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Somebody's Watching Me

A Twisted Sister Short Story

By Frieda LopezPublished 2 years ago 7 min read

“I can’t believe we almost got caught,” Matthew said as he slammed the door to his home.

“You think we are going to get caught,” Able said.

“Naw, that bitch is ditsy as fuck,” Matthew said as he hit the couch as kicked his shoes off.

“You don’t think she’s going to do anything,” Able said, uneasy as he began to relax on the couch. He took off his shoes as he looked towards the window of headlights passing the window and said, “She only lives two houses down.”

“Naw, she won’t do anything. She’s hot as fuck and probably likes it anyway. That kinky bitch,” Matthew said as he took off his jeans, folding his pants neatly and adjusting his basketball shorts.

“Why don’t we just talk to her like a normal person,” Able said as he grabbed the remote from the worn coffee table.

“I love the thrill. I love the power. And what if she rejects us,” Matthew said as he snatched the control from Able’s hand.

“Asshole,” Able said as Matthew began to chuckle. “So how long have you been doing,” he said in concern.

“For a while, it’s always the” girls you least expect that invite you in,” Matthew said, reassuring. “You want a beer, bro,” he said as he got up to go to the kitchen.

“Sure,” Able said as he saw Matthew get up to go to the kitchen. He saw the light turn on and immediately hurt the clattering of steps as able gasped.

“Able,” Matthew said as he stood in front of Able.

Able saw the fear in his eyes as his face showed a sense of frightful concern. “Can you come with me to the kitchen please,” Matthew said as he began to panic.

“Stop playing, bro. What is it?” Able said as he got up and followed Matthew to the kitchen. He went to the kitchen and saw in red lipstick that said: “SOMEBODY’S WATCHING ME.” He looked at the fridge and Mathew as he said, “What the fuck, man. You said she didn’t see you.”

“She didn’t. I don’t think he said hesitantly.

“Do you think it’s her?” Able said in concern.

Matthew’s face turned to rage as he stormed past the kitchen doorway and darting through the hallway. “Okay, Amy, stop playing games with me,” Matthew said as Able followed into the empty room.

“Whose Amy,” Able said as he glanced at Matthew and examined the empty room.

“My roommate,” Matthew said as he closed the bedroom door. “She’s just fucking with me,” he said, attempting to convince himself as he led Able back into the living room.

“Should we call the cops,” Able said.

“And incriminate us? You’re developmentally disabled,” Matthew said as he scuffed.

“Why would she do that? Does she know?” Able said in concern.

“Yeah, she does. She caught me in her bathroom one time, which I told her it’s my thing,” Matthew said in shame.

“You stupid motherfucker! She didn’t say anything?” Able said in concern.

“No. But I know she knows I do it to her now and then,” he said again in shame as he put his head down.

“What the fuck bro,” Able said in disappointment.

“But she likes it. I think,” Matthew said, unsure.

Able got up in anger, and he said, “I am leaving you sick fuck. I can’t believe you convinced me to do this sick shit with you,” Able said as he began putting on his untied shoes. “Fuck this and fuck you,” he said as he went to the door. Turning the door handle as he ended up attempting to open the jammed door. He pulled the door harder and harder, but the door wouldn’t open. “It’s not opening,” Able said in a panic.

Matthew picked up the phone and began to dial 911. But all he got was a busy signal. “What the fuck” Matthew said as he went to the door, attempting to open the door. He began darting to the backdoor located in the kitchen and screamed as the door was successful at opening it open. “Open the window,” he demanded Able as he saw able go to the window not being able to open it successfully. “It’s not opening,” Able said as he began to panic.

Matthew ran to the kitchen window and attempted to open the window to force it open, but it wouldn’t open. He rushed to the junk drawer located in the far end of the kitchen as he began to hear a power drill, and the light that was shining from the porch light turn black as a piece of plywood covered the window. “Let me out,” he yelled as he ran to the door.

Able ran to the kitchen and attempted to push the plywood out, but it was secure. “What the fuck is happening,” Matthew as he began to shed a tear. “What did you get us into,” he said.

“It’s not me,” Matthew said as they began to hear a dark version of “Somebody’s Watching Me” play from the 60” inch television in the other room.

They both reached for a knife from the kitchen door as they crept slowly into the other room. When they advanced from the kitchen doorway, Able ran towards his phone as the scream read what looked like blood “I know you were watching me!”

Able reached for his phone in his back pocket as he attempted to dial 911 but had no service. He tried to change to Wi-Fi but didn’t get the Wi-Fi signal from Matthew's house. He began to yell in panic as he began to cry, screaming, “I am sorry.” Which he got the response he wasn’t expecting. As the song paused, the screen started typing the phrase, “No, you’re not. That’s why you are dying Tonight.” Marylin Manson’s “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.” He began to the window as he attempted to cut through the glass.

“It’s bulletproof, man,” Matthew said as he began to dial 911 with no success.

“Get me out of here,” Able said as he began to cry in a panic.

The screen began to type again as it said, “You’re getting out in body bags. You shouldn’t have peeped on me. I’m psycho.”

They heard a crack a shatter from the window and began to see smoke develop from the open door as the fire quickly grew.

Matthew attempted to get a towel to turn it out but began to catch fire.

Able began to scream along with the blood-curdling screams as Matthew attempted to roll on the fire to turn out the flames but began to grow more violently. “It wasn’t us, he said,” as he tried to redial 911 as he saw the screen on his phone say, “No service.” Able looked at the TV and began to see the footage recorded from the neighbor's camera. It was showing the two standing outside peeping, leaving when it started to drizzle.

“I’m sorry. Please help me,” Able said. “It was raining, that’s why we left because it was wrong,” as he looked at the house catch fire faster. He looked at the screen as it typed, “Amy helped me drench the house with odorless lighter fluid. See you in hell!”

Able screamed in terror as the fire got closer as he began to cough violently with smoke. He got the TV to try to shatter the TV as he attempted to smash the window, but the TV broke in half. “God help me,” he said as he began to give up and put his hand on the floor and looked in shock. Through the flames, he saw the attractive girl with a grim face holding gasoline.

“Please help me,” Able pleaded one last time.

She smiled and threw the gasoline tank at him. As it went toward him, it ignited in flames as he caught it in reflex as it melted and drenched him in gasoline as he screamed in agonizing pain.

The young woman stood for a few seconds to see his skin melt and hear the sounds of his screams. She walked out in triumph and headed back home to see the rest of the house, burn to the ground, along with Amy by her side.


About the Creator

Frieda Lopez

Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. She is a blogger and runs her own site at Friedathewriter.com

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