Oh, the Horror! 'All the Boys Love Mandy Lane'

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A Movie Review

Oh, the Horror! 'All the Boys Love Mandy Lane'

High school is an awkward place. In a 2006 film starring Amber Heard and Anson Mount, we get a taste of teenage jealousy and adventure. What starts out as high school innocence soon turns to murder and more. Of course, all the boys are obsessed with the beautiful blonde.

Why am I watching this?

I love a good thriller/horror flick based in high school. Humans are absolutely stupid in their teenage years, and horror flicks take the time to make them pay for their stupidity.

The Movie

Teens on a road trip—what can go wrong? Knowing that blood will be shed, this movie has me thinking of flicks like House of Wax and any Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Teens traveling together always spells disaster—and when you add in drugs... Well, them’s the rules—someone’s gonna die.

A bunch of teens swimming in a lake—I kept thinking that Jason Voorhees was going to show up (we’ve been rewatching that franchise the past week or so). Instead, there was a predator of the more “natural” variety.

While there’s drama, a half an hour in, nothing major has happened. I like this. Why? Because I miss the days when horror films and thrillers made things suspenseful. This is suspense—you know something’s bound to happen, they even tease you with it, but you don’t know WHEN it’s going to happen.

When teenagers roam off alone, you know someone is gonna die soon. Or, you hope so anyway. Plus, when you throw in sex and alcohol? Seriously, someone die already!

And the grossness of that first kill really makes it worth the almost 40-minute wait… I may have winced and closed my eyes. OH MY GOD, she’s not actually dead—YET (but I’m sure she wishes she was)!

With so much drinking and so many drugs (now they’re getting high with a can of whipped cream), it’s likely everyone is going to die, except maybe Mandy Lane.

What I Really Thought About 'All the Boys Love Mandy Lane'

It’s a great “revenge” story, in a way. Though, like most vengeful attacks, bystanders seem to get killed for seemingly no reason or simply because the killer perceived them as a threat standing in the way of them and their obsession.

While there’s not a lot that sets this movie apart from other teenager slasher flicks, I didn’t regret watching it. That says a lot.

And then there’s the plot twist. That was my favorite part. I kind of suspected it, but not entirely.

Final Thoughts

If you’re sensitive to gore, don’t watch this. There are some pretty painful scenes that could find you puking in the toilet (seriously). This movie is kind of disturbing, yet good, somehow. It’s a little slow, it has some boring parts, but the story itself is typical for this kind of “slasher” flick, so it’s easy to watch.

I’m not generally a fan of gore, and this moving isn’t overcome with it, but there is enough to turn some people off. Most of it happens in the dark, so it’s easier to deal with. Toward the end, the gore picks up and happens in the daylight—so it gets a little gross within the last bit (but still tolerable if you don’t mind blood and dead animals).

Luckily, the acting doesn’t completely suck—so even in the boring parts, it’s worth watching.

There is really a lot to the movie, and it all culminates with 15 minutes left to the flick. Pay attention, or you might miss something.

This movie is on Netflix right now! If you want a nice bloody flick that will leave you guessing, make sure you watch it while it’s still available.

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