Snip Snip Snip...

This is the first of a series of creative stories inspired by photos.

Snip Snip Snip...
"Snip snip snip..."

"Snip snip snip..." the sound of scissors cutting all through the night as I lay in bed staring at the ceiling trying to fall asleep. "Snip snip snip..." I roll over to look at the clock on the night stand; 2:31 AM. Sigh... "Snip snip snip..." this had been going on for two nights now, and with no sign of ending anytime soon, I pull the covers back and sit up on the side of the bed, looking into the dark, trying to adjust my eyes so I could find my headphones. I figured since I'm up, I might as well try to finish the songs I had been procrastinating on completing for Saturday's studio session with the band. I had some bits and pieces but nothing really concrete.

"Snip snip snip..." So I get up, and figured as long as I get five hours sleep I'd be OK, and if I kill an hour maybe I'd be tired enough to just crash and somehow block out the noise. I didn't have to be at work till 9:00 the next day. "Snip snip snip..." "Oh for fuck's sake," I think to myself, "not again," as I turn on the light and walk across the room to grab my CD player and headphones.

"Hello... hello... hello," I hear through the ceiling "Hello... hello... hello... hello," I remain still and in place, listening deep into the silence that now filled my bedroom. "... hello."

"HANG UP THE PHONE!!!!" I finally scream at the top of my lungs. I'd had enough. Then again there was silence.

"... hello" in a softer whisper as if the act of trying to be conscientious would sate my anger at the situation.

"Snip snip snip..." I fall back into bed, put my headphones on, and proceed to turn the music up.

I awaken groggy and somewhat hungover, but I hadn't been drinking the night before nor had I partaken in any 420 goodies but damn I felt like crap. My head was banging and I struggled to turn off the alarm clock that was now screaming at full blast. I rub my head and eyes, then I feel something wet. WTF I stare at my hands trying frantically to wake up and focus, holding my hand into the splash of sunlight that came through the crack in the curtains. I freak out and reach for and turn on the light on the night stand and there on the floor up against the wall I see the most beautiful piece of art. Made out of paper it was the most intricate thing I'd ever seen.

Pastel colors so bright and vivid for a moment I'm lost in the beauty and construction of this work of art. As I reached out it seemed to come alive with motion. Moving back and forth twisting and turning with a delicate gracefulness. Again I'm pulled in forgetting for a moment of my previous distress until now in my left ear "Snip snip snip..." I scream and fall to the floor as the scissors miss my head and stab my pillow. My eyes fill with fear, the air and sound leave my throat as if blocked by a giant knot unable to return.

I gaze in terror, heart now pounding, paralyzed with fear. "Snip snip snip..." Now next to me on the floor like a mystical vortex pulling the wetness on my hand faster and me towards it, into it "Snip snip snip..." My heart beating harder I can't breathe I'm gasping desperately for air as the blood from my body drains into the vortex the last thing I hear before I black out, "The number you have reached has been disconnected. If you'd like to make a call please hang up," and "Snip snip snip..."

Timothy Mudbone Tucker
Timothy Mudbone Tucker
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