Little Secrets (Ch. 1)

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Chapter One

Little Secrets (Ch. 1)

Let’s skip the prologue and jump right into it, shall we?

The two of them were sisters in a rather large and complicated family known as the Roberts.

They were both pretty girls with unique abilities, as each member did have a unique talent about them. For instance, Aunt Lila was able to predict the future when the waves of energy sparked her fancy just right. Their mother, though she was not a fan of using her talents, was given the gift of knowledge and instinct. Then there laid Renee and Nicole, in their beds long before The Unveiling would take place. The Unveiling was a sacred event that the Robert family celebrated when the proper time came. Much like a Latina woman’s quinceañera, this was a tradition of a woman’s coming of age. Unfortunately, and much to Nicole’s dismay, they wouldn’t be able to have any friends on this celebration that fell on their 18th birthdays.

“Jesus, Mom!” Nicole grunts while picking out her outfit for her big day. She has a short, hot pink dress in her hand and continues to look through the rack. “I’m eighteen. I am coming into my gifts. If I chose to invite my friends, what is the big deal!?”

“You’re lucky we’re even celebrating this, young lady. You know just as well that I don’t exactly approve of this sort of stuff.”

“Sort of stuff? You-nay, we- were born with badass abilities and you just want to throw it away. How would you feel if I did the same thing too? I don’t know.” She pauses dramatically for a moment to stimulate her mother. This doesn’t work, only aggravates Chelsea more. “An Al Pacino-grade acting talent or an admirable painting gift? You would be appalled!”

Silence falls upon them and the tension floods the air, much like an ocean fills a town when a hurricane begins to uprise. Slowly and suddenly.

“You’re too…” Chelsea pauses a moment. “... Immature, for these powers.”

Nicole gasps at the sound of this. “I’m too immature? Me? Have you lost your goddamn mind?”

“Watch your tone with me, young lady.”

“I’m immature, but Renee is what? An exception?”

The lights began to flicker in the store’s boutique, and Nicole took note of this. Her mother, Chelsea, was getting angrier by the vowel.

Nicole smirks at her mother. “What’s wrong? Are you too weak? Or maybe you are too scared to see your own daughter beat you at this game.”

The lights flicker more and the wind begins to howl.

“You’re too much of a pussy to take me on anyway, old lady.” She laughs and turns around, putting her back to her mother.

The room is still and silent, Chelsea especially. When the windows shatter and the lights are blown completely out. The wind, which was howling before, has grown so strong that it gusts Nicole to the closed dressing room door. Chelsea’s eyes begin to turn a bloodshot red, but not from the tiring exhaust of using her powers. No, not at all. The sadness and tears as she watches her daughter gasp for air, weak and desperately trying to apologize for her disrespect. Her ungratefulness and lack of knowledge that her mother was only trying to protect her from their uneasy world.

However, that apology never came and Nicole would only leave.

Chapter Two Teaser

She had been on the run for years now, Renee. It wasn’t anything personal towards her family, but she wanted to know herself if she’d truly desire her witching gene. What did she know? Nothing. She only reflected on the one memory of her using (exploring) her powers and how it pried open the skin on her wrists. How her mother, Chelsea, used her gifts to stitch her up. Renee never did find her "gift". Sure, she was capable. She had small spurts of something. However, each time she pushed herself she always was hurt.

The rest, coming soon

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