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M Block, Part 2

The Halls contain many imprisoned women, used for their powers. But what happens when one of the women figures out how to break out of her shackles... and use her powers how she wants?

By Stephen Kramer AvitabilePublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 8 min read
Woman in prison emitting extreme blasts of heat - AI image using Midjourney

The Halls contain many imprisoned women, used for their powers. But what happens when one of the women figures out how to break out of her shackles... and use her powers how she wants?


This is Part 2 of the M Block series. To read Part 1, head here.


As the room approaches scorching temperatures and the elder women cry for help and bang on the door, Alejandra’s hands and arms glow even brighter. Her fingertips are engorged with heat; she feels it originating from her head and channeling down through her shoulders, into her arms, past her elbows…

…it’s been a while since it’s felt this way. She isn’t feeling boxed in by her M Block. That claustrophobic feeling, gone. She is so aware of her surroundings. The visuals, the feel of the room, the sounds of the screaming women.

It’s lovely.

Vanessa screams Otto’s name over and over. He needs to open the door from the outside when they’re in The Channeling Room.

The skin underneath Alejandra’s fingernails is boiling hot. It feels like her nails will rip and explode right off her fingers… that means it’s time.

She channels all that generated heat from her head, all the way down to her fingers, cocks both her arms back…

“Otto!! Open up!!”

…the door is opened.

Alejandra thrusts her arms forward. The heat explodes out of her fingertips, waves of it rocket forward and envelop the room…

…Vanessa pushes past Zoe and Letitia and leaps out of the room into the hallway…

…the excessive heat causes a kind of explosion. There is an impact in the air that catapults Zoe and Letitia into the far wall. The waves radiate. They bounce off the wall and splash back into Alejandra like hot, gentle waves of a fiery ocean… and then they dissipate.

Slumped on the floor against the far wall, Zoe is motionless. Her skin is singed, burnt, shredded, bone exposed from behind her bicep. Next to her, Letitia, her body burnt and bloodied as well. Her right thumb is twitching.

Alejandra makes her way across the room. She passes the doorway. Vanessa lays face first on the hallway floor, 10 feet away. Otto, his massive body, lays next to her.

Letitia coughs weakly. Alejandra turns to face her. Letitia’s eyelids flutter, she moves her head back and forth in disoriented fashion. Alejandra steps towards her. She crouches down so they are face to face. Alejandra catches her own reflection in Letitia’s glasses. Liquid metal from her own melted M Block stains her forehead, her temples, her cheeks.

She hasn’t seen her reflection in a while. It’s her same face, saddened and sorrowed and stripped of hope. Now with shimmering, silvery-white, liquid lines tattooing her skin.

Letitia coughs again. Her body is so burnt, broken, and busted, she’ll surely die in a matter of hours. Letitia’s eyes make contact with Alejandra’s.

“You might escape… but you’re not getting away with this.” Letitia says weakly, yet confidently.

“Your tone suggests that you think you were in the right… but my experience of an entire year locked away in your prison suggests that you are fucking delusional.” Alejandra stares right back at Letitia.

“We were keeping people safe from your powers.” Letitia responds.

“You were using my powers to hurt people… to kill people–”

“Bad people.”

“People you deemed to be bad.”

“We decided–”

“You don’t get to make decisions anymore!” Alejandra’s voice is so loud and booming that it blasts off every single wall in The Channeling Room.

They both realize her right hand is extended out towards Letitia and it's glowing with a tremendous heat scorching through every cell of her skin. Letitia squints slightly, but she holds still and remains confident. She braces herself.

“Go ahead. Do it!” Letitia screams.

Alejandra’s fingernails are burning again. The heat is aching to get out. And just a foot in front of her hand is the perfect entity for which the heat can reside. A bloodied, broken, barbarian… already about to die.

Alejandra flicks her wrist up and tenses her fingers as she propels the heat forward out of her body… out of her fingertips… and blasts it all into a spot on the wall just above Letitia’s head.

The heat blasts away a chunk of the wall and sets embers streaking all around it. The flames dance… they linger just above Letitia’s head.

But they don’t touch her.

“You don’t get what you want anymore.” Alejandra says calmly, standing up. “Enjoy your slow, painful death.”

Alejandra turns back towards the doorway and notices Vanessa and Otto are gone. Where Vanessa was laying… two small streaks of blood on the floor. Alejandra extends her gaze upwards, peering out the doorway and down the long hallway. She can hear the squeak of frantic footsteps in the distance.

