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Real Haunted Places in America: The Winchester Mystery House

by Angela Shiflett 5 years ago
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Life Lived As If Cursed...

The Winchester Mystery House is Considered to be One of the Most Popular Real Haunted Places in America

Consistent Construction

Out of all the real haunted places in America, the Winchester Mystery House is considered to be one of the most interesting of all the real haunted places identified in the State of California. Located in the city of San Jose, the Winchester Mansion stands in the midst of a beautifully adorned landscape. In all of the stories surrounding this haunted mansion, you will hear about how the famous Sarah Winchester built the interior of her home consistently.

By the stately gardens surrounding the majestically mysterious structure, you can tell that she also spent a vast amount of time focusing on the landscape as well. Throughout this guide on real haunted places in America, you will learn many facts pertaining to the Winchester Mystery House.

The Mysterious History

The Winchester House is considered to be one of the most intriguing real life haunted houses in the entire world. In order to understand the unexplained phenomenon of the structure, it is important to have a general knowledge of the history of the structure. It all started in the year of 1862 when Sarah Lockwood Pardee married the son of the manufacturer of the famous Winchester rifle. Her husband's name was William Wirt Winchester.

Together, the couple was not only famous, but they were considered to be some of the highest ranking socially elite of the time. By the year of 1866, they had a beautiful daughter that they cherished together named Annie. Unfortunately, shortly after Annie was born, she passed away.

Sarah suffered from severe depression and experienced a grief that she could not shake at the loss of her precious child. A decade and a half later, Sarah's husband, William, also died. Mrs. Winchester was so distraught as a result of her losses that she resorted to meeting with an individual claiming to be a spiritualist. This individual informed Sarah that she was suffering from a curse. The souls of the people that had been killed by the Winchester rifle were taking away her loved ones and she would be next is what she was told.

She was instructed to sell her home and move. Once she arrived at her destination, she was to start building and never stop. If she stopped, she would be subjected to the same curse that her daughter and husband were affected by. Mrs. Winchester believed this story and set out to start her mission. This is how the Winchester Mystery House originated.

The Construction

The construction of the home is the most misunderstood—yet, most mysterious—among any structure in the world. Throughout the home, you will discover staircases that are exquisitely designed, but lead to nowhere except the ceiling. You will discover doors that open and do not open. You will discover windows and doors in inappropriate locations. You will also find that several aspects of the house are constructed in 13s. Construction crews were hired to work on the home every single day or every single year for a total of 36 years—around the clock.

Regardless, Mrs. Winchester would never allow them to stop. She would just order them to keep building. Are there ghosts inside this haunted mansion? Does the spirit of Sarah Winchester still remain in the home despite her death in the year 1922? If you are interested in haunted places and real haunted houses in the state of California, you will likely find that this structure beats anything you have ever seen or heard of.

The Landscape

At first glance, the Winchester Mystery House looks like anything but the real-life haunted houses that most individuals possess a mental image of. She thoroughly enjoyed gardening and ensured that she brought as many aspects of the world together as possible when designing the landscape of her home. It has been established that the plant life that surrounds this haunted house came from well over one hundred countries worldwide.

Unlike the inside structures that were being built on a regular basis during Sarah Winchester's lifetime, the gardens were a hobby to her as she did not consider them to be a measure to protect herself from the spirits that she believed roamed the halls of her magnificent abode. Is the Winchester Mystery House one of the most popular real haunted places in America? This question remains to be one of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries of all time.

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