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Phantom Island-"Origins"-8

Story 2-"Byron"-Part 4

By Author Jennifer TreecePublished 3 years ago 6 min read

It took almost an hour to track down the manager of the apartment building. Byron determined after the third “haven’t seen him” that they didn’t run a very tight ship.

Once he finally did get the guy on the phone, he was met with excuse after excuse for why the guy couldn’t meet with him today or even this week. He most likely just wanted time to relocate anything that could get him in trouble.

Byron guaranteed that if the guy didn’t meet him today and do as he asked that he would personally investigate him. The guy caved immediately.

By the time he arrived, the building’s residents were up and active. No doubt prompted by the manager’s warning that Byron was visiting.

He had decided on a more direct approach with his lady so he went straight to the seventh floor and had the manager show him an empty apartment that would have the same layout as hers. He had been exactly right about it.

He collected the list of current tenants and all of their names, though he was willing to bet most were aliases. That didn’t really matter anyway, he knew who he was there for.

He left the building and went to his car across the street to wait since he hadn’t seen her inside. While he waited he reviewed the list of tenants.

He couldn’t help but laugh at some of the most ridiculous names of all time. Most were just made up. Others were a strange combination of couple’s names; the way people put celebrity couple’s names together.

When he got to where her name should be it said female seven. No kind of name at all. It sounded like something a serial killer would call his seventh victim.

No matter. He would find out directly from her what her name was soon enough.

After waiting almost two hours, he spotted movement inside her window; a barely pulled back curtain. She was looking at him. The thought made him nervous and excited. What was she thinking about him?

After another ten minutes, she left via the roof; the same way she had come home before. It was clear to him that she didn’t want the others in the building to know when she wasn’t home. Smart.

He followed her at a discreet distance as she made her way from rooftop to rooftop. It was an interesting mode of travel. She looked like a superhero monitoring the neighborhood.

She finally made her way down a fire escape and over to the small café that Byron recognized as his favorite. He liked her even more now.

He parked and walked to the café. Though he had already eaten lunch, here, as usual, he could always use a coffee.

He took a deep breath and went inside. She was seated in a far corner eating his favorite lunch. She was astoundingly beautiful and clearly his soul mate.

He made his way to the counter and ordered a coffee. The lady behind the counter seemed surprised to see him back. He’d never come in twice in a single day before.

He turned to find the place much busier than he was used to seeing it. It was one of the reasons he always had his lunch earlier than other people. He usually hated a crowded place but he was grateful for it right now. It gave him an opening with her since one of the only available seats in the place just happened to be at her table.

While he was noticing this, she was noticing him. She had the look of a woman who approved. Byron was elated but kept his game face on as he walked over and asked if she minded sharing.

She shook her head no and he sat down. Once settled he extended his hand to her and introduced himself.

“I’m Byron.” he said. “Thank you for allowing me to sit with you miss…?”

“Kelly.” she replied.

He smiled. “Kelly.” he repeated. “Thank you, Kelly.”

“You are most welcome.” she said with a smile.

He was reveling in the way she was looking at him and in the sound of her voice, which was purely angelic. He would be drawing her tonight when he got home and when he went to bed, he would fall asleep to the memory of her voice.

They held eye contact for a moment before he broke it to look out the café’s front window. He sipped his coffee and mentally tried to calm himself. He didn’t want to seem over-eager in front of her. He was certain men often tripped over themselves at the chance to be in her presence and he didn’t want to look like one of them.

He was trying to remember any of the questions he had for her; anything that he had planned on saying to her but nothing would come to mind. Her beauty and her voice were lulling him into a stupor, so he just sat there sipping his coffee, looking out the window and trying to take calming breaths.

When she stood to leave, he barely restrained the panic that rose up. He really didn’t want her to go. He wanted to grab her arm and tell her to stay but instead, he said it was nice to meet her and thanked her again for allowing him to sit with her.

She smiled sweetly at him and said it was her pleasure. His heart almost exploded. He knew she saw him blush so he smiled and looked down. She giggled and walked away.

Once she was gone and he got up to leave, he noticed the others in the café staring at him and whispering. They had probably seen the entire exchange and it was like they had spotted a weakness in a man who was infamous for not having any.

He could never see her in public again. These lunatics would try to use her against him like kryptonite.

He glared at them then put his business face back on. They flinched. Good. They still knew who was in charge here.

After their meeting, Byron sketched her every day; at the café, on various rooftops, and taking in the view at the bridge by the ferry station.

She went very few places and never interacted with anyone. Anyone except him that day in the café which made him feel over the moon for her.

Three months had passed until he couldn’t stand being away from her. He needed to be near her and hear her voice, take in her scent.

Last night he had seen her perched on a postal mailbox on the curb, waiting for him to catch up to her. She had smiled and jumped down to continue the walk home.

She knew he was following her and apparently liked it. This meant that her suddenly deciding to undress for bed in front of her window was most likely for his benefit as well.

There was zero doubt that she was his.

Now, he stood outside her door, taking deep breaths and clenching the gift box containing the silk wrap he had seen her admiring through a shop window yesterday morning.

He took one more breath and reached to knock when the door opened and she walked right into his chest. She looked up at him, her face full of surprise and said “mine”.

He smiled so big it made his face ache. Yes, he thought, yes I am.

END of Story 2-"Byron"-Part 4

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I’m Jennifer. I am an indie author. I write novels, short stories, and poems. My genres are mixed and include mystery, supernatural, and paranormal.

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