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Running Round Red Mountain (Ch. 3)

Chapter 3 Mental Warfare

By Carlos GuerraPublished 5 years ago 4 min read
Mental Warfare

(Message to the reader: If you have not read the first two chapters of the series, I highly recommend starting with those first. You can do so by heading over to my profile down below. However, if you have, enjoy reading and thank you so much for your support)


Carson could now feel the sweat building up in his palms, the question had caught him completely off guard.

"How do you know that?"

JBL had a smile stretched so far across his face it almost looked abnormal.

"I know quite a bit about you Carson; I'm a huge fan of your work."

Lawrence's smile stretched even further and at that moment Detective Rose had a light bulb go off in his head. Yet, cautious not to reveal his hand, he suppressed it and continued to probe further.

"A fan huh?... Any case in particular or is it just blind admiration of my notorious track record?" Rose intended to mock the killer, a technique he had used in the past to provoke his suspects.

"Haha," Jorge was amused by the question. "Please Detective, let's not waste one another's time, I think we both know which case."

Lawrence then motioned to his shirt, prompting Morrison to put a hand on his weapon. He exposed a portion of his chest to Carson in which he contained two nasty looking scars nearly an inch apart from each other. They had a mostly circular shape making it clear that they were the end result of two well-placed bullets.

"Pretty, I know, and now I finally have the chance to thank you for them, Haha!"

"Guess you are tough to kill," Carson responded calmly. This was no surprise to him he had been awaiting this day for just as long as the man sitting across from him. "It's been a long time Crusader... and I gotta say, as far as vengeance plans go... this one's pretty shitty."

"Oh don't be disappointed so quickly Carson, I promise you we're only getting started," JBL's demented grin spread back across his face, "and when it's all over your opinion on that might change a bit."

His words appeared to agitate Jack, causing him to speak up for the first time. "Hate to break it to you genius, but your plan's dead in the water. Keep up the routine and you might join it."

I'd watch what I say, Jack Morrison," Lawrence's attention turned towards him. "We wouldn't want young Riley to pay for our bold remarks, would we?"

Hearing this caused Morrison to snap, grabbing Lawrence by the back of the head and slamming his face hard onto the table. "Go ahead mother fucker, give me an excuse to put your brains on display," he screamed, his firearm now pressed against the back of the man's skull. Lawrence began laughing hysterically, unphased by the situation.

"Warned you."

Suddenly, the door flung open and Director Price entered accompanied by two other agents. "I apologize for the interruption gentlemen but it appears that Mr. Lawrence's flight is ready to take off." The two men proceeded to pick up the killer by either side and carry him out of the room. Showing no restraint, Lawrence kept on laughing as he was taken, winking at Carson just before making his exit.

Jack waited several seconds before turning towards his superior. "What the hell is going on, how did he know who I was? He called out my nephew by name!" The young agents face flourished with anger, he stared at the Director, who only shook his head.

"Impossible to tell, but no harm will come to him as long as today's mission is executed without error. Besides, if there is anyone who might have answers it would be Detective Rose here." Both men turned towards their second guest.

"You called Lawrence Crusader earlier Detective, might I ask why? I was under the impression that this was your first encounter with him."

"As was I seconds before stepping into this room, Sir. Then I saw that twisted grin on display and... Well, I realized exactly who we were dealing with.

Jacks focus returned, "I remember seeing a story about him on the news a few years back, he was the one behind that string of blood rituals that went down upstate New York. Sick fuck would leave a bite mark on all of his victims. Some real Charles Manson shit."

Carson was happy to see the enthusiasm return to Morrison's expression, even during the circumstances. "That is correct; we have to see to it that this psychopath makes it to Prison Z. His followers will do everything in their power to get him back.

Director Price nodded his head in agreement. "Which is exactly why we are having him flown out in one of our private jets. Any land-based route to Prison Z is far too risky."

"With your permission Sir, I would like to be on that flight as well, I need to personally ensure that Lawrence never sees the light of day again."

The old man could tell by the look on Carson's face that he wasn't going to take no for an answer. "Very well Detective, I will inform our pilots that you will be joining them for the transfer." He then turned towards agent Morrison. "However, I need you on the ground leading our diversion team. This is the perfect opportunity for us to apprehend the rest of his loyal followers."

"So we're going to use him as bait? I've gotta say, I really enjoy the sound of that," Jack replied, pleased with his assignment. "Let's show this mother fucker that he isn't going to get the last laugh."


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