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I Don't Have Answers

Vocal wouldn't let me use any photos I found, so here's a video created by David Firth that is truly haunting!

I would consider myself a skeptic. I don't really believe in ghosts, monsters, I don't even believe in God. But that doesn't mean there are some weird occurrences that I have witnessed in my life, and that I can not explain. So to be clear, I don't know. Putting my search for logical answers and scientific reasons aside, here are the stories of the events themselves. I truly hope one day I, or someone, can find an explanation.

Here we go.

The first event was when I was a little kid. I was playing in my best friend's back yard. We had played out there countless times before, and I don't remember exactly what we were doing. It's a safe bet to say we were likely messing with the coy pond, or playing war. I'm not sure how long we were outside, but it was cloudy, and a bit cold. I guess we decided to go inside. All the buildup is foggy, but what follows is not. We were locked out of the inside. Today, we think that my friend's mom accidentally locked us out, but we thought she was upstairs. That's not the weird part. We turned around and I saw something. The backyard wasn't huge, and there wasn't really anywhere anyone, or anything could hide. But in the corner by the wooden fence, something was standing behind the bush looking at us. Although it was hard to make out exactly what it was, because it was partially hidden by the bush, the face, and part of the body was not hidden. A weird face, white as paper, that looked like a skeleton, but wasn't, stared directly at us. It was frozen, as if in a staring contest. I saw it first, and started freaking out. I told my friend who was the "braver five-year-old," hoping he'd be able to do something. I often saw things that scared me, I was kind of a wimpy kid. I would hear a noise and assume it was a hiding monster trying to kill me, while he would assume it's the dog eating in the kitchen, and he would go look and prove himself right. So, when my friend sees this thing as well, I realize that this isn't my imagination. Whatever this thing was slowly turned its body to us, but didn't move its face. The face kept looking right at us. We started panicking and banging on the glass sliding door. We were screaming for someone to let us in, but no one was listening. I remember not looking away from the thing to make sure it wasn't going to come any closer to us. I don't know if I didn't blink, or if it did something, but my eyes started fogging, and color started to disappear. It felt like I had swim goggles on that were clouding heavily. Eventually, my friend's mom opened the door, and we told her that there was something in the back year. Of course, it wasn't there anymore. We were so confused. It had been there, we hadn't broken eye contact except for maybe a few seconds when we ran inside at first. It was gone. I'm still best friends with the other person, and neither of us understood what happened that day, but we both remember it vividly. As time moves on and these memories become more faded, it becomes harder to find answers that have never come, and likely never will come.

Now it's time for the second event.

So my friend, the one before, and our other buddy, were total nerds when we were growing up. We made a ghost hunting club around when we were four, and when we were super little, it was a game we would play, pretending to fight ghosts and other monsters. When we got slightly older (eight and nine age range), it turned into "let's scientifically hunt for real ghosts and monsters." It was like a more juvenile and pathetic version of the shows you would see on television where grown ass men scream at weird noises they hear in the dark when ghost hunting. When one of us had a birthday, we decided we'd get the three of us together, and go on a ghost hunt. Looking back on it now, it was obviously just a bunch of little kids having fun. Nothing out of the ordinary. But, there is one thing we found on the birthday that we still don't have answers to. We were "investigating" an area in our town where theoretically, a man killed two girls in the late eighties. We didn't find anything while we were there, but we took countless photos and videos. In one photo, we found something. We didn't see it when we took the photo, or when we were at the physical location. A man even rode his bike by while we took the photo which made it look even more haunting. There's a large figure standing over the man on the bike, maybe ten to twelve feet tall. He looks like a shadow, but it couldn't possibly of been one. The picture was taken under a gazebo, so although there was sunlight, none of it could have reached the area where the figure stood. There also was nothing to make a shadow into the shape of a man. The third and final odd factor that made this figure frightening and confusing was that the face had clear distinct eyes and a mouth. The shadow had areas missing exactly where the eyes and mouth should have been, giving it an appearance. The shadow figure was smiling. It seemed to be ignoring the biker and looking straight into the camera. We still have no explanation for this photo, and unfortunately for us, the picture disappeared years ago. We've looked through our old stuff countless times, and nothing has ever shown up. Hopefully, someday, the photo will pop up in plain sight, and we might be able to find an explanation.

I hope you've enjoyed my personal accounts of my unexplainable moments in my life. If you enjoy my writing, consider giving some of my other articles a read. I try to write about many different subjects, and maybe one of them will be something you care about. Have a great day, and thanks for taking the time to read my work!

Will Evans
Will Evans
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