The Chase

by Deborah Portillo 11 months ago in fiction

Fright Night Run

The Chase

It's the witching hour within 3:15 in the morning, when night is at its darkest. It's the hours of the night when you sense invisible presences. It’s the hour of the night when evil can pass over through a veil. A young man lays in his deep slumber while his girlfriend lightly tosses and turns. She's unable to sleep due life's stresses, and because a nightmare overruns her exhausted mind. Her heart is beating at a full-on rapid race, as if she's running. Running for her life. Running for safety. Someone's chasing her, for what reason is unknown. She's horrified and trembling. She can't see her chaser, but she knows he's behind her; she knows he's close. After continuously running, she reaches a house; her house. Only it's not her house. She runs towards the back patio French doors. Quickly turning the door knob, pushing her way in. Then closing the door behind her, she rapidly locks the door. As she jogs down a long hall way passing a table, she looks up to see a reflection of a shadowed figured in the shape of a man in the picture frame. She then knows he's once again behind her. Only how did he get in the house behind her, she wonders frantically. She then screams in horror, and tears begin to over fill her eyes. Running with her fear and now running for life, she reaches the front door. Edging to open it. However, it's locked and won't budge open. She can feel him coming, she then begins to panic. Just when she can feel him breathing on the back of her neck, she awakens in a gasping panic. Waking to realize it was just a nightmare. After a quick recess for a drink of water, the nervous woman lays back down beside her boyfriend cuddling up against his back. As she begins to drift into unconsciousness, it's as though her thoughts are anxious to continue into where her nightmare left off. Only this time she's running towards a warehouse, and once again she's being chased. She's dressed in all black with a black hoodie and combat boots. She looks down at herself and something inside gives her the sense as if she's the next Buffy the vampire slayer. She's runs into the warehouse quickly observing her surroundings. She jumps and tosses her body onto a wooden crate, then to another, and another. Moving her body in acrobatic moves she wished she could do in real life. Once she magically reaches the top to a set of rafters in which she finds useful for hiding and scouting for her chaser. Before she can adjust herself comfortably, her chaser slowly walks in through the warehouse door. As he slowly looks around for his target, he notices a tilted crate. Her stalker then follows an invisible trail to what he believes is her escape route. As he looks up, she slowly tucks herself back in a dark corner of the rafter. Her chaser then begins to look towards another area of the open space, where he then heads toward an opening far off into another corner of the warehouse. With the sense of now's my chance, she makes her quiet exit off the rafters, and just when she was about to run her chaser suddenly moves out of his own dark corner. Just as he reaches out to grab her she takes control of her own nightmare and starts in a combative fight to protect herself. She stands back in a fighting position with a quick kick of her left leg landing her foot on his chest. Rapidly leading her right leg into a kick to the side of the head. Her chaser shakes off her kicks as he reaches out to grab her, guiding her to give him a right hook with a left jab to his right chin, followed by a roundhouse kick that knocks him on his back lying on the floor. She then hovers over him continuing with rapid right punches to his face. Just when she thought he'd had enough and begins to slowly back away when he arose like Michael Myers in Halloween. Grabbing her by her throat, rising in a standing position still gripping her throat he tossed her to the side like a rag roll. She begins to drag herself on the floor in fear of what he'll do next. She looks back at her attacker, only he's no longer in sight. She then begins to frantically look around for him. Only he's nowhere in to be found. As she scoots back, she feels what seems like a toe of a boot. As she slowly looks up in horror, she sees her attackers face. It is the face of what could resemble Freddy Krueger's, and she begins to panic with screams. Just before he can grab her face, she awakens to her boyfriend shaking her arm asking if she's OK. Once she completely awakens, she quickly scoots herself closer to him and tells him it was nightmare, that she was being chased. He then assures her everything is fine, to try to go back to sleep. As she turns her back up against his chest, he wraps his arms around her. Holding her close to him, they both close their eyes and begin to drift when she faintly hears that scary laughter of Pennywise, and suddenly she's wide awake staring off into darkness.

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