She's There

by Bruce Arnold about a year ago in fiction

Some nightmares aren't seen until too late.

She's There

I sat huddled in the corner waiting for the lights to come on. All around me people stood, chatting to each other like everything was fine. They all seemed unaffected by the dead body lying in the center of the room. Lisa's bloody, ravaged body. She was my best friend and now nothing but a corpse. When she first fell from the ceiling there was distress. People screaming and panicking. Security guards had scattered throughout the building to search for the murderer. Tears staining the face’s of nearly every person as fear closed in around their hearts. Half an hour later, when people were beginning to settle down, the lights went out. This renewed the fear in everyone despite some people’s desperate struggle to hide it.

I just sat there watching them all. Standing idly by as if everything would be alright. The only reason no one left was because the doors were locked and going through the trouble of going out a window would mark you as a suspect. I ignored this as I stood up. I needed out of this hellhole. I took one step toward an exit when I heard it. It was a gunshot. Loud, piercing and it almost stopped my heart. Heads began to turn frantically searching for a shooter. More shots rang out sending everyone flying to the floor seeking cover. Bullets pierced tables and chairs destroying everything. The space in between each shot told me it wasn’t an automatic weapon. Probably a handgun. I cowered to the floor and began crawling toward a window as the room became alive with movement. Then just as quickly as the shots began they stopped. For some reason unknown to me I stopped as well.

The room was plunged into an eerie silence as people cowered in fear. I watched cautiously as people started standing up. Once everyone was up, I counted and found that only eight of fifteen people had stood up. The others were still laying on the floor unmoving. They were all dead. Seeing their bodies scattered throughout the floor made my stomach turn. I almost blacked out when someone started shouting,

"Who's there?! What the fuck is going on?!"

Everyone looked at the man in shock. There was a moment of silence as we all waited for a response when suddenly the lights came back on. Heads were thrown back as everyone looked at the ceiling. There was a faint crackling sound, like something breaking. The sounds grew louder until various parts of the ceiling broke open. Through the holes, the bodies of the security guards dropped down.

Panic seized the room in an iron grip. People ran screaming toward the exits. Bodies slammed into the doors as people tried desperately to escape. I stood paralyzed by the chaos around me. There was loud recessive banging from people striking the doors trying to break them down. Someone on the ground screamed as they were stepped on. No one even acknowledged them as they were trampled.

I managed to blink once and regretted it. When my eyes reopened a little girl stood in the middle of the room on top of my friend's body. She lifted her head and looked at me. Her hair looked like hell on her head and she wore a raggedy, old nightgown. Her eyes stared straight through me and held me in place. She waited in the center of the room for everyone to look at her. As they did everything seemed to end. She moved so quick it was unbelievable. Within the blink of an eye, she was on someone’s back, her teeth buried in their throat. I stood, unable to move. Every time I blinked someone died. I tried not to blink but that only prolonged another victim’s suffering.

When the last one fell she stood in front of me in her now bloodstained nightgown. Her mouth was stained red with the lives of those now lying dead on the floor. Despite this, she began singing. The song sounded like a poem I had heard. After the third verse, I realized that she was singing the exact same poem and my mind began racing. It didn’t take long to figure out that if I didn’t move I would be next.

I turned to run but I was too slow. She was on my back before I had even completed a full turn. I felt her teeth tear into my flesh and suddenly heard screaming. I realized it was my own voice. I felt the teeth cut deeper and deeper until I no longer heard or felt anything. My last sight was of my own blood spilling out in front of me.

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