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Real Haunted Places in America - Preston Castle

by Angela Shiflett 5 years ago
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Horrific and Haunting

There are many real haunted places in America, but one of the most popular is Preston Castle. This castle is situated on a hill which overlooks the City of Ione in the State of California. It is also known as the "Preston School of Industry."

The structure is highly minacious in appearance, yet it possesses a certain charm. However, when you combine the overly eerie appearance with its horrific history and haunting stories, the charm quickly becomes a bit frightening with a sense of thrill – especially among those that have an appreciation for history and are intrigued by the paranormal.

This particular structure once served as a reform school. As a matter of fact, it is considered to be one of the oldest reform-based schools in the entire nation. It is also considered to be one of the best-known schools of its type. In the earliest days of the establishment, individuals that knew of it often referred to it as "The Castle."

Notable wards that resided at the school during its 66 years of operation include Merle Haggard, Eddie Bunker, Neal Cassady, and several others. If you enjoy learning about real haunted places in America, you are sure to enjoy the information contained here about the Preston Castle.

Basic History

The Preston school was originally opened in the year of 1890 but did not receive its first residents until the year of 1894. The first individuals to serve time at the institution were seven offenders that were juveniles. These individuals were originally serving their time at the state prison called "San Quentin."

This took place in the month of June that year. The underage individuals that were sent to the structure were those that broke one law or another and were in the process of being rehabilitated. In evaluating the history of correctional centers in the United States, the Preston Castle is considered to be the first.

The Horrific and Unspeakable

The Preston Castle includes nearly seven decades of full operation. During that time, several hundred escape attempts took place, there were high amounts of violence, punishments now considered “inhumane” were administered, claims of sexual-based abuse were made, and individuals were murdered.

Out of all of the murders that took place within the structure, the one that has drawn the most interest and received the highest level of publicity – to date – was that of Anna Corbin, a head housekeeper at the Preston School of Industry. Continue reading to learn her story.

Anna Corbin’s Story

February 23rd of the year 1950 started off in much the same way as several other days at the Preston School of Industry. A staff meeting was scheduled for the day. Housekeepers, cooks, medical staff, and other individuals were preparing for the events of the day. Right before the staff had their meeting, the body of Anna Corbin was discovered. Her body showed signs of an intense beating.

She was found in the basement, with a rope wrapped around her neck. Many were considered suspects; however, in the end, a ward whose name was Eugene Monroe became the single-most suspected individual for the crime. While there were three trials for the murder, Monroe was never found guilty. Just a few years after Anna Corbin’s death, Eugene Monroe was legal incarcerated for another murder in the state of Oklahoma.


The school for juveniles continued to make attempts to rehabilitate the offenders that were sent to the facility until the year of 1960. While the structure experienced many innovative additions in its time - such as electricity in the year of 1895 - once it closed as a rehabilitative correctional facility, the structure quickly started to deteriorate.

From the year of 1960 to the year of 2001, the building stood silently overlooking the two hundred thirty acres of land that it was constructed upon. The inside of the building deteriorated rapidly. In the year of 2001, the organization known as "The Preston Castle Foundation" acquired a lease of half a century to the structure and the property which it stood.

The Paranormal

While there are many different real haunted locations in the United States, the Preston Castle continues to be one of the most popular. The stories of ghosts and hauntings have been documented on various television shows. Ghost Adventures that is featured on The Travel Channel, as well as the show Ghost Hunters that is featured on the Syfy Channel have both conducted investigations into this real haunted castle.

Perhaps, the most popular ghost that is said to inhabit the Preston Castle is a nurse that died in the structure at some point during the 1950s. The story is that a disgruntled inmate housed in the facility became aggressive towards the nurse and severely beat and kicked her. As a result of the injuries, she passed away in the castle. Today, many have claimed to have seen and continue to see this nurse roaming the halls and rooms of the structure.

When evaluating real haunted places in America, cemeteries seem to draw a lot of attention. This holds true for the Preston Castle as well. There is a small cemetery on the grounds of the haunted castle that was designed for individuals that passed away while at the facility. While there are only twenty-three graves recorded to be in the cemetery, there are several stories that claim that there is intense paranormal activity occurring at the site of the graves.

Many paranormal investigators believe that the spirits are restless and detached because of the troublesome lives that they led. Strange noises, disembodied voices, and visual unexplained phenomenon have been experienced in and around the Preston Castle cemetery. As you can see, the Preston Castle has many documented experiences when it comes to the paranormal. It is no wonder that it is considered to be one of the most haunted of all the real haunted places in America.

ParaCon at the Castle

Each year, since 2015, a paranormal conference, ParaCon, has been held at Preston Castle. In this conference, experts that specialize in the paranormal present information, data pertaining to their research, and amazing experiences with those in attendance.

There are several vendors that provide both unique and handmade items that are metaphysical in nature. Additionally, psychic readers are on sight to astonish guests with their predictions. The Preston Castle is also open to exploration during this event. For more information, you may visit: Preston Paraco.

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