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The Creepy Offer

by Michanda J 7 months ago in fiction

Curse of the Black Book

It was a simple job almost too simple for twenty-thousand dollars. Andrew should've given it more thought before he accepted the task. From a man dressed ina black trench coat and a black hat hiding his facial features nonetheless. Now that he thought about it everything leading up to this moment was sketchy. A stranger pulled him to the side in an empty park in the evening. But once the man pulled out the envelope with the cash. All his common sense went out the window, and the only thing he could think about was. His unpaid rent, the new water pump for his car plus the cost to fix it, and the overpriced Playstation 5 on the internet.

It all felt like fate took him the only reason Andrew was walking through the park. That late was to clear his head from the stress his money troubles created. And this man just happens to appear out of nowhere to solve them. It could've been anybody but no it was him who was chosen. To deliver the little black book to the address the man gave him. But now standing in front of the destination. Andrew felt like fate had sent him to his death rather than solve his financial issues. The address led him to an abandoned church in the middle of nowhere. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't some old creepy story about the church. That could've been totally true; it made him want to hop on his bike. Turn around and go back to the park, find the man, and give him the money and the book back.

But just as Andrew was getting ready, the man's voice was in his head. Reminding him of the clear inst again "deliver the book to the address, go inside and leave it at the altar, whatever you do don't leave till it's done."

A gust of wind so strong blew past him it rattled the gate leading to the church. It was as if another force was encouraging him to get it over with. Andrew took a deep breath, leaned his bike on the wall, and finally started his journey to the church. The gate wasn't locked so he was able to get into the churchyard with no problems. He paused at the stairs leading to the front double doors. The surroundings weren't too unsettling just a lot of overgrown vegetation. Which every abandoned building or house had with no to keep up with the maintenance.

Andrew decided it was time to get this over with before it got dark. There was a little daylight left and he wanted to take advantage of it. He took the stairs two at a time till he reached the doors. They weren't locked either and made loud creaking noises. That filled the entire room and then there was the altar just twenty feet away.

"Hello" he called out nervously, his voice shaky. "I'm here to drop off the black book."

No one responded to him; there was nothing but silence. Andrew took a few cautious steps until a raven swooped down to claw at him. He broke into a full sprint towards the altar, and fumbled for the black book tucked inside his jeans. He was only five steps away when he flung the book at the altar, and turned around to run back out. But the doors swung closed on him the fear coursing through his veins. Grew tenfold making him freeze in place as he heard footsteps behind him.

Andrew began to curse himself for being so stupid. All he wanted to do was throw his body into the row of benches to hide. But his legs refused to move "face me Andrew" , an affirmative voice ordered. It sounded familiar and realization struck him. The voice belonged to the man in the park. What sick game was the stranger playing? "Turn around boy" the man demanded this time his tone was a bit harsher. Andrew finally gathered up enough courage to gain control over his body. Tentatively he turned his body around but remained in the same spot.

It was indeed the man from the park except now he was dressed in a fancy black suit with his hair slicked back. It was just as black as a midnight sky his eyes were closed but somehow the man knew. Andrew had listened and was now facing him as ordered. The man started speaking, "you followed my orders really well it almost pains me to have to do this."

The man paused to let out a slow breath, his nostrils flaring. "You see boy it would've been in your benefit not to go through with the task. If you had just left the book outside or tossed it in some bushes. Your life would continue on as you know it, without the money of course. But it hardly matters now the task is done, and you belong to me now." With those words the man opened his eyes to that they were red and glowing.

Andrew stood there frozen throughout the entire speech trying to process all the information. At the sight of the red glowing eyes he scrambled back so fast. That he lost his footing and tumbled to the floor on his back. The man jumped down from the altar and started to approach him. Holding up the black book in his right hand. "Everyday you will be presented with a new task in this book, and you will carry it out. No matters how vile it might be" he growled.

Andrew could do nothing but tremble as the man got closer. He wanted to refuse but his voice was just gone every time his mouth opened nothing came out. "You will not be free until some other poor soul takes your place. By falling for the same trick and trust me it will be a while. I owned my last human for thirty years before he was set free." The man continued on as within striking distance of Andrew.

Who desperately reached into his jeans and pulled out the envelope filled with money. "Take it back" he demanded his hand shake as he held out to the man. Andrew didn't want the money anymore. All he wanted was to go home, climb into his bed, and forget this ever happened. The man shook his head and instead offered him the black book. "No it's too late take the book."

"I don't want it, just take the money back," Andrew insisted. The man just stared at him with his red eyes still holding the little black book out to him. Tears filled his eyes as his body shook uncontrollably. "I don't want it please" he shouted terror in his voice. The man smiled revealing perfect white but sharp teeth. "Do you mean that?" The man asked him and Andrew gave a frantic nod. A hand reached out and grabbed his left ankle in a tight grip. "Then let's get on with the devouring shall we?" Andrew screamed so loud it rattled the windows as his body was being pulled back towards the altar. By the evil man who just couldn't be human. He ignored Andrew as the young man clawed at the ground looking for something to grab onto.

Once they reached the altar the man released Andrew's ankle, and raised both his arms in the air. "He passed the trial. Andrew Worthington is our winner." Light flooded the room making Andrew cover his eyes as the power came back on. A bunch of people with cameras flooded the room and surrounded him. A tiny bit of fear remained but Andrew gained the courage to stand up to and observe the situation. The man no longer seemed dangerous as he grinned at Andrew.

"What is going on?" He asked with hesitation in his voice.

"Don't you see Andrew you're on The game show called Creepy Offers. Where the host Finn Husky gives people creepy offers throughout the day till someone accepts. You were the only one who accepted and you won by refusing my creepy offer in the end. The twenty thousand dollars is yours to keep." Finn explained as the camera crew erupted into an applause. Andrew just stood there dumbfounded hoping that he won a lot more than twenty-thousand dollars for his troubles.

Finn wrapped an arm around his shoulders and began to lead him out of the church. The cameras were still rolling as the host kept going on about the show, and additional winning. Andrew just shook his head thinking it had to be fate.


Michanda J

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