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Hunt Her, Kill Her Review: a good horror movie using smart resources

Hunt Her, Kill Her explores the fears of working at night, which can catch you off guard and ruin your life

By Ninfa BiPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Hunt Her, Kill Her is a slasher horror film directed by Greg Swinson and Ryan Thiessen, which will be released on March 3. The story stars Natalie Terrazzino, who plays an interesting character and many edges to discover. Hunt Her, Kill Her introduces us to Karen, a mother going through a complex divorce and working hard to improve her financial situation. To do so, she accepts a job as a janitor in a furniture factory, which she must perform during the night shift. Everything gets complicated when she realizes that she must not only work for the money, but also to save her life, since several assassins are stalking her.

Hunt Her, Kill Her explores the fears that working at night can bring. Many night jobs are lonely, low-paying, dangerous and involve a degree of anxiety. The film is set in the context of a large factory in which the chases take place. For no apparent reason, Karen begins to be pursued by several criminals who want to kill her. She avoids them and confronts them as best she can, applying successful ideas. On the other hand, the criminals are rather limited and can even seem silly. As the plot unfolds, the viewer discovers the reasons why Karen is living such a nightmare.

An entertaining horror story

Hunt Her, Kill Her manages to be an entertaining horror film that manages to grab the viewer through a few recounts. The factory setting is very well used, as this space becomes a sinister stage thanks to new lighting and the use of other angles.

The film is well set up, as the viewer is able to put himself in Karen's place from the beginning of the story. The film's directors, Swinson and Thiessen, manage to turn an everyday situation like going to work into a creepy story through unexpected resources.

One of the film's strengths is Terrazino's good acting, who manages to play a woman who lives a terrifying circumstance, overcoming the obstacles that are presented to her. Karen, the protagonist of this story, experiences various states throughout the plot and all of them are believable. The film has a certain degree of humor, which makes it seem like a horror comedy.

Some cuts are not timed well enough for the scares to be effective or the life-and-death struggles to be perceived as believable enough. However, the film finds all the necessary pieces for a simple but effective slasher.

Focus of the film

Hunt Her, Kill Her focuses on intense and brutal scenes to communicate the desperation of a situation. The film works on a simple premise and projects scenes with high doses of adrenaline so that the plot maintains a gripping dynamic. Karen is pursued by ruthless criminals who will do anything to kill her. As the intruders' disturbing motives become more apparent, she must use her smart instincts and unusual violence to survive the night. Karen just wants to work and return home to be with her son. However, a series of macabre events will make her focus on survival.

The virtue of the horror film Hunt Her, Kill Her is to turn an everyday situation like going to work into a terrifying situation where the protagonist's life is at stake. The plot of the story works night terrors, uncertainty and unexpected misfortunes to construct an out-of-the-ordinary circumstance for which no one is prepared. One of the most interesting aspects of the film is the performance of Natalie Terrazino, who builds a believable character even though the circumstances are unbelievable.

Hunt Her, Kill Her is a good slasher horror story that takes advantage of the resources it has to entertain the viewer.

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