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Payne of the Bites (Pt. 7)

by LUiS Thompson 2 years ago in fiction

From the P.O.B Short Story Series

Written By: LUiS Thompson

“Deep underground, the ceiling security camera in the underground facility watches every move of the two killer beings fight. The ones behind the improvised incident now watch in secret. Taking even more interest than expected, the advanced teleportation technology worked better than analyzed by the scientist. The assassin hybrid used advanced grappling to get the elemental on the ground. The battle between the two as voracious. One with speed and agility far superior than the rest, and one with magnificent shape shifting abilities. The battle also seemed to destroy and leave breakage of science equipment and infrastructure.”

Outside of the dimensions and time period the previous tales outlined, we enter the state of California in the sunny city of Los Santos. A reformed gang member turned street racer enters the scenario. Before the outbreak, before the survivors of North Carolina gathered together to stay alive as long as possible, there were lives at stake in Los Santos, California. The street racer formed a partnership with a manic air-force pilot and a former bank robber with a mysterious past. The three unlikely team mates used their strategic knowledge from the streets to rob a few more banks before the walker outbreak started. The owners of the banks hired mobsters to capture the street racer and leave him in an abandoned insane asylum. Leaving the street racer battered and bruised, bleeding to death, the outbreak began in the West coast. And unbeknownst to the street racer, there had been a darker entity waiting for the street racer to wander the halls, known as the city of angels and archangels. It's like a living creature, always moving, always growing. The people who inhabit this city are adapters.

While the lives of the North Carolina teammates are not completely resolved the battle of the walking dead marches onward. Zoey, Francis, Louis, and Bill all managed to encounter an evil far greater than their worst nightmare. And the nights of terror are far from over. The shadows encountered another soul worthy of further torture. How would this assassin stand a chance against it? As Mr. Wick parks the motorcycle in front of the ancient tower, the feeling of dread began to increase in the back of the assassin's mind. Walking towards the ancient tower, Mr. Wick noticed that even in its stillness, the walkers bodies remained motionless all over the ancient towers front lawn. With slashes littered all over their bodies. Mr. Wick thought of whom may have attacked these walkers.

Doomed before the mission briefing, a spell had already been cast over the head of Mr. Wick from the beginning of his arrival to the ancient tower. Mr. Wick now suffered through another dimension, battling darkness and towards a way out. Seeking vengeance above all. The dark energy still fresh, the dimension was new to the warrior assassin. As Mr. Wick stepped in front of his goal reflecting off the glass casing, a spirit of a woman whose katana had sharpened edges designed for lethal destruction appeared. Willing to gamble his fate, Mr. Wick charged at the woman spirit as both swords clashed in the air. Dark billows of smoke began covering the floor. As the spirit screeched in agony and anger, the blade Mr. Wick held could not sustain combat for longer. Falling to the floor, Mr. Wick fought off rusted hooks that began clinging and tearing the assassins suit. Rolling safely for a moment, Mr. Wick grabs the ancient sword and swung it around his back to stab the woman spirit. In his disbelief, Mr. Wick was all alone, the magical sword allowed all evils within the ancient tower to vanish for a moment.


LUiS Thompson

I am also the CEO of Vegaaman Designs LLC founded in 2017. Since then I've been writing to make a foundation for my legacy, and for the writing community world wide.

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LUiS Thompson
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