Up ahead, the hallway splits left and right. No sign of the two… other than the sound of their squeaking shoes. Alejandra bursts out of the room, running as fast as she can after the sounds of the squeaks.

Alejandra races down the hallway, intent on not losing the sound of those squeaking sons-of-bitches. Her feet pound the hallway floor with purpose. She reaches the end of the hallway and sees, just to the left, more blood streaked on the wall.

They went left.

Alejandra turns left and runs down the next dark and familiar hallway. She sees no one up ahead, but she can hear the distant commotion of running. The hall splits left and right up ahead again. It can be a maze down here in The Halls.

She pumps her legs as hard as she can. Breathing smoothly. Unwavering. Eyes trained forward. She can feel tremendous heat building in her forehead once again. The tips of her fingers start to tingle ever so slightly.

She reaches the end of the hallway, a door to the left, a door to the right. The door to the right features another slight streak of blood. Alejandra doesn’t hesitate, she flings the door open, revealing the hallway with all the cells that hold the women. Only the immediate vision she has is some large, curved metal object bearing down on her… and then smashing right into her face and her body.

Alejandra falls backwards, throwing her arms up as a reaction, and gripping this thing as it pushes down on her, pins her to the floor.

Alejandra regains composure. She is gripping the edges of something metallic and heavy, curved outwards towards her, like a satellite dish. The curved metal bowl is being pushed down with such tremendous strength… and then she sees it… Otto on the other side of the bowl, pressing it down onto her.

Otto is so strong. Too strong. It’s all Alejandra can do to keep the bowl from entirely smashing through her skull and her body… though it is still pressing so tightly into her skin that abrasions are forming and blood is leaking from her body.

Alejandra pushes back. But Otto has leverage, and he has immense strength. He’s got muscles on muscles. She can see them, building out of his shoulders, his forearms, even his hands and his fingers look built…

…his bare hands and fingers. Gripping the bowl.

Alejandra redirects her attention to her forehead… summoning the heat. There it is. She summons more. More. Her forehead is ablaze. She directs her attention to her hands once again… and she pulls the heat from within her forehead… down her neck… past her shoulders… through the arms… until her hands begin to glow once again…

…and heat up.

The bowl is still pressing into her body, slowly crushing her. But her hands continue to grip the edges as they heat up tremendously. Her hands are ablaze with the heat… tiny embers even begin to emanate from her palms… all the while… she grips the metal bowl.

It heats up… quickly. The bowl begins to flex and bend in her grip… in Otto’s grip as well. He looks perplexed.

One more push!

Alejandra summons all the heat she can and propels it from her hands… and the metal bowl can do nothing but to melt… right into Otto’s hands. He screams bloody murder as hot liquid metal seeps all onto his palms. He loosens his grip, screaming in pain. Liquid metal dripping down his forearms.

Alejandra never lets go of the bowl, so malleable in her hands, somewhere in a state between solid and liquid. She stands up, holding the giant bowl. She presses it onto Otto’s head and pushes… pushes… pushes until the malleable, melting metal bends back the other way and envelops Otto’s body.

She wraps the bowl over him like he’s a nice little Christmas gift getting shoved into its packaging. His screams continue, but they become more muffled as he falls to the ground, encompassed by a curved, melting, metal mass… slowly burning him to death.

Before the metal bowl fully encompasses his body, Alejandra quickly stoops down and snatches the key ring off his waist. She holds it up… the keys to the cells. She looks around… dozens of cells… dozens of faces of the other women pressed against the bars that trap them in what they are forced to call home. They all watch on, mixtures of horror and pleasure and indifference plastered across their mouths and eyes.


That was Part 2. To read Part 3, head here.


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I'm a creative writer in the way that I write. I hold the pen in this unique and creative way you've never seen. The content which I write... well, it's still to be determined if that's any good.


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  • Mr. Smith28 days ago

    Good Stuff Stephen! I Agree With The Other Comments! A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes! The Detail In Description Of How The Action and Exchanges Play Out Are Picturesque! I Can See It All!

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    I just wish I was Alejandra. I would love to incernarate some people, lol! I loved the part where she left Letitia to experience a slow, painful death. Can't wait for part 3!

  • Zuleika Boekhoudtabout a month ago

    I'm hooked

  • Marvelous & compelling, a mix of X-Men (Women?) & "The Handmaid's Tale", women with a gift others need in order to impose their will on a fearful world. Great writing once again. So how long until we get part 3? Can you hear me panting, see me salivating?

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