Scary Harry

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Short Story

Scary Harry

It was summer back in nineteen seventy-six in a small town of Harrington, Kentucky a small boy by the name of Harry Klinche was only six years old and he was in his back yard playing when heard his father yelling at his mother. He understand what was going on, they use to love each other now they are fighting and yelling over his father’s drinking and his mother’s drug addiction.

It was very sad situation for Harry especially on days like this, he grabbed everything he was playing threw it in his backpack and went to hide in his favorite place. He could still hear his parents yelling and fighting he threw his arms in the air and whispered, “to the hell with them”, and he ran off into the woods where his secret hideout was. It was an old abandoned tree house that was left by the neighbors kids who had moved.

He climbed up the ladder shut the door and threw his bag on wooden floor and sat down and sighed and pulled out his favorite book. He spent the whole night there. He ended up getting tired from reading and falling asleep did his parents even care that he was gone were they even looking for him? No probably not they were off getting drunk or high. How he wished he had no parents so could be off living with other family or in foster care at least maybe he could stand a chance, he couldn’t understand why his parents had him at all. They barely paid any attention to him didn’t care if he got good grades or not or whether he ate or slept or not.

The next morning, he came to find his father asleep on the couch, he quietly snuck through the house and went upstairs. He went searching for his mother today was the day she promised to take him shopping then lunch, he went to look for her in her room; he opened the door slightly excited to see his mom but instead of excitement he felt utter dread and fear, there on the bed was his mother laying on the bed all bloody and her wrists had been slit open, he ran to crying “no, no, no, mommy”. He called 911 and explained what happened and the cops and ems came out. His father was rudely awakened and was giving the cops nothing, but heat and he ended up assaulting an officer and he was arrested.

He watched the ambulance as they carried his mother out covered in a sheet and was taken to the coroner van That was the day Harry changed he was never the same, that night he was taken into the custody of children’s services where either a guardian could take him in or if no one stepped up he’d be placed in foster care. That night he was placed in temporary foster care and he was trying to sleep but all he could see where images of his mother playing back in his mind over and over, Harry over time got worse he became more angry, he was very private, he’d start torturing animals which then led him to torture and kill people.

He wouldn’t go outside; he’d go out for hours at time and come back bloody and dirty and when is foster parents asked what happened Harry would lie about and said he fell. Harry would be sleeping at night and ended up hearing voices that would tell him to do things, bad, horrible things. Harry ended getting out of hand and one night he went to his old house took matches and gasoline from his foster parent’s garage and he doused his house with gasoline, struck the match threw it and watched it burned, the look on Harry’s face when he heard his father’s screams, and just to be sure that his father was dead after the fire burned out he went into the house and saw his father’s charred remains and complete satisfied and he smiled the most evil smile, that was the start of his murdering spree.

Years went by and now Harry was a young teen was placed in juvey for arson and the evidence ended up leading straight back to him. His foster parents refused to keep him after that he ended living in juvey until he was old enough to get out. Harry was able to get another foster family that was willing to take him in and he ended up getting a job, which didn’t last long because Harry went off on a psychotic break and killed his boss and some employees then he came home angry and killed his foster parents he slit their throats from ear to ear and watched as blood splattered and squirted everywhere.

He put his hands in it and then licked the blood off his fingers one by one. After he cleaned the mess and called 911 acting panicked and frantic saying, “someone broke in while I was at work and killed my foster parents, come quick”, he hung up and waited for the police and ambulance to arrive, when they got there they checked the scene looked around. The police did an investigation found Harry’s fingerprints on everything and then found out this murder was led to another one where he worked and there where witnesses hiding that claimed to see everything.

Harry was arrested and charged with murder and with no parole, he was sent to Kentucky State Penitentiary where he’d spend his first night in prison, Harry claimed to possessed by a demon and no longer could handle the torture the demon brought forth, Harry ended up hanging himself in his cell with his bed sheets.

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