The book of lost ideas


The book of lost ideas

The eye

Once upon a time, there was a town called Forestdale. There was an old lady who told spooky tales about how the town was haunted but no one believed her. But on the night of Halloween, something spooky happened.

A boy named Gord disappears, and they searched for days trying to find him but found no sign of him anywhere. Then every Friday after that another disappeared, first Gord then Jack and then Annabeth. And then the town people got angry. Men got their guns and women their pitchforks and torches and made their final stand. No one expected the old woman to be correct. She once said that an old man lost his daughter and snapped he searched for her for years but when he found no sign of her he vowed to make the people of the town pay. And he was never seen again. At least until that night.

The cup of coffee

The people weren't ready for what would happen that night. Screams were let loose as 6 eyes fell out of the sky right onto the laps of the six grieving parents. The parents were never seen again and the mystery of what happened was never cracked. The old lady was probably right but no one would ever see her again.

Another short story by Kefir Lunansky

Chapter 1 the coffee shop

It looked like a regular coffee shop but I had never noticed it and it’s a cross the street from my place. But it smelled so good that I thought I would try it myself, and I was right the coffee was perfect and their sandwiches were so good that I ended up getting five. The next day I went to the coffee shop and placed my order, a cup of coffee and five sandwiches When my order came I was so happy because well I don’t know. But one thing that I know for sure is that my meal was better than last time.

Chapter 2 my wallet tells me to stop

By the end of the month I had spent two hundred dollars across the street. But today felt different but I didn’t notice it when I went to get my coffee there was a huge line around the block. Well I had to find a way to get in sooner because I had to get to work in one hour and then I found that way but it would be costly. I don’t know why i went for the speed line because it cosseted five hundred dollars plus the twenty dollar order but I thought it would be worth it. Trust me it was worth it after I drank my coffee and eat my sandwich I felt like I was a zombie but in a good way. At least that’s what I thought

Chapter 3 the zombies roll out

I’m lucky I didn’t by more coffees and sandwiches because it turns out that the reason it tasted so good was because it was filled with a poison that makes anything taste like your biggest desire. The next morning I was woken up to not my alarm clock but the sound of gun fire. It wasn’t my first thing on the list of things to be woken up by but no matter how loud the gun shot if there is gun shot in my neighborhood, I parable want to know. When I looked out of my window I saw a bunch of really drunk people trying to eat the soldiers that were shooting them down. I never thought the zombie apocalypse was real but my best friend who lives downstairs was prepared for the worst And the worst was upon us.

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