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The Black Skull Ouija Board

An Entry in "The Book of Dark & Wicked Things"

By Steve BrewerPublished about a year ago 12 min read

There exists a book with no name. Its cover bears nothing but a strange glyph drawn in blood. Every page is well-worn and filled with Latin prayers a Roman priest wrote, hoping to contain the evils he saw within the book.

To say the book itself is evil is like a person in ancient times saying lightning is evil. The book and the powers it holds are merely outside our current realm of understanding.

Its contents have been a closely guarded secret for thousands of years, for those brave enough to open it knew its contents would spark mass panic.

The Book of Dark & Wicked Things, as it has come to be called, rebukes one of the biggest lies told in human history; monsters exist, and the book details the dark and evil creatures of the world.

The Black Skull Ouija Board

A major cause of confusion for those who first read The Book of Dark & Wicked Things is it’s inclusion of objects and places. In our society we often argue that objects are not inherently evil, they can be used for evil acts but they are merely tools with no wills of their own. Like the notion that monsters do not exist, this too is a false notion.

There are objects and places with wills of their own, and sometimes these wills are intent on committing dark acts. To accomplish their vile goals they bend the wills of others around them to do their bidding, sometimes with whispered suggestions, other times with complete domination. The Black Skull Ouija Board uses both.

The board is a single slab of yew wood with intricately carved letters, numbers, “yes”, “no”, "goodbye" with the black skull at the center of the board. The planchette, pointer, is also a piece of yew wood with a black skeletal hand pointing to the tip.

The Black Skull Ouija board is one of the more dangerous objects in The Book of Dark & Wicked Things, its beautiful appearance perfectly conceals its malevolent nature while easily attracting potential victims to it. The victims soon feel the influence of its powerful will upon them inevitably leading to them to their untimely ends.

In its centuries of existence it has left a long line of victims, and a recent entry has appeared in the book:

My Soul to Take

“Can you read it again?”

“No,” Alice said as she shut the book. “It is past your bedtime and your parents were really clear that you had to get to bed on time.”


The little girl’s plea was so heartfelt and pure it made Alice smile.

“Next time kiddo,” she said as she stood up and pulled the blanket onto the little girl. “Next time I babysit you we will read it twice.”

“Do you promise?”

“I promise,” she said with a soft smile. “Now come on, it’s time to go to sleep.”

“But I need to say my prayer first!”

“I’m sorry, I forgot.”

The little girl held her hand out, Alice took her hand and knelt beside her. The little girl lowered her head and closed her eyes.

“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to the Lord my soul to keep. If I shall die before I wake, I pray to the Lord my soul to take. Amen.”

“Amen,” Alice said with a gentle smile. “Good night kiddo.”

“Good night Alice,” the little girl said as she put her head on the pillow.

Alice shut off the light on the nightstand and turned on the night light by the bed. She silently crossed the room and began to shut the door.

“Can you leave it open?” The little girl asked without raising her head from her pillow. “Please?”

“Of course, and you know I will be right down the hall if you need anything.”


Alice smiled and slowly closed the door behind her. Through the crack of the door she left open she saw the little girl turn on her side and get settled for sleep. She waited a moment to ensure the little girl was drifting to sleep before she turned and walked down the hallway. A soft buzz came from her pocket which caused her to stop and pull out her cell phone.

Is she asleep yet? A text from her friend Ches read.

She just fell asleep. Alice responded.

Well come let me in! It’s pouring!

Just be quiet when you come in. Alice texted back. She just fell asleep and I don’t want to wake her.

Ok now let me in!

Alice locked her phone and started for the front door. Even from a distance she could hear the rain hitting the exterior walls of the house. She unlocked the door and opened it. Ches stood on the stairs and was drenched from the rain, her hair was matted and her clothes were dripping with rain water. Ches had her hoodless jacket pulled over her head in a feeble attempt to shield her from the rain and had a towel wrapped around something under her other arm.

“Well, are you going to let me in?!” Ches demanded causing Alice to realize she was standing in the middle of the doorway.

“Sorry,” Alice said as she stepped to the side. “Take off your shoes and jacket so you don’t make a mess.”

