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Haunting & Revenge of Emily Clarke

by Ferrari King 2 years ago in fiction
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Beware of the dead's revenge

Table of Contents

Introduction and Disclaimer

Chapter 1: Emily Clarke and her tormentors

Chapter 2: Emily Clarke loses her parents then her life

Chapter 3: The bullies find themselves in a school of horrors

Chapter 4: The bullies suffer and Emily has a good life


Introduction and Disclaimer

Emily Clarke was bullied and harassed all of her life until her death. Her spirit being full of wrath decided to get vengeance of her tormentors. Many will suffer at the hands of the girl they once despised for no reason.

Her enemies will suffer a fate worse than death itself and will wish they could die after Emily gets hold of them.

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance of any person or events is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1: Emily Clarke and her tormentors

Emily Clarke was a kind-hearted girl that always helped other even though they were often horrible to her. She was a tall, overweight girl and since she had medical problems she was not able to control her weight. She was not obese but chubby. She was heavy into witchcraft and contacting spirits and she made sure her tormentors did not know about it. The spirits she would contact told her several times that her tormentors will all suffer. She had been spat upon, had things thrown at her, rumors spread about and never heard a kind word from anyone except Michael Romero. Michael was always attracted to Emily but his shyness prevented him from saying anything and he had gotten several fights for standing up for Emily. Emily was also known for enjoying horror and martial arts movies. Although she watched a lot of movies those tended to be her favorite, she would even quote them in conversation.

Michael was a short but strong boy which actually pissed off the bigger boys. They could not stand the idea of someone smaller being stronger than them and since Michael was a good fighter they would often gang up on him. Michael would still manage to win due to his quickness and fast reflexes. Although Michael was shy if challenged he was good at tearing into his tormentors.

Patti Milner was a nasty person from the get go. Her mother was a drug addict that would sleep with men and then afterwards accuse them of sexual assault. She divorced Patti’s father when Patti was young and took all his money and with the help of the courts made she he would never see his daughter despite the fact he actually loved Patti and Victoria (Patti’s mother) could not stand the child and just saw her as someone to raise as an anti-male feminist. Patti loved tormenting Emily and would spit on her and into her food. Emily was way too timid to stand up for herself which Patti loved. Since Emily was not into her brand of feminism, Patti would often tell her, “If you get raped you will be on my side and hate men.”

Patti was tall and stocky with a long nose and large blue eyes. She was generally nasty to everyone but especially nasty to Emily only for the fact that Emily was too timid to stand up to her. She often times pushed Emily into the lockers trying to provoke a fight or would just fat shame her. Poor Emily would run home crying and her parents did everything they could to console her.

Steve Norm was once Michael’s friend but turned on him when everyone else started ignoring him and when Michael showed interest in Emily. He was an average sized African-American boy of 16. Steve would only give Michael an evil look but tormented Emily as much as he could. He mainly threw rocks and food at her. When Michael would stand up to him, then Steve would just give out some embarrassing secrets or just make them up about Michael.

Craig Norm who was not related to Steve but was friends with him stayed away from Michael and only tormented Emily. He would take advantage of her kindness by asking for things and not returning them. He would also take things out of her locker. He was shorter than the other boys but made up for it in his meanness to Emily.

Julia Brothers like Patti enjoyed fat shaming Emily and like Craig took advantage of her kindness. Julia was friends with Patti and they both would often times gang up on Emily. Unlike Patti, Julia knew Emily since they were 4 and always harassed Emily. Julia was just an average size girl with brown eyes and long dark black hair.

Emily had about a dozen other tormentors but none were as bad as the four above. Emily would concentrate her revenge on Julia, Patti, Craig, Steve and Patti’s mother. Patti’s mother would create pages for Patti and Julia so they could harass Emily and the fact that she basically created Patti Milner.

Chapter 2: Emily Clarke loses her parents then her life

Emily enjoyed going to the beach. She would walk for miles along the shore while her parents stayed in one spot waiting for her. Emily Had a close knit family and they always showed each other love. Emily knew they were the only people besides Michael that cared for her.

As she was walking along the beach she wished that Michael would ask her out or she had the courage to talk to him. Because of her torment she grew a dark side and this day not only was she wishing to be with Michael but she was thinking of some nasty torments for her tormentors. After a few hours at the beach it was time to go.

Driving along the same road was a drunk by the name of Sara Lowe. She did not have a license and did not think it was anything big to drive drunk although she had several D.U.I.s. Her boyfriend Jack Tisser was passed out next to her, he spent nearly a quarter of his life in prison. Sara drifted into oncoming traffic and ran into the car Emily’s parents were driving. Emily’s parents were killed immediately and Emily received injuries that required massive stitches and medical care. Sara and Jack were unharmed.

Emily was placed in foster care and after a few weeks had to return to school. When Michael saw her he felt so horrible for her that he ran into the restroom to cry. Emily was moved by his reaction but the others were not so kind. Steve and Craig accused her of killing her parent and they both said in a very hateful and condescending tone, “you are the reason your parents are dead. They could not stand you and wanted to get away from you.” She ran but then was confronted by Julia who laughingly said, “Damn girl I did not think you could get any uglier but you did with those scars on your face, why don’t you just go away?” Patti sneered at her and then said, “So your dad got drunk huh,well what you expect?” “My dad does not drink,” cried Emily as she ran off. Emily was so hurt that she was not paying attention to where she was going and ran into a school bus and was killed instantly. Most of the other kids were horrified and many felt bad for the way they treated Emily but not Craig, Julia, Patti or Steve.

