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Phantom Island-"Origins"-10

Story 3-"Kelly & Byron"-Part 2

By Author Jennifer TreecePublished 3 years ago 8 min read

Kelly saw the guys in the alley. She also saw the sinister look in Byron’s eyes as he laughed along with them. She had been right about there being mystery in his eyes. He had a dark side. A very dark side.

She had kept her attention strictly on him so that he wouldn’t get out of the car like he seemed eager to do. It was broad daylight after all and they were surrounded by witnesses.

Byron kept checking the mirrors to make sure those guys didn’t follow them home. He would not tolerate interruption once he finally got his new lady alone.

Between the elation of being able to obtain her without struggle, the anger toward the guys in the alley and her keeping his heart beating triple-time throughout the car ride, he felt like a volcano about to erupt.

Kelly was excited by the prospect of a new relationship; however short it may turn out to be. Byron was attractive, intelligent and respectful. She had no doubt that he would do whatever was necessary to keep them together. Maybe that should worry her more than it did.

For the time being, she would let that go and be as happy as possible with him. Besides, it’s not like she can’t handle him if he gets out of line.

They pulled up and parked in front of a small house that she could tell was old but had been completely remodeled for a more modern look. The yard and hedges were neatly trimmed and the porch was spotless. There were two wicker chairs with a small table between them that held a vase of freshly cut flowers. She took in the details she had missed while sneaking around here in the dark.

She was willing to bet that he kept up the entire property himself. She bet he meticulously chose and cut each individual flower in that vase and arranged them himself too. She also knew that the inside of the house would be just as tidy.

“Is something wrong?” asked Byron when she didn’t move to exit the car.

Kelly looked over to see him standing with her door open and his hand extended to assist her out of the car. She smiled, knowing he was eager to get to work fulfilling all of their unspoken promises from earlier.

“Nothing at all.” she replied. “I was just taking in the scenery.”

“And does it meet your standards, my lady?” Byron grinned as he closed the car door behind her and took her arm to lead her to the front door.

Kelly giggled. “And then some.” she said while looking directly into his eyes.

He felt a warm shiver cascade throughout his body. He held intense eye contact with her while he turned the key in the lock.

As soon as he heard the click, he shoved the door open and picked her up. He carried her over the threshold and kicked the door shut behind them. When he turned to lock the door, she reached out and did it before he could move his hand.

She was smiling. She was definitely his lady.

Byron carried Kelly up-stairs to his bed where they spent the rest of the evening getting to know each other.

When they finally emerged from the bedroom, it was dark outside. They went into the kitchen for drinks and ended up sharing a piece of cake too.

Byron couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She was leaning over the kitchen island happily sharing the last piece of cake with him; wearing nothing but his light blue button-down shirt.

He couldn’t remember ever feeling so happy in his life. This was what really being in love was like. Peaceful and calm. It felt as though they were the only people in the whole world.

Kelly looked at him and smiled. “Are you ready for our great adventure through the park?”

Byron just shook his head yes. He couldn’t speak; only smile and agree to whatever she wanted.

She placed the empty saucer and fork in the sink and headed toward the stairs, reaching her hand out for him as she passed.

He gladly accepted and followed her upstairs.

Once she was dressed, they left the house and arrived at the park near midnight.

The quiet night was illuminated by a bright full moon. The stone pathway seemed to glow before them as they walked silently and happily, hand in hand.

They suddenly heard footsteps running up behind them. They let go of each other and turned to face the incoming threat in the same instant.

The intruder ran between them laughing and yelling in excitement. He ran past them a few steps then turned to come back to them.

Byron risked a sideways glance at Kelly in her fighting stance. He thought about trying to move in front of her but she looked as eager for a fight as he felt. He smiled.

“And just what do you think you have to be smiling about?” asked one of the guys from the approaching group.

Byron recognized them as the losers from the alley earlier. “I can show you better than I can tell you.” he replied.

The group laughed. “You hear that boys? The pig thinks to teach us a lesson.” the apparent leader of the losers announced.

The boy who had run between them moved in closer to Kelly. She turned and landed a jab to his nose that made a resounding crack as the boy staggered back. He was trying to yell that she had broken his nose but the blood gushing from it kept pouring into his mouth.

The other boys stared in shock and Byron stared at her in awe. She was perfect.

The leader spoke again as he and the rest of the group moved in. “You’ll pay for that, pretty.”

Byron and Kelly began swinging the second the boys were in range but within a minute Kelly was left with no-one to fight.

She looked over and found Byron holding the last guy, the leader, up by his throat. She looked around his feet to see the bodies of the other boys lying with their heads turned at odd angles. He had killed them all and he had done it with astounding speed.

She stared in awe and fear at her new boyfriend as he gripped the boy's jaw in his other hand and asked, “You remember that lesson I promised you?” The boy began to kick his feet and scream which made Byron laugh.

Then Kelly heard a loud pop and the boy hit the ground. Byron reached down and lifted the boy's head by his hair and Kelly saw what had happened; Byron had broken the boy's lower jaw. His mouth hung open in a way the made her nauseous.

Byron was trying to make the boy wake up now and beg him for mercy. She had to put a stop to this right now.

She walked over saying his name. He didn’t respond until she put her hand on his shoulder. He dropped the boy and turned quickly as if expecting another enemy.

“Stop.” she stated.

He froze in place with a shocked expression on his face. She looked from him to the boy who was still unconscious at his feet then back to his face.

She took a deep breath and tried to think of what she should do. She was unsure if it was safe to release Byron just now. If she did he may attack her next and he would definitely finish off the boy.

She exhaled and looked away from Byron. It seemed their relationship would end even sooner than she anticipated. The thought put her in a state of melancholy. She shook her head; she had just moved in…

“Line them up here.” she told Byron while pointing to a grassy area just off the path.

His body lurched into motion at her command and he began moving the bodies to the place she had designated. When he came back for the last one, she was kneeling over him speaking in a low, calm tone.

When she stood, the boy jumped up in shock and clapped his hand to his freshly healed jaw. He took in the scene around him. He looked from Kelly to Byron then started backing away. He was going to run.

“Catch him.” Kelly demanded.

The boy picked up his pace but was no match for Byron’s incredible speed. He grabbed him and dragged him kicking and screaming back to Kelly.

“Hush and be still.” Kelly said. The boy froze in his place next to Byron, tears streaming down his face. “Now, go lay down next to your friends.”

The boy did as he was told. She looked at Byron who didn’t seem to be fighting her hold over him like everyone else always did. He must be enjoying himself.

Kelly walked over and knelt at the heads of the bodies. “You are dead but not broken.” As the last word left her lips, the boys’ necks began snapping back into their proper positions. Then she moved to the group’s leader.

She looked into his eyes and said, “Your heart will fail when you sleep.” The boy’s eyes darted back and forth and she could tell he was thinking that she might let him go. “Sleep now.” she said.

END of Story 3-"Kelly & Byron"-Part 2

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Author Jennifer Treece

I’m Jennifer. I am an indie author. I write novels, short stories, and poems. My genres are mixed and include mystery, supernatural, and paranormal.

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