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Maggots Breath

by TcFarrand 21 days ago in slasher

Forests Will Hide Things, But Not For Long

Maggots Breath
"Maggots Breath" By Tc Farrand

They left her for dead in the forgotten forest. Her body was mangled from the rapist of a few nights ago. The blood from her injuries already hardened and crust over. Her body showed that there was nothing left to live for, and moving a toe was impossible.

The bugs were already crawling over her legs and through her hair. She felt them crawl in and out of her nose and felt them scurrying over her lips. Fading in and out of consciousness, her soul was falling away and the desire to live was absent. It filled her with anger and hate. Her blood was not capable of boiling, and her heartbeat slower as the hours flew by. Death was right around the corner. She was left for dead with the last experience of her life a devastating event.

Her breath grew short, and she watched herself fall into darkness. The last image of any life was the maggots that crawled on her fingertips. All went black.

Days and months passed by, then years flew by, and the trees grew larger. Her body was never found, and as her skin fell off and rotted on the ground, the only thing left was bones. Some animals came and scavenged most of them until her skull was the only thing that remained.

A large root grew through the nose of the skull and made its way through the eyes. It was as if the skull held the root in place to grow. The rain came and went, and the seasons flew by. Her skull was covered in moss with a few flowers that grew alongside it. Bugs made their home in the skull and life went on. Her soul was lost and forgotten. The brutality that happened was a distant memory and just dust in the moonlight.

One day, an older man was hiking in the forest and tripped over the skull. He shook his head. He knew exactly where he was and then relived the memory of what happened so long ago. He did horrible things to that girl, and as the memory passed through his thoughts, he smirked. He pulled a sharp blade out of his survival pack and swung with all his might at the skull. It caused the skull to crack. Then he carved a small hole in the top, then left for a few seconds. When he came back, he had a sapling in his hand. He placed it in the hole and covered it with dirt. He covered his indiscretions with it.

Never once did he feel remorse, only just wishing that he finished what he started. She was a nobody. Not a single person knew what he had done. No one even missed her. He was mentally sick and went about his way.

Every year from that day forward, he came back to that spot to watch his little sapling grow. It eventually grew into a large tree that towered over others. One year, it produced fruit, unlike any other fruit he had seen. They looked like apples mixed with blueberries. He reached up and grabbed one and engulfed it. The fruit was sweet with a leftover bitter taste. He could get enough and took more off of the tree. It was going to enlighten people across the world, and now he had a way to become rich! After grabbing the last reachable fruit, he took another one in his hand and took a huge bite.

Red blood poured from his mouth. When he turned it around, the fruit was in the shape of a skull from a screaming girl. Startled, he threw it down to the ground and bolted out of the area without his bag of fruit. He ran as fast as he could, but he tripped over a log at the edge of a nearby cliff and fell to his death. He fell onto a sharp stone at the bottom of the cliff, and it forced his head to snap back toward the top of the cliff. As his vision faded, he noticed the tree at the edge was towering over others in the forest. He knew that was the tree he planted, as there was no other like it. The tree swayed in the wind as if breathing a sigh of relief. That was the last image he had before everything went black.

So be aware of when walking in a forgotten forest. If you stumble upon a large fruit-bearing tree, do not eat the skull like fruit, or you may as well have signed your death warrant. Your blood will be the last thought in your mind if you dare to test this theory.


By: Tc Farrand

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