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by Rebecca Lynn Ivey 3 months ago in supernatural

Predator of the night

It was a damp, muggy night in July when I saw her standing all alone on that dark street corner. She stood eerily still as the traffic light ahead flashed from red to green. Her long flaxen hair flowed perfectly and flawlessly down her back. I was instantly attracted by the glittering beads of moisture gathering on her porcelain face. There was something extremely haunting and yet uncommonly seductive about her as the green light illuminated her pale, pastel skin.

I found it peculiar that such a beautiful, young woman was all alone on a deserted street so late at night. I decided to approach her out of both concern and fascination. She appeared to be shocked and possibly even frightened as I came up to her. I will never forget when I first saw those pale, crystal blue eyes lock onto me. There was such an unusual, supernatural presence about her. As her crimson red lips parted I was instantly drawn to her like a helpless moth to a flame.

I heard myself stutter as I struggled to find the proper words within myself. "Excuse me, but I couldn't help but notice that you're all alone on this most unsafe street." She starred at me blankly, the light wind carried her scent toward me, a soft musky, sandalwood aroma filled my senses. I inhaled deeply, taking in as much of her as I possibly could. "I'm afraid that I have lost my way." she softly whispered. Her voice was so soft and gentle, I yearned to offer her my protection.

I noticed her tremble as she looked away into the foggy night. I pulled off my jacket and placed it around her shoulders, she spoke not a word but offered a grateful smile. "Allow me to escort you back home." I was aware that the tone of my voice was pleading for her to accept my offer. "I have no home here." She turned to me with a crestfallen expression that caused my heart to sink deep into the pit of my stomach. "Are you running away from something?" The word's left my mouth without prior thought. I sensed something dangerous and perilous in her eyes. "I am" she nervously answered.

As she stepped closer to me, I beheld bloodstains on her vintage, eyelet lace dress. "Have you been hurt?" She quickly covered herself with my jacket as she regarded my stare. "I have not," she breathed. In the far distance, I could make out the dark figures of several people walking in our direction. The rain began to fall steadily as she vanished into the shadows.

I found her huddled in a dark corner, fiercely shaking and noticeably frightened. "Please sir, I beg for your help just for tonight." There was a trepidation of panic in her voice, unlike anything that I had witnessed before. I gently took her into my arms and began leading her down the dark, forlorn pavement.

As we approached my dwelling, I could feel that she was less tense and more relaxed. "My name is Selene," she offered with an intoxicating smile. "Please, call me Ambrose," I replied. I quickly stoked up the fireplace and poured each of us a shot of bourbon. "This will warm you up nicely," I affirmed as she reached for the small, crystal glass in my hand.

I watched in amusement as she carefully walked around the small room taking in every detail. Her ghostlike movements enchanted me as she ran her fingers delicately across the fresh linens on the bed. "I feel as if I haven't slept in a lifetime," she admitted as she turned and looked at me. "Allow me to draw you a hot bath and then you can sleep for as long as you desire." I began filling the galvanized metal bathtub with steaming buckets of water.

I turned my back and peered out into the darkness as she undressed and emerged herself into the water. A shiver ran down my spine as I heard her moan with satisfaction. Unintentionally, my eyes landed on the reflection in the leaded glass window. My breath caught within my throat as I witnessed her pour scented oil over her breast.

After several long moments, she stepped out of the water and wrapped herself in a clean white sheet. "Did you enjoy your view?" she asked with a smirk. I could feel the rush of warm humiliation wash over my body. "I apologize, I did not intend to see." I quickly defended myself. "You were slow to look away," she responded with a seductive smile.

As I emptied her bathwater I noticed that it was heavily tinged by the color of blood. "Selene, are you sure that you're not injured?" I uneasily questioned once more. "Come lay with me on the bed." She softly patted the empty space beside her. I allowed her to remove my attire one piece at a time until I stood before her completely exposed. We spent the remainder of the night wrapped warmly in each other's embrace.

As the morning sun filtered into the room, Selene quickly pulled the curtains. "Would you like to walk through the garden?" I suggested. "Maybe later when the sun isn't so bright and painful." she specified as she slipped one of my shirts over her head. "Painful?" I was somewhat confused by her choice of words. "Yes, the sun burns my skin," she whispered. I assumed that it was due to her fair complexion.

I prepared fresh eggs for breakfast however Selene refused to eat. She insisted that she had no appetite. I sit quietly in the corner and wrote in my journal for most of the day as she slept. Sometimes I caught myself watching her sleep; so peaceful and innocently. Selene was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen. My heart ached at the thought of her leaving. I was attaining feelings for this mysterious beauty, yet all that I knew about her was her name.

As night fell, Selene came to life with vigorous vibrancy. We walked through the garden flooded by the moonlight. She danced and laughed beneath the trees as the stars twinkled magically in her eyes. I had never witnessed anything quite so bewitching ever before.

It was well past midnight before I pursued the need for sleep. I could smell her wonderful, enchanting scent on the sheets as I fell into the most peaceful rest of my life. I was awakened by the sound of the door closing, Selene was gone. I ran outside but she was nowhere to be found. Tears filled my eyes and a throbbing heaviness filled my chest. She was gone, without even saying goodbye.

I pulled my chair to the window, wrapped myself in her scent, and starred into the shadows. I waited, I hoped, I needed her to come back to me. Suddenly, I could see her silhouette in the distance. I rushed outside and ran toward her. "Selene!" The creature before me was not the delightful beauty that I had once known. Instead, there was a carnal beast, covered with crimson blood and smelling of a slaughterhouse. Her beautiful blonde hair was clinging to her face, glued by foul play, homicide, and murder.

Every fiber of my existence warned me to run however my passion for her took full control of my every thought and movement. I reached for her, cradling her in my arms. Behind the iniquity and sin, I caught a glimpse of innocence and disquietude. "My Selene, I love you," I whispered as I searched her eyes for any sign of recognition.

She was a predator of the night; A blood-sucking harpy. Before this very moment, I had only read of vampires in dusty old novels. I had heard the drunk old men in town speak of such nonsense while drinking tequila. Now, I preciously hold one in my very own arms. I long for her reverence and crave her carnal, fleshly pleasures. "Selene, my darling, make me as you are, let us live together in all eternity." I pleaded as I carefully wiped the blood from her delicate mouth. After further inspection, I found the wooden stake that had been driven deep into her heart.

As I held her cold hand close to my heart, I pressed her fingernails deep into my flesh. I needed something to remember her by. I needed the pain to assure me that I was still alive. I watched as my blood trickled down her arm. I carefully dabbed my fingers into the crimson hope and traced it along her lips. There was a flicker in her eyes, a slight sign of life remained deep inside. I tore open my vein and carelessly poured my soul into her. Together our lives entwined into an intense selfish desire for one another.

Each time that we make love, my longevity grows less and less. I live only for the moment that she steals my final breath. We have grown to need one another in order to survive. We are forever shackled together within the dream of a dream. Each night I patiently wait for her to return to me although I know that she is incapable of truly loving me back. I wish not to know whose scent that she carries home with her. All that matters is that returns.


Rebecca Lynn Ivey

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

― Maya Angelou

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