but Adam doesn't fully believe in them until they go exploring....

The Evil Haunted Forest
Photo by Simon Wijers on Unsplash

"Come on, get it done!" Adam told the gaming screen, even though he knew it couldn't hear him. He was fed up, he had been stuck indoors for weeks with nowhere to go. Jesse and Tom had decided to go on a housework mission of which Adam agreed to, but he didn't realize it was going to take 6 weeks! He threw the controller on the floor, annoyed at the fact he had lost the damn game again, he stomped out of the room in a mood slamming the door behind him.

"No! Jesse, not that way. You do it this way!" Tom complained.

"I am getting sick and tired of being told what to do Tom!" Jesse told him, with her hands on her hips. She was really fed up with Tom, ever since they decided to fit that cabinet on the wall, he did nothing but complain it wasn't good enough!

Adam stood at the door of the lounge listening. Jesse and Tom were so engrossed in their argument, they didn't see him there at all. After at least half an hour of listening, Adam had heard enough. He punched the door, hard enough to make enough noise to get their attention, and rolled his eyes, sighing deeply.

"I wondered how long it was going to be before you two stopped arguing like kids in a playground. I don't have to remind you that your both adults now." Adam snapped at them both.

"It's not my fault! Your stupid brother thinks he is perfect, and I am sick of him complaining. He has complained about everything we have done in this room so far!" Jesse told him.

Adam pursed his lips and shook his head. He firmly told her that he didn't care who started it, he just wanted them to stop! He ran upstairs to shower in the quiet because that was the only place he ever got peace. Whilst in the shower he had a thought. 'I know, why don't we explore the Sacred Forest. There are many myths about that place, and I want to know if they are true.' He shook his head, he had never actually believed the tales of ghosts and poltergeists in the forest, but he was so bored. At least it would give them something to do! He stepped out of the shower and dried himself off,. Shit! That shower was so hot his skin was red, and he never realized how hot until he stepped out of it. He hoped that Jess and Adam had stopped arguing so that he could have a conversation with them. He combed his hair and stuck his tongue out at himself in the mirror, then when he knew that he was groomed to perfection, he headed downstairs. To his relief, Jesse and Tom sat on the couch watching some boring program about bikes on the television.

Jesse was the first to get up off the couch. She headed to the kitchen to make some coffee. She was relieved that Tom had finally stopped arguing with her, though she was still pissed with him. Tom got into bad moods over stupid things, he was just so god damn critical of everything! Jesse felt it was best not to bring the subject up again, so she sat and had her coffee alone.

Adam was bored with the program on the television. He had no idea why Tom and Jesse liked such boring programs. He did like a little television himself, but he preferred to watch a good action thriller rather than a boring television program on how to fix a bike! He decided to bring up his idea about exploring the forest, after all at least that was exciting, and they had nothing better to do.

Tom looked at Adam like he had gone crazy. He had heard of people entering that forest and never getting out of there! He was bored, but he felt that this idea was bordering on stupid. He put his thoughts to Adam

"Adam, that's insane! You do know the myth of that place right?" Tom asked him.

"Yes, but that's all it is, a myth, and besides, if I stay in this house listening to you and Jesse arguing for another week, I'm going to crack up!" Adam answered.

"And what if we go in there and never come out?" Tom asked with sarcasm in his tone.

Jesse had overheard the conversation. She was excited. She enjoyed exploring places that were said to be haunted, and she wanted to explore that forest. She had explored many haunted ruins and castles in the past, and she had enjoyed every adventure without getting hurt. She had no idea what lurked in that forest, but she didn't think it would be so horrific that they wouldn't get out. She felt that Tom was just playing the overprotective lord again! She felt like a child at school, and she was nineteen old! She decided to confront him.

"I'm tired of being treated like a baby! I want some fun, Tom. I'm not ten anymore, and I'm going to explore that forest with Adam. I've explored many hauntings in the past, and I'm still alive!"

Tom stayed silent and shook his head. Jesse was his baby, and he was damned if he was going to let anything happen to her! He knew that he wouldn't be able to change her mind, but he was never going to let her go into that forest with Adam. Adam could be careless at times, and if anything happened to Jesse, he would never forgive himself. He knew they argued like cat and dog, but he did love her.

"Jesse, this is a bad idea, but if you go then I have no choice but to go!" Tom told her firmly. He knew that Jesse was old enough to take care of herself, but in the face of danger, he also knew that she wasn't that tough.

Adam smiled and demanded that they take a picnic, phones, and drinks. He made it clear that if any of them got into danger, they call each other straight away. They all packed up and headed out of the door.

