On the Other Side

by Anna LaFountaine about a month ago in fiction

A short story by Anna LaFountaine.

On the Other Side

I have two cats. One is a beautiful orange tabby named Peanut and the other is a black cat with a white patch on his chest named Edgar. I brought them home at the same time and ever since they’ve been inseparable. I feel so lucky to have Peanut and Edgar and they always make my days interesting. These two boys love to play fight, cuddle, play with their toys and they especially love trying to raid the pantry for snacks they shouldn’t be eating.

One thing Peanut and Edgar enjoy is to sit outside of my bedroom door at night and meow as loudly as they can while trying to push the door open. These cats love attention and they really don’t like it when I close my door on them so I could have a good night’s sleep. Other than that, I adore these two boys and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. One night something weird happened.

It was a usual evening in my house. My wife had gone to bed early since she needed to wake up early in the morning for work. I sat in the living room on our couch and watched movies for a few hours while Peanut and Edgar were curled up together on the couch next to me. I’ve always loved watching them cuddle together and every now and then their ears would twitch or they would yawn and I could see their little teeth. They are so cute!

After I finished watching the last movie of the night, I finally decided to go to bed. As I stood up off of the couch, it woke up Peanut and Edgar and they followed me down the hallway to the bedroom as usual. I stood in the doorway and patted them both on the head as I felt them purring. “Goodnight boys,” I whispered to them while they stared at me with their big owl eyes. I shut the door and continued my nightly routine of brushing my teeth before climbing into bed where my wife was sound asleep.

As usual, the meowing started. I could hear Peanut and Edgar taking turns meowing at the door for one of us to let them in. I could hear their paws scratch at the door lightly and they were also tapping on the doorknob causing it to jiggle. “Little demons.” I thought. They continued to meow and jiggle the doorknob when one of them decided to stick his paws underneath the door and violently shook the whole thing! It sounded like someone was trying to break the door down and that loud noise woke up my wife.

“Is that the boys?” My wife asked tiredly. Her eyes were still closed as she sat up in bed with her head turned towards the door. “Don’t worry, I’ll just let them in. They’ll keep doing it if we don’t.” I said. She lied back down and almost immediately went back to sleep. I jumped out of bed and went to open the door. Peanut and Edgar excitedly meowed as they saw me and casually strolled into the bedroom as if they weren’t the ones acting like little zombies trying to break into a room during an apocalypse. I shut the door and I joined the cats and my wife back on the bed.

After that, I didn’t have much trouble falling asleep but I was woken up about an hour later. Meowing. I realized that it was the boys meowing again. “What do they want now?” I thought as I remembered that I let them into the room to sleep with us. I sat up in the bed and felt something next to my hand. It was Edgar and Peanut was cuddled right next to him. They were both between my wife and I. The meowing continued but it wasn’t coming from Peanut or Edgar.

My gaze turned towards the sound of the meowing which was coming from the other side of our bedroom door. It sounded just like one of our boys, complete with little scratching on the door and jiggling of the doorknob. “What?” I whispered. The meowing kept happening for a few minutes and then the door started shaking violently like when the boys stuck their paws under the door to shake it. This time it was worse and the sound seemed louder than before. My wife and the two cats were startled awake.

“What are those cats doing?” My wife angrily whispered. “It’s not the cats,” I said. The boys greeted my wife and took turns sniffing her face. When she realized they were both in the room, her mood changed. “Then what is that?” She said nervously. The meowing continued. It was a mix of short little meows with long dragging and whiny ones. Whatever was on the other side kept scratching on the door too. The meows started to sound angrier and the door was beginning to shake more violently.

It started to sound like an angry and wild creature was on the other side, waiting for us to let it in. I looked over at our cats and saw that they were terrified. Their eyes looked so big and they sat under the covers with my wife in fear. I got out of bed and grabbed the baseball bat we kept in the corner of the room just in case something were to ever happen. I readied the bat and walked over to the door which was still being violently shaken. The angry meowing kept getting louder. I threw open the door and was ready to swing the bat at something. Nothing was there.

I was confused. When I opened the door all of the noises stopped. There was nothing there waiting for me. There was nothing there for me to hit with the baseball bat. “What is it?” My wife whispered loudly. I turned to her in confusion. “There’s nothing there,” I said as I shut the door. I went back to the bed, with our cats cuddled between my wife and I. We sat there stunned and kept an eye on the door, waiting for the meowing and scratching to start up again. Nothing happened. It never happened again.

Anna LaFountaine
Anna LaFountaine
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