Paranormal VS. Supernatural


Paranormal VS. Supernatural

•Have you ever wondered what the difference between the paranormal and supernatural was? Curious about angels, witches, warlocks, demons, or aliens? Want to know the difference between the paranormal and supernatural worlds? Hopefully all your questions will be answered.

•What is the difference between the supernatural and paranormal? Well, the paranormal has to do with ghosts, spirits, and hauntings. The supernatural has to do with, demons, poltergeists, angels, aliens, and possessions. Most people get those two categories confused.

•People who have had past experiences with ghost encounters would fall under the category of paranormal; whereas someone who has dealt with a possession, demon, alien, or angel encounter would fall under the category of the supernatural.

•What are angels? And what category do they fall under Angels are spiritual beings and fall under the category of the supernatural, does this make them evil or paranormal? No not all it’s because they technically they are spirits but not ghosts and are heavenly and made by God.

•People who have had past experiences with aliens who have had encounters think they had a paranormal experience in fact they had a supernatural experience. Why? It’s like this, aliens aren’t aliens, they are spiritual beings but not angels and they are really demons. What do you mean? So, demons are tricky creatures and can transform themselves to look like anything, so if a demon could transform itself into an alien it will. Therefore, this makes them supernatural.

•What about poltergeists, poltergeists are evil spirits and can fall under the category of both paranormal and supernatural. What are poltergeists? Its, an evil ghost that haunts your home causing objects to be moved or making things levitate, and or can stack chairs on tables. Its also known for biting, pinching, hitting or tripping people.

•What if I had a past encounter with a demon, well then; I’d say you had a supernatural experience. I knew a friend who encountered an angel sighting is that paranormal or supernatural? Once again that’s supernatural.

•How do you know what you’re talking about is real or true? Well, I speak from experience and I know a lot about the paranormal and supernatural and have some knowledge on it.

•If you lived in a house or knew of a house that was possessed most likely it’s supernatural and the house is possessed by a demon or multiple demons. A possession house by a demon versus a haunting by ghosts, or spirits would be paranormal.

•What things can be possessed? Objects such as dolls, boxes, animals, houses, buildings, land, and most of all humans.

•Most people would disagree with me on this and me talking about this is very controversial, but I don’t care, my goal is make people aware of what’s going on around them and educate them.

•Is it possible for the paranormal realm and supernatural realm to collide, oh yeah, absolutely it happens more often then you think, there are times where the supernatural and paranormal will live in co-existence or will walk side by side.

•Paranormal events are based on reported phenomena or paranormal experiences that experienced that not subject to the law of nature. In order to explain these phenomena paranormal investigators or even people try to catch ghosts and spirts on film.

•The supernatural encompasses all entities, places, and events that would fall outside the scope of the scientific understanding of the laws of nature this includes categories of entities which would transcend the universe.

•Inclusion, there is such thing as the paranormal and those things such as ghosts and spirits exist, just as demons, angels, poltergeists, and aliens exist in the supernatural world.

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