The forest was gloomy. The trees were tall, old, and grey and, the ground was covered in very strange, thick, green climbers. There was a lot of moss, but no flowers. The animals made strange haunting noises in the trees, and the bats screeched loudly. The was a strange thick mist, that seemed to get thicker the further into the forest they went. Jesse asked everyone to stop for a minute, she was freezing and needed to put on her jumper. She found this strange, as it was the middle of summer and it had been boiling hot before they hit the forest. They carried on walking, and the further they walked, the darker the forest got, despite it only being one in the afternoon.

"Are you okay Jesse?"Tom asked. He had noticed Jesse shivering, and she looked pale. He just knew this was a bad idea.

Jesse nodded, even though she was far from 'okay.' There was something really strange about this forest that made the bile rise in her stomach. She was terrified, but she wasn't going to let Tom see that! he would accuse her of being too soft! She needed to stop for a bit, but she was too afraid, so she chose to keep moving.

'Crack!!!' A loud noise that sounded like bones breaking was heard by all of them. The sound filled the forest, and it seemed to come from above them. It was followed by a loud wailing noise that sent echoes all around them. They all ignored it and continued walking. The wailing was getting louder and deafening. Adam decided they should stop and try and work out what was happening. They sat at a picnic table under a tree and started their picnic. They remained silent, puzzled by the loud noises around them. Out of nowhere, the ground rumbled and there was a massive flash of light. suddenly Jesse heard a loud laugh followed by a cold and haunting voice calling her name, but she couldn't see who was there.

"HA! HA! HA! ARE YOUUU OOOK Jessseeeee!!! You know you are, but of course your nottttt." The voice hissed. Jesse looked around, terrified to say anything, but she couldn't see anything.

"YOU KNOW I'M WATCHING YOU," The voice carried on taunting her. Jesse started to panic and broke out in a cold sweat. Her breathing quickened. She looked around for everyone else, but there was no one there.

"ADAM, TOM, WHERE ARE YOU?" she shouted at the top of her voice. No reply...Suddenly the forest started spinning round fast, and Jesse screamed loudly. She couldn't feel the ground, and she felt like she was spinning wildly like a tornado in mid-air. Suddenly she was flung into a tree. The horrible voice stopped and everything went silent. Jesse's head was killing her, and she could feel the trickle of blood running down her face. She had no idea who or what had done this to her, but she knew whatever it was, was not human. She felt afraid and alone. She was scared to go further, but she had to find the others. She knew Tom could be a pain in the ass, and Adam could be a selfish pig, but she couldn't leave them like this.

Adam was struggling, whatever took his friends had tied him to a tree. The branches were wrapped around his body, and he couldn't escape."

"FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! I'M GOING TO FIND OUT WHO DID THIS TO ME! IS THIS SOME KIND OF SICK JOKE?" He shouted angrily. Suddenly there was a thunderous laugh all around him. It sounded like six voices laughing at him all at once. He was suddenly surrounded by six holographic faces which lit up the entire forest. He looked around him, and he saw weird rune signs all around the tree. Suddenly he was surrounded by fire. He let out a huge terrifying scream.

Jesse had heard the screams, but Adam and Tom were nowhere to be seen. She heard chanting in the woods.

"This is our forest. You will be penalized for entering. We will burn you to the ground."

Jesse moved slowly. She had to find Adam and Tom, despite the fact that her entire body and her head were killing her. She had nothing with her to stop the bleeding trickling down her face, and her ribs were very sore. She took off her jumper and ripped a piece of it, she tied it around her head like a bandage. She began limping through the forest. She could only move slowly because the pain seared all the way through her when she moved fast. She was sure as hell, the scream was Adams, but he was nowhere in sight. She kept moving. Suddenly a figure appeared in front of her. It was tall, greyish white and, see-through. The figure had long flowing white hair, a disfigured face and it was covered in mist. It held a large scythe in its hand. It pointed the scythe at her, and let out an evil laugh.


Jesse was sweating with terror. The forest felt like it had expanded all around her, and it seemed to get longer and longer. She tried to run faster, but suddenly the crawlers scrambled around her legs and she was unable to move. After a long struggle trying to fight them off, she found a knife on the floor and she used it to attack them. To begin with, every time she cut them, they grew back violently and ferociously. After two hours of fighting, they stopped and sunk into the ground. Jesse threw the knife to the ground and started sobbing angry tears.

"I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS, YOU BASTARD!" She shouted using all of her lung power.


