Run Necromancer

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Run Necromancer

"I remember when it happened! I remember why it happened! But, I just can't get over how it's considered my fault because I didn't start it! I would never do anything bad to humanity and yes... I would wish for something bad to happen to people I don't like but... I would never commit any action with those thoughts! I'm being held accountable for something I had no control over!" Erika screamed, pulling on the shackles that kept her chained to the chair.

"Ms. Carver, it doesn't matter how much you speak or what you say because we have evidence, proof, and witnesses that show you started the apocalypse."

Erika pushed her lips together and clenched her hands into a fist, moving them slightly to prevent the shackles around her wrist from making noise. She locked eyes with Marshal, the elderly woman, who sat in the middle of the courtroom, and blew a strand of hair out of her face. "What proof?"

Marshal narrowed her eyes and the side of her mouth twitched. "Take her out," Marshal coldly spoke and slowly leaned back into her cushioned chair.

Two guards walked up to Erika and pulled her out of her seat. They undid the chains and forced her to her feet, then led her to the back of the courtroom and out the door. Erika stayed quiet and narrowed her eyes, breathing heavily. It was obvious that there wasn't any real physical evidence. If things were running normally, she would be released and would be going home, trying to forget what she had seen, but in the current situation, going home wasn't possible.

She stared down at the wooden floor and sighed, wishing the council would at least listen to what she had to say. But she couldn't blame them for punishing her; they weren't thinking clearly, after all...


A cold chill ran down Erika's back as she walked out from the cafeteria and into the hallway, where she narrowed her eyes and looked down both ends of the hallways. There was no one around but she heard footprints coming from both ways. The hallway had a draft that came from nowhere and for once, during lunch, the hallways were empty.

After the food fight that just receded, it was a possibility that people were in the bathrooms, trying to get noodles out of their hair and off their clothes but the air was too still. The school felt too silent for it to be considered a school.

"Erika, is something wrong?"

Turning around, Erika saw Beth walking out of the double doors, pulling a string of noodles from her hair, and watched her smile slowly turn to a frown. Beth seemed annoyed at how fast the sauce glued her hair together but ignored her discomfort and walked closer to Erika, raising her brows, and waited for her to say something.

"I... Something's wrong... I don't know," Erika quickly spoke, not sure what to say. Her stomach felt like it was growing a hole that kept getting deeper and her gut tightened. "We should hide!" She accidently rose her voice.

Beth opened her mouth to say something but a scream cut her off. The both of them looked through the glass windows and into the cafeteria. People stood up, some falling out of their seat, and ran towards the door, pushing both Beth and Erika against the lockers.

Beth stumbled to stay on her feet. "Guys, what's wrong?" Beth asked, pulling onto Monty's arm and looked over at Megan, who only looked at Beth with tears developing.

Monty didn't say anything and pulled Beth, running as quickly down the hall. Erika crawled up to her feet and followed them, hearing students stumbling towards the floor behind her. Yells rang within the hall and as she looked up, Erika saw people jumping onto the students who were at the front of the crowd.

"What's going on?" Beth asked, staring at people eating each other.

"NO! PLEASE, nooo!" A girl cried, trying to pull herself away from a teacher, who forced her down to the ground and proceeded to bite into the back of her neck. Rich blood raced down her skin as the girl tried to crawl away but her mind was already running off with too much pain to think.

Erika took a step back and turned around to see that people were being attacked behind her, too. She shrunk closer to the wall and looked around, her eyes landing on the kindergarten classroom. Biting her lip, she pushed through the crowd with chills running down her spine, scared that she would be attacked from behind, and pulled on the door, relief sweeping over her when she found it unlocked.

"Everyone get inside!" she shouted, holding the door open, and locked eyes with Beth.

Beth ran up to the door, pulling Monty with her, and Megan followed in. Erika looked out into the hallway and saw those who were bitten running towards everyone else, who threw themselves into the classroom.

"Close the damn door!!"

Erika froze when someone yelled at her but she quickly pulled the door closed. A large hand banged on the glass window, smearing blood on it, and ugly creatures started gathering at the door. Their skin was grey and dry and they continued to bite down on air, sometimes down on each other by accident.

"Zombies...?" Erika whispered and stepped back from the door. She looked around the empty room. The kindergarteners went home early at lunch, which meant that they had already left the school. The thought of them not being here made her feel better but she began to wonder if they were any safer outside. Walking over to one of the tables, she pushed it up against the door, then went back for another one, which she placed on top. Staring at the zombies outside, she noticed that some of them would lock eyes with her.

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