The Dauntless' Revenge

by Elijah Taylor 4 months ago in fiction

A long and endless journey.

The Dauntless' Revenge

The full moon is bright, and her light shines on the deck of The Dauntless. The men and women are preparing for the battle to come, as they grip their weapons in anticipation for victory...

In all of the ship's lifetime, she has never lost a battle. The previous skirmish left some hull damage, as well as crew loss. Our captain has vowed vengeance.

Each wave The Dauntless encounters, she traverses over with ease. This frigate is armed to the teeth without sacrificing speed by weighing the ship down. Fortunately, the wind seems to be on our side...

After several minutes of nothing, we discover debris in the water that can only be the remnants of the previous skirmish. The gallon that we encountered may be close by...

Suddenly, several anchors start to attach to the sides of The Dauntless. The gallon's crew run for the cannons to light. Several of our marksman gun down each man that tries to man the cannon.

This battle is going to be close quarters.

Once they board The Dauntless, every crew member unsheathes their sword, in an effort to defend the ship. The crews are equally matched as most of the combat appears to be at a stalemate.

I turn to the captain, and rush her to her quarters to preserve the crew's morale. She takes some of her most loyal members with her.

With her last command being to guard the door, me and one other well-trained man solidify our post by the double door. We unsheathe our blades in anticipation to strike down any who draw near.

The battle on deck starts to shift tides as most of The Dauntless' crew is struck down. Once The Brigand sees an opening, she starts to drift away from The Dauntless to prepare for the cannons to lose upon the frigate.

I see on the back of their ship cabin, 'The Brigand,' and inside, the captain and his crew are by a map moving strategy pieces. They're planning an all-out attack.

If we lose this battle, any fleet that crosses The Brigand will be sunk; they will become the new power of the sea.

The rest of the crew on deck are too busy, engaged in combat, to return to the ship, and there is one more anchor that needs to be removed from The Dauntless, before we are able to move.

I rush at the anchor, and slide to The Brigand to eliminate the captain during the commotion.

Upon reaching the deck, I am met with several crew drawing their swords to overwhelm me.

I am armed with two twin daggers. Sword wielders tend to forget their balance, and have slower movements.

I quickly remove four men with relative ease. I sheathe one of my blades, and replace that hand with a pistol from a dead crew. A single-shot meant for the captain's skull.

The remaining crew try and subdue me, but my sole focus is on eliminating the head of the snake, before he can give the command to fire.

He has two guards posted by his door. I sheath my newly acquired pistol, and arm my other blade, and drive both blades into the man on the left. The other aims his pistol at me, but is unable to make a shot, as I am using his crew's corpse as a shield.

Watching his finger twitch at the trigger, I push the dead crew at him, and knock him to the ground. I quickly finish him off with one swift slash to his jugular. A cold, but effective method of elimination.

The captain is lucky that his demise will have to be short lived, otherwise I may not make it off of this foreign ship alive.

Busting the door down, I spot four of the captain's guards unsheathe their longswords. Their blades are not the standard cutlass, as they have a dual edge.

I quickly grab the pistol and fire it, only to have it misfire.

Dropping it, I throw one of my daggers at his shoulder sending him falling on the table. His guards get enraged, but that is short lived, as a stray cannon fires on the back of the cabin.

A single shot, decimates the cabin in half. I run for the captain, and remove my blade from his shoulder, and plunge it once more into his chest. I leave it in his chest, and swan dive into the cold sea...

Everything blurs, and turns black. We are back on the Dauntless with the rogue waves crashing against the hull. The Dauntless is in pristine condition, and the full moon dons her cold light upon the ship...

Looking around... the crew... the captain... this is a ghost ship... I am in hell.

The Brigand draws near, and the crew that were killed start to show their wounds, before we even enter combat.

I turn to the captain, a once beautiful woman, who now is old and frail. We are on an endless cycle of bloodshed and carnage. The addiction will never end.

I unsheathe my twin daggers, and itch for the first enemy to drive them deep into...

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