“Okay!” Ches said with a smile as she pushed past Alice.

Ches took her shoes off in the middle of the hall and took her jacket off without setting down what she had in her arms. Alice picked up her shoes and set them on a matte near the door.

“What do you have in your arms, Ches?”

“Oh this?” Ches said coyly as she held up the towel. “It’s a surprise!”

“Come on.”

“You’ll see! We need a place we can set it up, like a coffee table.”

“Okay, the living room is through there.”

“Awesome,” Ches said as she grabbed Alice’s hand and pulled her eagerly into the living room. “You won’t believe what I found in that old antique store a few doors down from the store!”

“Ches you’re supposed to be saving your money not blowing it…”

“Blowing it on junk,” Ches said as she set the item on the coffee table causing a deep thunk noise that took Alice by surprise. “Yeah, yeah mom. I know. I got the job to save for a car, but when I saw this I knew I had to buy it!”

Alice didn’t hear Ches, she was transfixed by whatever was in the towel. A pit formed in her stomach as a sense of foreboding came over her as Ches continued talking. Alice felt a chill come over her as Ches unwrapped the towel revealing an ash gray board with jet black letters engraved across it. At the center was a black skull that seemed to smile an unpleasant smile that caused Alice to recoil.

“No Ches.”

“Oh come on you chicken.”

“No, get it out of here!”


“I don’t want anything to do with it and don’t want it in here!”

“Calm down,” Ches said as she grabbed Alice’s arm. “It’s just an Ouija Board. You know they are complete crock.”

“Then why are you so interested in using it?”

“Because it’s a right of passage for kids our age.”


“Look, let’s at least try it. Nothing will happen and we can make up some crazy story for school on Monday.”

“I don’t know…”

“Okay, how about this. We try it once, and I promise I will take it back tomorrow to get my money back. I will put the money in my savings.”

Alice stood still without moving her eyes from the skull. She almost felt like it was staring back at her, but a creeping curiosity was growing within her.

“Okay… we ask a few questions. Then you take it to your car.”

“Deal!” Ches exclaimed as she let go of Alice’s arm.

Ches knelt down next to the coffee table and pulled the planchette from the towel. The planchette was made from the same wood as the board, but had a black skeleton hand pointing at the tip engraved into it. Alice knelt next to Ches, but couldn’t help feeling like the skull was smirking at her.

“What do we do?” Alice asked as she stared at the skull.

“We put our hands on the pointer and ask a question.” Ches set the planchette on the board and put her hands on it. Alice slowly put her hands on the planchette.

“What do we ask?”

“Anything we want to know,” Ches said as she closed her eyes. “Go on, you can have the first question.”

“I don’t know what to ask…”

“Okay, I will go first. Is there a spirit here with us?”

Alice held her breath and waited for any movement but the planchette didn’t move.

“You ask something, maybe it will work for you!” Ches said without opening her eyes.

“Is… is there any spirit here?” The planchette shifted causing Ches and Alice to jump. “You did that to scare me!!”

“I’m sorry,” Ches snorted. “I couldn’t resist. Come on, let’s try again.”


“I promise I won’t do it again. Scout’s honor.”

“You were kicked out of the Girl Scouts.”

“That’s beside the point.” Ches placed her hands on the planchette. “But I promise I won’t do it again.”

“Okay,” Alice said as she knelt down next to Ches. “But no more jokes.”

“Deal, now come on.” Ches placed her hands on the planchette. “Put your hands back on the pointer.”

Do it… A voice whispered to Alice.

Alice didn’t notice her hands move toward the planchette, it wasn’t until she felt the cool, smooth grain of the wood beneath her fingers that she realized what she was doing.

“See, nothing bad happened!” Ches nudged her. “Now ask a question!”

“I’ll ask again, is there any spirit here?”

Alice held her breath as she waited for any movement, but the planchette did not move.

“So no one wants to talk to us?” Ches asked snidely, but the planchette did not move. “This thing must be busted.”

“Did it come with instructions?” Alice asked as she lifted her hands from the planchette.

