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by Rebecca Ivey 5 months ago in supernatural

The ship on the horizon was coming to take her away.

I obsessively watched her standing there alone in the dark. The silver moonlight flickered on her dark, raven hair like a million tiny diamonds. Her pale blue eyes were thoughtful and attentive to the darkness before her. Her succulent, pouting lips had the appearance of a fine, red wine. I had forgotten just how well-formed and beautiful she was. Knowing that I would never see her again made her seem even more captivating.

I knew that the ship on the horizon was coming to take her away. I tried to memorize her face so that I would never forget how she looked. I didn't want to lose a single, graceful detail of her. Even the scent of her delicate, honeyed perfume was filling my powers of retrospection.

I slowly piloted myself to her side. My heart plummetted as she turned her attention to me. Her voice was tremulous yet tender and welcoming. I adored the despair in her eyes, I found it to be peculiarly erotogenic.

"They'll be here soon" she hushedly whispered. She leaned into me and I felt her body quiver and quail as I held her tight and unyielding in my arms. "Don't let me go" she whimpered, her glacial eyes pleading as she gazed up at me. I knew that I had to surrender her. How could I forsake her like this? Why couldn't I be formidable enough to fight for her? I knew that it was hopeless. When the ship arrived, I would have to let her go.

Rebecca, the name still sends a numbing chill through my veins. She was the most beautiful creature that I had ever laid eyes on. Something about her was so very mysterious and incomprehensible. I was captivated by her every characteristic. I sensed the uncertainty and danger of allowing her deep within my core. I found myself defenseless and debilitated in resisting her.

The first time that we made love, I knew that Rebecca was different. There was something supernatural about her and how she made me feel. I was so ensnared by her, I had become naive and unwise to the realism and factuality of her existence. When I finally become aware it was much too late. In bewilderment, I swore to keep her secret. I had to keep it because I needed her. I had fallen in love with a spellbinding monster. A creature of the night that I so willingly provided myself to.

I wasn't her only lover, she has many. This knowledge left me agonized and heartbroken. I was the only one that she genuinely cherished. She salvaged me as the others were left stiff and spiritless. I knowingly observed each night, her fangs bared both diabolical and clever as she went on the hunt for new victims. Innocent men who would be muddled into her trap. She would return to me, smelling of sweet metallic blood. Like a busted vein, like a slaughterhouse.

That night Rebecca made an ill-fated mistake. I never knew the veracious details but something had gone horribly wrong. They were searching for her, penetrating every dark corner of the town. Reverberating shouts could be heard. The scintillating glow of blazing torches in the distance. It would be an inescapable, torturous denouement.

My heart was hammering within my chest. I couldn't breathe, I was choking, suffocating and fighting for breath. I knew that we had to run, we had to escape and flee far away. I had to save her, conspire a way to get her to safety. I would not allow them to take her.

The ship was close at hand as the flashbacks assaulted my mind. I held her tauter as her long hair swathed around me in the wind. Every breath that I took felt like my last. Letting her go would be my total obliteration. I watched as she stepped onto the dark, forbidding ship. "Take me with you!" I clamored. She calmly turned with the wind rushing and exhaling through her hair. I noted the candescent tears streaking her beautiful, pale face. So soft and so tragic. "This is where it ends" she whispered. I watched the ship vanish, taking with it my very life with each passing wave.

I despondently returned home to the blood-stained sheets. Tracing my fingers along the edge, I wondered whose blood that I was caressing. It didn't matter, all that I could see was her red, discolored face. The way she smiled as she dabbed her mouth with the white linen. Her scent lingered like a ghost in the room. I will be forever haunted and tormented by her memory. Rebecca.............


Rebecca Ivey

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

― Maya Angelou

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Rebecca Ivey
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