Suddenly the ground erupted, throwing a volcano of stones and mud her way. She had to run through the eruptions and leap over them. It never seemed to end. Lava started pouring out of the volcanic holes in the ground. Jesse panicked, she didn't know what to do. 'Where the hell was Tom and Adam?? She asked herself, fearing the worst. She had heard the scream in the woods and she thought they were dead. That thought sent chills down her spine and she wondered if she should give up, but she knew she couldn't. The eruptions had stopped, but the ground had spun wildly around her again, changing her surroundings and distorting her view of the forest. She was now completely lost. She had a map in her back pocket of which she pulled out, but the map did not correlate to the maze that she was surrounded by. By now, she was really angry, upset, and terrified out of her wits. The trees had all changed shape, they had no leaves on them, and the branches formed strange shapes. They looked like they were walking towards her. She had no idea what to do! She had to dodge them as she ran. Running was causing her much pain, but she had to find her friends. Suddenly a pack of vicious wolves started chasing her, and she had to find somewhere to hide. She hid behind the trees she thought wouldn't move. The wolves were snarling and salivating behind her. She was determined they weren't going to make meat out of her. One managed to gash her side, but she managed to gather the strength to kick it full pelt into the jaw. It fell on its side and disappeared into thin air. They kept coming and coming, but every time she booted them they disappeared. They suddenly stopped coming. She stopped in shock, there was only one thing she could think of, this 'Sacred Forest' really was haunted! It was haunted by pure evil, and that was why no one got out of here alive.!

Adam was paralyzed with shock. He had searing cold scorching pains all over his body. He knew he was going to be burned alive, but he couldn't escape the flames which were now as high as his waist. He struggled hard, crying and screaming at the evil which had surrounded him. He regretted going into the forest, and he wished he had never suggested it. Even worse there was no sign of Tom. A rumble of thunder and a massive bolt of lightning shot through the woods, and the fire had suddenly turned a scorching bright red. Adam called for Tom and Jesse, but there was no reply. Suddenly the flames engulfed him, licking away at his body and soul. Adam disappeared, and the only thing left was burnt bone. Adam knew he was still alive but not in his body, he felt he was in a different time and place. He was angry and he tried to scream, but his screams came out as a thunderous ROAR! He looked down at himself, he could see straight through himself, and he was raging beyond control. He wasn't Adam anymore, he was one of the evil spirits engulfing the forest claiming lives, and the nice Adam had gone for good.

Jesse had finally figured out how to get through the maze. She had found a tree with human remains hanging from it. She screamed at the top of her lungs.

"JESSE! COOOME OOOON! DON'T BE AFRAID, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO JOIN US." Adam called in his thunderous, col, haunting voice.

Jesse froze, she knew that voice, but she didn't want to believe it was Adam! She started shaking and burst into tears. Suddenly the wind got up, and it picked up all the trees aiming for her.

"ONE WAY OR ANOTHER YOU WILL JOIN US!" The voice boomed. Jesse realized the voice was Adams and responded with

"I...I...I'm sorry Adam. It doesn't have to be this way."

Suddenly she felt a huge 'WACK' across her face, she stumbled and fell onto the floor. The floor was so hot, it almost melted her. She screamed.


Jesse was overwhelmed with terror, she almost caved in.


Jesse was mad and she replied

"Not if I can help it!"

Suddenly the earth moved, and she melted, down into the ground, never to be found again.

Tom was stuck in an old house. He had no idea how he had got there, and there was no way out. He could hear voices in the walls and he was scared as hell. "Where the fuck are the others?" he cried to himself. There was a door, but one minute he could see it, the next it disappeared. Suddenly blood stained the windows and he screamed loud.

"NOW! NOW TOM! NO NEED FOR THAT." A thunderous Adam roared at him.

Adam, nice to see you too. Now quit playing games and let's get the fuck out of here," he called back.

Adam let out an evil laugh, and Tom realized he wasn't Adam anymore.

"What the fuck have you done with Jesse?" Tom cried.

Adam laughed harder. Jesse was one of them now. The scheming bitch thought she was tough enough to escape but, oh no! he wasn't going to let anyone go.

"ONE FOR THE HUMANS, ONE FOR THE SOUL. ONE BY ONE, DOWN AND DOWN THEY GO!" Adam sang in his thunderous voice.


Adam spun around, causing the room to turn black. A vortex formed all around Tom, tightening their dark fingers around him, and squeezing the soul out of his ribs. This fight was never-ending, and he sunk into the dark world of death, his bones shattering to the floor, he was now one of them.

Adam cheered in victory, which echoed all through the forest. The spirits of the forest had finally reclaimed their territory. All the animals went into hiding, and the forest was now swirling into a deep black evil, which overtook the entire town. The entire town had become deserted of humans, and they were never seen again.

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I am also a wife, carer and a human living on a planet where the computer has taken over the pen!

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