“This thing predates written instructions,” Ches pulled her hands from the planchette. “It just came with the pointer.”

“Maybe we’re doing it wrong?”

“No, that’s how they always do it in the movies. There must not be any ghosts here.”

The planchette slid across the board.

“Did you see that?” Alice could barely bring herself to breathe. “What is it pointing to?”

“No,” Ches said as she read where the planchette landed. “So there is someone here?”

The planchette moved to yes.

“Why are you here?”

“Why is it here?” Ches repeated in condescendly. “Because we have an ouija board…”

Alice did not hear Ches, she watched the planchette slowly slide across the board.

“M.” Alice pointed to the board causing Ches to stop mid sentence and watch. “U-R-D-E-R.

“...murder.” Ches whispered. “You think you are going to murder us?”

The planchette moved to yes.

“And how do you think you’re going to accomplish that, you’re dead!!” Ches sneered.

The planchette slid across the board.

“N-O-T-I.” Alice said as she watched the planchette. “It won’t be the one to murder us?”

“Then who will murder us?” Ches asked blindly.

“Ches! Don’t egg it on…”

The planchette slid to the edge of the board and pointed to the kitchen door. A loud crash followed by a clatter of metal caused both girls to jump. Alice looked worriedly at Ches.

“What was that?!” Ches asked as Alice stared at the door.

Alice took a timid step toward the door before turning to Ches with a hand out.

“Come on, you got us both spooked so you can at least come with me.”

“Okay, you’re right.”

Ches stood up and took Alice’s hand, they crossed the room together and Alice slowly pushed the door open. As the door swung open Alice saw one of the drawers on the floor with knives scattered around it. She stepped through the doorway with Ches clutched against her shoulder and still holding her hand tight.

“Alice… in front of the sink.”

Alice turned and saw the little girl standing in front of the sink with her back turned to them.

“I… I thought… I put you to bed…” Alice could barely get the words passed her lips.

The little girl turned, and Alice and Ches shrieked at the sight. Her face was emotionless and her eyes were jet black.

“Come on Alice…” Ches said as she turned to run, but the door to the kitchen slammed shut.

Ches screamed before pressing her face into Alice’s shoulder.

“What… what are you doing…?” Alice asked as Ches started to sob uncontrollably.

“Murder…” The little girl lifted a butcher knife.

“Put the knife down…” Alice said in a stern tone. “... put the knife down or I will put you in time out!”

“Murder…” The little girl repeated as she took a step forward.

“I will tell your parents about this!”

“Murder…” The little girl took another step as she lifted the knife higher.

Alice could feel Ches clutched against her back, both took a step back.

“I said drop the knife!!” Alice demanded feebly.

The little girl stopped and a long moment passed as Alice and Ches stared at her. Alice finally brought up the courage to step forward.

“Don’t Alice…” Ches sobbed as she pulled on Alice’s shirt in an attempt to stop her.

“Let go!” Alice pulled her shirt from Ches’s grip and turned back to the little girl. “Give me the knife and we will put you back in bed.”

Ches covered her eyes as Alice extended her hand to the little girl. The little girl lowered the knife and held it out for Alice. She stepped forward and took the knife from the girl.

“O...okay… let’s get you back to bed…”

Alice crouched down and pulled the girl close to her to pick her up.

“Alice no!” Ches shrieked.

“Murder!” The little girl shrieked as she stabbed Alice in the back with a knife she had in her other hand.

Alice fell over in pain as Ches screamed and turned to the door. The girl laughed in a voice that was not hers as she turned to Ches who clawed at the door to open it.

“Murder… murder… ” The little girl repeated as she approached Ches.

Ches cried hysterically as she sank to the floor. She continued to try to turn the door knob but it would not turn.

“Murder…” The little girl said as she reached Ches.

Ches screamed before silence fell throughout the house. The black skull on the board laughed, it will soon find the next set of souls to add to its collection.


About the Creator

Steve Brewer

Certified movie nerd with concentrations in Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, fantasy, horror, and sci-fi.

Also an avid hiker, camper, racquetball player, cat dad, and loving uncle/godfather.

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