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Hell Apartment

Chapter 1 The Weird Apartment

By Sixth SensePublished 4 months ago 4 min read

Li Yin suddenly opened his eyes.

His heart was aching like a fire at this moment.

Is... coming again?

This time, is it my turn?

Li Yin sat up with support, and turned on the lamp by the bed. At this moment, the severe pain in the heart finally recovered a little.

He got out of bed, put on his slippers, and then walked out of the bedroom to the living room outside and turned on the light.

He saw that thing.

On the snow-white wall of the living room, at this moment, a line of words made up of blood suddenly appeared! If ordinary people saw this extremely weird scene at midnight, they would be scared out of their wits.

But Li Yin didn't respond.

"It's my turn again..."

He looked at the line carefully.

"From June 7th to July 7th, 2010, I went to Youshui Village on the outskirts of City X and lived there for a full month."

After Li Yin read this strange line of blood, it suddenly became blurred. The blood actually seemed to be absorbed by the wall, and gradually...disappeared.

Youshui Village...

Li Yin remembered the name.

I still want to go back to sleep, but it is impossible to fall asleep. He simply turned on the light in the living room, made a cup of tea, and drank it. He has no habit of smoking, so he can only drink tea. Although coffee may be more effective, Li Yin always feels that when he tastes the aroma of tea, his mood is easy to calm down.

Seeing his own face reflected in the tea, Li Yin clenched his teacup tightly.

It has been... almost a year since I moved into this apartment.

Although a year does not seem to be a long time, Li Yin felt that it seemed like countless years had passed.

On the second day, when the sun was rising, Li Yin, who was lying in front of the dining table in the living room, woke up.

He only wore a thin pajamas and covered him with a blanket, and after sleeping like this, he didn't know if he would catch a cold.

The teacups in front of the table and the rest of the tea had completely cooled down.

He looked at the wall clock in the living room, it was... six o'clock in the morning.

Li Yin rubbed his eyes, went to wash up immediately, dressed neatly, then made himself a breakfast, fried an egg, put the egg in the sliced bread bought yesterday, put a little salad dressing on it, even It's today's breakfast.

Li Yin is actually very proficient in cooking, mainly because he lived alone for a long time, so he had to learn cooking skills. After a long time, he actually cooks well.

Biting the homemade sandwich in his mouth, and taking out the milk from the microwave, Li Yin opened the calendar and calculated the next month, which is June.

He is an online novelist, and he is also very famous on the Internet. He has already signed a contract with a novel website, so he only needs to concentrate on typing at home on weekdays and collect manuscript fees.

"It's not a big problem." He bit the sandwich in his mouth and said, "June just needs to bring a laptop and update the novel on time. Hmm... just don't know what will happen then."

Then, he put down the calendar, chewed the bread and fried egg in his mouth, and clenched his fists.

Definitely live...come back here alive!

When he was finished dressing, he walked out of the door, which was not locked at all.

He lives in Room 404 on the fourth floor. A rather inauspicious room number, but it was not Li Yin's choice.

Go to the first floor of the apartment. There are no residents on the first floor, but it is a huge auditorium similar to a hotel. There are sofas, tables and chairs everywhere in the auditorium for people to rest.

And on one of the sofas, there were three people sitting.

When the three people saw Li Yin walking towards them, they all stood up one after another.

They are a tall young man in a suit wearing glasses, a handsome young man wearing a hat, and a very cute and pretty girl in a green dress.

"You...you have that line of blood on your walls, right?" Li Yin asked after pondering for a moment.

All three nodded in unison.

They are also residents of this apartment.

"So that's the case, then at least there are four companions this time." Li Yin heaved a sigh of relief and sat down together.

The expressions of the four people were very dignified.

"Li Yin..." The pretty girl in green said with a worried expression on her face, "Really...are you okay? This time, we are actually asked to stay for a month? And it's still in a suburban village far away from the city?"

"Yeah," said the young man in a suit wearing glasses, "I've checked the map. The suburbs of City X are backed by mountains. It's very desolate and remote. Even the Hope Project has nothing to do with it. It's a completely backward mountainous area. The village."

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