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Pocong in Your Area!

by test 2 months ago in supernatural
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From then on, she never wanted to take out the trash or walk alone at night along that hallway again!

Pocong in Your Area!
Photo by Kamil Feczko on Unsplash

Eliza was studying for her final semester exams in her room when her roommate called out to take out the trash from the kitchen. She quickly responded to her roommate and took out the trash. She was about to head to the dumping area which was at the end of the hostel hallway.

She wanted to get rid of the trash as soon as possible and head back to her room as the hallway was dim and quiet. She decided to hum her favorite song as she walked to the dumping area. The smell of the hallways was freshly scented with mopping detergent as the hostel staffs have their routine to clean and mop the hallway thrice a week.

Eliza has heard many stories about a shrouded ghost, where one's body would be wrapped around their body fully up to their head like a sweet. We call it by its nickname, "Sweets".

This shrouded ghost would jump so high up in the air to come closer to you and it would usually smell like a rotten dead body

This shrouded ghost would jump so high up in the air to come closer to you and it would usually smell like a rotten dead body. Hence, Eliza quickly wanted to throw the rubbish in the dumping area at the end of her hallway and rush back to her room.

As she was walking toward the dumping area, the elevator which was located opposite the dumping area opened but no one came out of it. Eliza's heart was beating fast as she approached the dumping area. She felt uneasy and uncomfortable about being there, so, she opened the trash door and flung the rubbish bag in her hand. She then started to run as fast as she could but she felt something was amiss.

She realized that she was on the wrong floor. She was one floor above her room and she started to wonder how she could have ended up being there. She brushed her thoughts quickly and rushed toward the staircase. She started running down the stairs but then she realized she was still on the same floor staircase. She wanted to call her roommate but she left her phone on her study table in her room.

After a long struggle to get to her floor, she managed to reach the floor and she did not hesitate to make a run back to her room. As she was running toward her room, she noticed that the hallway seemed long and it was tiring for her to reach her room. Eliza collapsed out of breath on the floor and to her surprise, she was already in front of her room door.

She held the doorknob and twisted the doorknob hard but it was in vain. She turned around slowly as she could feel a warm breath behind her neck. She saw a shrouded ghost standing in front of her and staring at her creepily. She fell to the floor in fear and started to call for her roommate but she couldn't get her voice to project. It was as if her voice was muffled and couldn't be heard by anyone.

Eliza had her head on the ground because she did not dare look up at the face that was looking at her. She could smell the shroud cloth had a stench of a dead body but she couldn't move her body. Her body was so stiff and paralyzed that she could only cry in fear. She then noticed that face lowered its body for her to look up at its face.

Immediately, she started to say some prayers and tried to move her body. She managed to get a grip on the doorknob of her room and she twisted it. When she turned around to check if that shrouded ghost was still behind her, she was shocked to see no one behind her but the dead body stench was still strong.

She entered her house unit and closed the door behind her. Her roommate approached her and asked her why she was sweating badly and Eliza narrated the whole incident to her roommate. Her roommate was surprised that Eliza mentioned that it was like forever out there trying to escape that shrouded ghost.

"Eliza, you have been out only for 10 minutes," Eliza's roommate was puzzled by her.

Eliza was rooted to the ground with fear after she heard what her roommate have said to her. From then on, she never wanted to take out the trash or walk alone at night along that hallway again!


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