Prophecies Descending

by Kitty Bee 6 months ago in fiction

Sally was chosen to forever be frozen, advancing herself was considered a sin. Now she can see, with her chains all freed, she has an infinite win.

The king and queen would be traveling to a neighboring kingdom to escape the tragedy and weather that mysteriously started acting awry. So many of the villagers and members of the royal blood lineage had perished since the nightmare began reeking havoc on all the people in their kingdom. Time was of the essence to escape what seemed to be a mysterious plague murdering men, women, and children regardless of their stature. Horror stories of the tragic events taking place were being told to everyone and they now lived in fear of the mystery that was occurring.

What was left of the royal family and noble blood had already left from the kingdom along side the commoners that resided in the lands. To no avail, the coachmen that politely tried to rush the distraught king and queen into leaving for safety had remained silent until he could bare it no more. He gathered the confidence and said sternly, "I beg your pardon, but we must be on our way your majesty, your coach has been loaded and awaits us." The young boy bowed gracefully to confirm his honor to the king. King Daylent returned the boys gesture by placing his hand on the boys shoulder to comfort the uncertainty and fear he could hear trembling through his voice. The boy was somewhat comforted by the kings kindness and nods were exchanged between the two just as the queen approached. The boy bowed and they stood in the main hall for a moment before the king took the queen in his arm and walked with her valiantly to their coach.

King Daylent walked with pride and bravery as he escorted queen Ruthica until his heart froze with sadness and disbelief that the only home he had ever known would be without him or his beloved queen. He fought the tears back as he remembered moments of his life while he walked through the corridor and into an embellished carriage pulled by beautiful steads. King Daylent was a sophisticated gentleman that never needed to fight for anything due to his generational inheritance. He nor his queen Ruthica wanted for anything very long. Except their own child. This and this alone was the only curse bestowed to their family by an ancient evil that helped create the existence of their whole world.

Generations had passed and hardly anyone told of the legends and prophecies that was to be handed down to all heirs of the throne. However, Daylent remembered as he and queen Ruthica rode through the country side. It started to rain suddenly as it had since the kingdom had been over came by the dark tragedies and eradicate weather. King Daylent could see and hear his father telling him the story as a boy, he listened to his bedtime story in a recollected fashion.

"The earth was created from a magical sea by the mystic ancients. Some were evil and some where only the good of of all things perfect in all worlds. They came to be in our world to create a new realm of life and a magical portal door that would be the opening into the unknown dimensions. Each mystic with a powerful magic and some with more than the others. From all that had gathered to develop this world, Tituserin was the most powerful and creative, as she breathed into the world and created our kingdom and all that we can see or ever know of existing and gave us magic and life to live and create things like she could. The other ancient mystics went on creating and developing this world just as Tituserin was teaching us and showing us how to help her. Meeting together again, the ancients decided that a leader to speak and direct the magic was needed to ensure the portal was created for all the ancients to use. Tituserin had much more magic than the others and declared she would speak the portal into creation and direct the magic appropriately showing the other ancient mystics her creations that assisted her, all with her powers. The voice of magic would be much stronger if she composed while the others created a focus point to manifest the door. Jealousy and vindication over came the others with more narcissistic pride rather than power and they decided to force a submission into Tituserin who fought back with impressive might but failed by being overpowered in the mass numbers of the mystics who was evilly opposing. To escape, Tituserin created an enchanted doorway that no other could open nor go through until the same magic Tituserin possessed opened it. This infuriated the other mystics so much so that they declared time as their spell for fate to yet again force a solution into existing. They could now see the power that she possessed and wanted her for themselves so to create the worlds they desired, especially Faceass. Faceass was screaming with fury and rage to Tituserin who was standing inside the portal to escape the attack. He said to to her that the whole of their creation along with the magical portal would parish if she did not provide obedience to them and help create what they wanted. Faceass spoke a magical spell that made all of Tituserin's people forget what magic she gave to them and how to use it properly to create. He ordained a king and queen to rule the people until death of the whole world, if she did not return before then, her portal would cease to exist. She looked at the kingdom she created and was sad. She spoke an enchanted prophecy to protect the world she was now a part of and to break the curse that the evil ancient Faceass put on them. Tituserin said that a child would appear through tragedy and despair, possessing a peculiar and powerful magic. Having an unconditional love for this being would be the only way to break the curse put upon their birthright that she created. It was warned that without this particular magic, they would parish along with the whole bloodline. Tituserin closed the portal as the others tried to stop her. The evil ancients tried to destroy the people she created but was protected by the good mystics. Faceass eventually left our world, trying to find Tituserin in other realms of existence. It is a prophecy from the beginning of what we know and tell it to your sons and daughters Prince Daylent.

The king nor the queen believed in the myths or tales they were told through their lives. Ruling a kingdom takes maturity and authority, so never did they focus on childhood superstitions. Until the whole kingdom began having dreams and delusions. Things started occurring and people began to murder each other in monstrous ways, tales of werewolves and witches, people controlling the dead ones killed by the plague like disease, children eating one another to death and they would turn into terrorizing monsters, blood sucking creatures with supernatural strength.. The king and queen began to believe that the prophecy was true and was ashamed that they didn't know what to do. Questions raced in their minds mixed with hope that if it was happening then surely Tituserin's spell could protect them and save the world. It all fit so perfectly, all they had ever longed for was a child of their own, what better being to rule a kingdom than that of magic and power. Just as looks were exchanged as if thinking the same thought simultaneously, Daylent and Ruthica was startled. The coach-boy screamed as his weight being lifted from the coach shook the carriage. It was a swoop like attack and the boy vanished with screams of agony that faded in the atmosphere.

