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Payne of the Bite (Pt. 8)

by LUiS Thompson 2 years ago in fiction

From the P.O.B Short Story Series

Written By: LUiS Thompson

“The underground facility could not withstand the incident at hand, for the display of physicality was only a test of strengths. The higher-ups in charge wanted to absolutely dissect the losing combatant among the two. Collecting the specimens from an underground facility, the higher-ups are faced with the challenge of recreating what is now known as the “Manhunt Purge.” Now that the magical sword was in Mr. Wick's possession, the force behind the weapon made evil aware of its presence. The ideal approach to stopping those responsible for the outbreak had begun to formulate for the skilled assassin. However, before the outbreak could end, the combat of the world's deadliest fighters dating back to 1494 would allow full closure to the testing the higher-ups projected to create again.“

Somewhere in the desert mobile homes of Los Santos, the manic pilot who befriended the lone street racer and former bank robber was ambushed and attacked by another dark entity. This entity looked very different from those who came from out of the realm of Darkness. Armed with a hidden blade and wearing a big mask with a dark-haired wig attached to it, this enemy was a master of mechanics and torture. Long ago in Los Santos once lived a groundskeeper who assisted all the doctors at the asylum. This groundskeeper ended up going completely insane during an electric freak accident and murdered dozens of patients before being captured. Due to the closeness of the patients to the doctors who were treating them, the staff decided to take revenge into their own hands. Strapping the groundskeeper to an operating table, the staff decided to use to shock therapy tools to their disposal to deal with the murdering groundskeeper until he died. The darkest entity now waited throughout the halls of the asylum for the street racer who was battered, bruised, and left bleeding to death.

Since the owners of the banks hired mobsters to capture the lone street racer and leave him in an abandoned insane asylum, what stalked the street racer with a mysterious past stood over six feet tall and brandished a spiked cattle prong with aggressive electricity running through it. Now this revived and reanimated groundskeeper would stop at nothing to finish off whoever remained inside the abandoned asylum. Yet, the street racer gave it his all to fight off the reanimated groundskeeper before being stabbed to near death by the spiked cattle prong. The rusted spikes formed all around the two figures, as the reanimated groundskeeper lifted the lone street racer the dark smoke which covered the ground around them managed the asylum pitch black.

The survivors of the North Carolina Forests were still engulfed in traumatic and horrifying nightmares in the real realm of Darkness, with more still to come as well. One of those survivors managed to escape the realm of Darkness for a brief period, forcing those remaining to fend for themselves. While the remaining three survivors battled their own personal sins, fears, and addictions, the energy of these things all joined and created different forms of evil. The time went entirely slower than any other place in the world for the one survivor of the realm of Darkness. Originally quite older than the rest of the group, this survivor had enough skills to keep up on his own. It was the veteran who was left for dead in the Blood Harvest Cabins that made it out. After a long, grueling battle with the masked figure with the dusty kitchen knife, a way to save the others became available for the wise veteran. For the wise veteran found a few energy generators and turned them on while avoiding the dusty kitchen knife-wielding madman. Once all the generators fueled up and powered on a giant metal door opened with a road for the wise veteran to follow.


LUiS Thompson

I am also the CEO of Vegaaman Designs LLC founded in 2017. Since then I've been writing to make a foundation for my legacy, and for the writing community world wide.

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LUiS Thompson
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