The Black Rose

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The Black Rose


Once there was a young, teenage girl. Her name was Forcynthia. Forcynthia was known for her curiosity about everything. All the villagers knew she'd come around at some point with new questions lingering in her mind.

But there was one thing that made her curiosity meter go on high: The fence that was built around the tiny village. Any of who Forcynthia asked would look away, their faces would turn pale, they'd shrug their shoulders. This only made her more curious than ever.

So one day...She set out to find what was beyond The fence. Forcynthia walked around the tiny village, trying to figure out any clues, to see if anything was out of place. But she found nothing.

One of the villager’s working men took a liking to young Forcynthia. He always loved her curiosity. He looked at her as if she were his own.

“Forcynthia,” He called out to her. She came to him with a smile, but it didn't reach her eyes like it always does.

“Whatchu lookin’ for?” He asked her.

“You won't tell anybody, will you?” She looked up at him with her chocolate brown eyes, a slight twinkle shining in them.

“I promise I won't tell anybody.” The man set down his working tools, and gave his attention to Forcynthia.

“I'm tryin’ to see what's beyond the fence.” Her knowing about the fence struck the man.

“Why you wanna know so bad?”

“I can feel it.”

“Feel what?” The man raised an eyebrow.

“I don't know. I just know that I need to get over the fence.” She looked at the fence, her expression plain. “I think it wants me.”

“Who wants you?” Now the man was starting to get worried. He's never seen Forcynthia act this way before.

Forcynthia looked back to him. She looked into his gray eyes, and answered him. “The Black Rose wants me.”

The man's face fell. She...She can't know that, he thought. Nobody's said anything about that for ten years.

“Why don't you go on home, alright? It's gettin’ late.”

“Okay. Bye.” He watched as Forcynthia walked away, her caramel hair swaying with the wind.

“Dear Lord, please keep her safe...Please.” The man picked up his tools, and slowly went back to work, repeating the prayer over and over.


But Forcynthia did not go home. From seeing the man's reaction, her curiosity was banging at her head.

Looking around to see if no one was watching, she started to run. Closer and closer the fence came. Forcynthia took a deep breath in, and jumps. Over the fence she went. As soon as her feet hit the ground, she let out the deep breath.

Forcynthia looked back. There stood her tiny village, filled with everybody she knew. She looked at the fence that was now between them.

“There's no going back now.” She turned her back from what she called “Home”.

“The Black Rose…” That voice...Where is it comin’ from?

“Forcynthia…” “Who's there?” “The bushes…” “What bushes?”

Forcynthia turned to find two rose bushes. There was a tiny gap between them. Forcynthia's curiosity led her on.

“Ow.” She got pricked on the finger by a thorn. “Rose bushes.”

Forcynthia tried her best to get through the gap, but the closer she moved to the other side, the further away it seemed.

“What the—?!” A vine of thorns was Tangled around her arms. The thorns pricked her skin, blood stained her skin.

She tried to pull away, but the harder she pulled, the deeper the thorns went in. “Forcynthia…” The voice that she heard made her stop struggling.

“What do you want from me?”

A giggle rang through her ears, making her wince. But the next four words made her shiver: “I want your soul…”

“Why? Why me?” She could slowly feel a vine of thorns wrap around her ankles...Then her legs. The vines made its way up to her neck, squeezing. The piercing of the thorns made her cry out.

“Forcynthia...The Black Rose…”

“What black rose?”

As she turned her head away from the thorns, she saw it: The Black Rose. It was Tangled deep within the thorns, like it was meant to never be found.

“Touch The Black Rose…”

“Then what?”

Another giggle. Forcynthia was starting to feel something different besides curiosity: Fear.

Her eyes widened as the tangle of thorns moved, revealing The Black Rose. Slowly, The Black Rose made its way towards her.

“Touch it Forcynthia…”

“Why me?!” She struggled to get out of the vines, but only to lose from the pain of the thorns.

“You're an innocent…”

“What does that mean?!”

“You'll become like me...Young and beautiful...Forever…” The last word “Forever” was whispered into her ear.

Forcynthia jerked away, fearing that she'll see whoever it was that whispered to her was there.

But there was nobody to be seen.

“What makes you think I want that?” She stopped yelling, but her voice was still strong.

“Your soul wants it…” This time, instead of just a simple whisper, her hair was being moved, exposing her neck.

Forcynthia shut her eyes tightly, pleading, begging, that this was all a dream. That she was back in her tiny village, asking everybody the questions that popped in her head.

But when she opened her eyes, her please and begs did not come true. But she noticed something…

The vines, the thorns! They were pulling away from her! As she wiped the blood away, The Black Rose caught her eye.

What had the voice said? Touch The Rose and you'll be young forever? Wait. No. You'll be young and beautiful forever.

Forcynthia looked at the rose. Without a second thought, she reached out her hand, and her fingertips touched The Black Rose's petals.

So soft. She thought. Then: She gasped.

Where she once stood, she now lies on the solid ground, on the thorns. But she couldn't feel it...She couldn't even move. It was like her whole body went numb.

Is this what Death feels like?, She thought.

“Thank you Forcynthia…” Another giggle rang loud in her ears before darkness took over.


The next morning, in the tiny village, the villagers woke up with the sun as it slowly rose to the top.

Everybody went straight to work once the sun was set high in the sky.

Everything was peaceful. Calm. Relaxing. But there was one thing that was missing: Forcynthia and her questions.

The villagers searched everywhere for her: Her home, her little hideout, her school, her church...But she was nowhere to be seen.

“Where has she gone?” They all wondered.

Then the man who she told her secret to stepped out and said, “She has gone over the fence.”

“How do you know?”

The man looked at the ground. “She told me it wants her…”

All the villager's eyes widened, their mouths opened, their bodies shivering. For they knew what “it” was: The Black Rose.

“Let's go find her!” “She needs to be here!” “We can't let it get to her!”

“But what if we're too late?” The man's question stops everybody.

“Even if we are, we still need to try.” Everybody agreed.

One by one, they all got over the fence. The young ones got over with no trouble. Some of the older ones needed help. But the ones with the sick and the new had to stay behind.

“This way!” The man led them to where the two rose bushes connected. But between then was a tiny gap.

“Forcynthia!” The man called out. The villagers went around the bushes calling out her name. “Forcynthia, Forcynthia!”

A rustle went through the bushes, stopping them. “I found her!” Screamed a voice from the other side.

The villagers rushed to the other side of the endless bushes, fearing that The Black Rose had killed her like it did to many others before.

But when they got there... They couldn't believe their eyes.

There she was, smiling her beautiful smile. A twinkle was shining in her chocolate brown eyes like a star. Her caramel hair flowed down her shoulders, framing her beautiful face.

“You were lookin’ for me?” Her goice sounded so rich and pure, like honey.

“Forcynthia! You're alright!” The man knelt down and squeezed her shoulders.

Her eyes widened once she saw this man.

“What's wrong?”


The man's eyes widened. It can't be my little girl…

“Rachel...Are you in there?”

The villagers around them gasped. Rachel was a victim of The Black Rose ten years ago...But yet…

“I'm in here Daddy.”

The man wanted to cry, but he had one more question:

“Rachel... Where's Forcynthia?”

A giggle came from Forcynthia. “She's gone now Daddy. She's with The Black Rose now. Just like I was.”




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Ky Navarro
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