The horses leading the carriage halted and the king Daylent began to scream for the boy with desperation and fear cracking his voice. Ruthica began to cry as she tried to stop her king from exiting the coach, but being dismissed and told to stay put no matter what.

Daylent, looking around could only see fog thickened rain has far as his eye sight could carry him. He screamed louder for the boy that had left no trace behind to alert which direction Daylent should go in search of him other than the agonizing scream toward the sky above. Just as Daylent looked back at the carriage and then up at the sky, he heard a loud pounding thunder exploding and bolt of lightning hit close by him, followed by a the brightest beaming light that he had ever seen that forced him to shelter his eyes to keep from being blinded. Daylent's chest was still rumbling from the thunder and his eyes stinging when he heard a baby crying where he heard the thunder and saw the lightning. the sleet began to pour down onto him and made loud popping sounds as it hit the road. He raced to the scene and saw a beautiful flesh tinted baby laying in the middle of a largely singed area of the field. Daylent took notice of the shape that displayed around the baby. He gazed at the peculiar triangle and the baby that lay naked in the center of the star inside of it. He was in shock seeing some form of ancient language that glowed through the babies skin and the lines would light up with every cry of the infant. Daylent was amazed and enchanted at the most adorable creature he had ever saw in all of his existence. He eased in closer and went to pick the baby up, just as he heard the cab of the carriage door open behind him and Ruthica running to see what Daylent had found. The sleet and rain ceased almost instantly as Ruthica gasped with bewilderment at the sight she discovered.

"Sally, I love this name and it fits her," the king said while examining the tiny body that previously had writings that glowed through her skin but was now covered in red whelped marks from the sleet that began to come down with the rain. "She is the kinda sparkle my mother was ya know," he said as he glanced romantically at Ruthica who was wearing a beautiful blue dress that he for some reason never noticed before and it was as elegant as her neatly kept hair and loving warm eyes. He was mesmerized at how beautiful she was and the bright colors all around him. Daylent looked at the baby girl he found. Again Ruthica gasped at the sight of what she was seeing and screamed loudly, "DAYLENT!? YOU DON'T KNOW IF IT IS DEADLY! IT COULD KILL US BOTH, PUT IT DOWN!". The screams silenced after Daylent took his cape and swaddled the child snugly and brought her closer to his heart. He said with gleaming eyes and a compassionate smile," My heart is melting, yet I am still alive." He began to sang a comforting lullaby whilst walking toward queen Ruthica and their travelling coach. The woman was startled and looked at Daylent with a fiercely guarded expression on her face as he approached her with the child in his arms. He held the the infant up to his queen and said,"Look at what caused all the commotion Rebecca my darling, please keep her warm and safe so I can look around for clues." Rebecca loved Daylent and believed in his every move but was hesitant as he held the child motioning for her to lift up from his hands. She reluctantly obeyed his request and took the child in her arms and gazed with awe at the creature she thought would be so monstrous. Tears swelled in her eyes as she became overwhelmed that she had ever thought something so innocent and small could be any type of harm. Sally whimpered with watery eyes gleaming at Ruthica before she began to cry loudly. Ruthica smiled with calming relief as she pulled the baby into her loving embrace. She made her way towards the coach and for some strange reason had started to hum a beautiful song to the mystery baby that was found on the road. Sally immediately stopped crying to hear Ruthica singing a melody and cooed with delight when she nestled her closely to her heart.

Ruthica gazed at the helpless innocence that rested in her arms as the candles flame bounced, then swayed calmly as if it were dancing with its shadow. She said in a whisper,"Sally is beautiful enough to be called buy a man that is so easily tamed buy your beauty and innocence my darling precious child", Ruthica looked powerfully into the babies eyes as she smiled with pleasure and compassion," but I much rather the sound of Salina. It is much better for the royal princess to be given a proper name that reigns supreme power. After all you are the magic of prophecy that saved our world. You once lay helpless on the road being tortured by the rain and now you will inherit all that you desire as you command a country and guide your people. Your name shall be Princess Salina Rayne, I give you my blessing, my love, and my loyalty."

"Ruthica sang while looking enchantingly at Salina ,"Magic baby so small and meek, we will love you, you're ours to keep, Soon you'll grow and forever seek, your songs we sang so you could sleep. So sleep now little one I am near, I will protect you from harm and fear, always guiding and when you're strong, we will play and sing your songs." Rebecca declared aloud to the flame, the darkness, and all that she knew to be good in the world and her heart," This is my child and my love for her is unconditional".

Ruthica was captivated buy the magical little infant she held in her arms. She and Salina both was startled buy the growling that had approached and Daylent screaming in terror and bravery to defend their carriage and horses. She grasped Salina closer and tried to develop a plan to save them and protect her special one.


Kitty Bee
Kitty Bee
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