Oh, The Horror: 'The Midnight Meat Train'

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Oh, The Horror: 'The Midnight Meat Train'

Want a movie that gets right into the killing and blood within the first few minutes? You’ve got it right here. Like serial killer movies? Then this should be on your list of must-see films. Plus, Bradley Cooper’s handsome mug is in it. Cooper’s not the only familiar name in this movie though. It also stars Leslie Bibb, of Popular fame, even though she was my least favorite person on that stellar TV show. Roger Bart, Vinnie Jones, and Brooke Shields also grace the screen.

This movie is currently available on Netflix. Make sure you watch it before it isn’t.

What’s It All About?

Well, by the name of the film it should be obvious that people get killed on a train of some sorts. A subway train, actually. Cooper plays a photographer who wants to make a name for himself by being more than just a journalist. He starts taking photos on the subway and of the city at night. That means he sees things like people getting held at knife-point and more and takes photos (essentially risking his life even more than a photojournalist in the middle of a war). He’s a good guy, and he actually saves the woman at knife-point who he captures in his first set of photos, but she ends up on the meat train, dead.

It’s also all about gore. If you don’t like gore, don’t watch this movie. I’m not a big fan of gore, but this movie is so well-done that I can get past the eyeballs flying out of some guys skull. Blood and guts don’t really bother me too much. There’s plenty of killing and plenty of blood in this movie.

The best part is that Cooper’s character has a run-in with the killer, but manages to not have an actual confrontation (in the beginning anyway), aside from Vinnie Jones grabbing his arm. Obviously, the murderer wouldn’t want his picture taken!

What Kept Me Watching Through The Gory Bits

This movie has a psychological thriller feel to it from the aspect of Cooper’s character. He’s risking his life each time he goes out on the streets at night to take photos for his art show. This means that even without a serial killer on the streets you wait, wondering if someone is going to stab or shoot him simply because he took a photo of the wrong person.

It gets even creepier when he starts stalking the killer. It’s during the beginning of this “hunt” that you find out why “meat” is part of the title, but I won’t give everything away.

The acting is excellent in this film, which is another reason to watch it. There are small little lines and quirks that you’ll notice as you watch. Things that really stand out. Like why does the train speed by the stops just when the killer’s about to make his move? Does he have some kind of deal with the subway company or with the person driving the train? You’ll have to watch to find that out as well. There are definitely some twists and turns.

I also loved the fact that you start to wonder what’s going on with the killer. You aren’t just pulled into the life of the photographer. The story seems to revolve more around Cooper’s character, but you still find yourself curious about the killer. I also like that the settings change from time to time, so the movie isn’t all just shot on the train. You get to see people in their homes, at restaurants, at their places of work, and more.

If you have Netflix, just watch it. If you like psychological horror and gore, this movie is for you.

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