With the exception of Michael no one attended her funeral. Michael was inconsolable for days afterward and missed school for a while. He felt so sick that he never had the courage to talk to Emily and that she had such a rotten life.

Three weeks after the funeral Patti woke up and could not find her mother anywhere which was not unusual, “so you are going to screw over another guy, huh mom, good for you.” She watched the news for a bit before school and just laughed to herself when the news anchor mentioned that Sara and Jack were missing. “I guess that bitch, Emily or her dumb family will ever see justice?”

Once at school, Michael was filled with so much rage that he ran up to Julia, Patti, Steve and Craig and has hateful as possible snarled, “You murderers, you are responsible for Emily’s death and you are too stupid and callous to care.” They all laughed at him and then everything went black and then they heard popping sounds. They heard an awful blood curdling scream and what sounded like nails on a chalk board. Then they heard the most awful voice say, “You are all my bitches now.” Then the lights were back and they were in the hall alone, with Michael and the others nowhere to be seen.

Chapter 3: The bullies find themselves in a school of horrors

All four of them let out a scream which was followed by another blood curdling scream coming from all directions. They could hear heavy breathing all around them as well as buzzing. They quickly decided to stay together to find a way out. “What the hell is going on,” whimpered Steve. “

“How in the hell are any of us supposed to know, idiot,” angrily replied Patti.

“It was more of a rhetorical question you man hating piece of white trash,” snapped Steve.

“Watch your mouth boy,” replied Patti snapping her fingers in which Steve threw a fake punch in which caused Patti to fall to the ground. Before she or anyone else could react a loud dark menacing voice said, “We are going to have so much fun torturing you four. You are going to suffer and burn like no one before you.”

This caused great fear and panic in the small group and they were all too afraid to talk or move for several minutes. They then heard some sounds behind them so they moved forward into what they thought was the Biology lab and to Patti’s horror she saw her mother as well as Sara and Jack. They were hanging by meat hooks with what looked like barbed wire going through their bodies and a large spike metal stick going through the mouth and out their anus and it was moving back and forth. Every few seconds flames would cover their bodies and as well as them being wiped by several cat-o-nine tails. Although their wounds would heal the pain remained. They were also smeared in blood and feces. Patti’s mother as well as Sara and Jack were too far gone to recognize anyone. Sara and Jack were both SJWs and would stop any meetings of people with different opinions than them by being loud and pulling fire alarms. Patti’s mother as well as other feminist of her kind was known to go topless and smear their period blood on their faces while they broke up meetings dealing with men’s issues such as suicide and cancer. They would also barge into churches and spit on people.

“Soon you all will be like these three,” laughed the horrible voice.

What do you want?” cried Craig.

“I want you all to suffer like I suffered. I want you all to suffer like many others have suffered. You trash ruin lives, drive innocent kids to suicide and yet you trash get to go on with your lives and live successful happy full lives while your victims suffer and in many cases they suffer a life time. You all deserve what is coming to you. In fact there is not enough suffering for you trash,” laughed the voice.

“Who the hell are you,” cried Patti trying to keep herself together.

“Hell that is an interesting choice of words. You people put your victims in their personal hell. I am vengeance, I am the one you bastards killed and you bastards had no shame and continued mocking me after death. Your filthy whore mother, Patti, will suffer as she made others suffer and for those accounts she helped you create. You and your nasty friends will suffer,” said the voice with great pleasure.

They all cried out, “We are sorry, please forgive us.”

“It’s too late for that and sorry will not bring me back but your souls will. With the sacrifice of your souls and the souls of Patti’s mother, Jack and Sara I can come back and re-write my history. You all will spend eternity suffering. Others that tormented me to a lesser degree will suffer through life and then join you all here,” cried out Emily with great joy.

After a few seconds Emily added, “What’s the matter? You bastards have nothing to say. Have you bastards figured out that you are dead and already in hell. Michael killed you all. You did not see that he had a gun and gunned you bastards down. Don’t worry I will fix his life too.”

“Sara and Jack got drunk again and I caused them to crash into a river,” laughed Emily.

“I thought you were a good person, Emily,” cried out Juliet.

“Spare me your little thoughts. You bastards never thought about me and you bastards put this darkness in me. My dark side will stay here with you bastards to make sure you all suffer as much as possible. You will all first suffer like Patti’s mother, Sara and Jack then all seven of you will suffer more,” laughed Emily.

“Please Emily forgive me, I did not mean anything,” begged Steve on his knees.

“You are a traitor Steve and I forgive you all but you all will still suffer like I have suffered, like all other victims of bullying have suffered,” yelled Emily in her dark menacing voice.

Chapter 4: The bullies suffer and Emily has a good life

They fell to their knees begging for forgiveness and to be allowed to go back. Emily simple responded in a dark voice, “How many times did I beg you bastards to leave me alone? How many times did I beg you bastards to have mercy on me and just let me be? How many times did I have to go home crying? How many times did you bastards humiliate me? You all are begging just like Patti’s mother, Jack and Sara and it did them no good and it will do you bastards no good.”

Before they could respond they felt a meat hook go through the backs and left them off the ground then spiked ropes went around and threw their bodies. Then they felt a large metal spiked rod go through their anus and out their mouth and their bodies on fire and being whipped with cat-o-nine tails. Because of the metal rods in their mouths they could not cry out. Not only were they in physical pain but they felt the pain they cause Emily and the pain of all victims of bullying and the families of kids that committed suicide due to bullying. Jack and Sara felt the same pain as well as the pain from victims of drunk drivers and the families that lost loved ones due to drunk drivers. Patti’s mother went through the same pain as Patti and felt the pain of ever man was falsely accused of sexual assault as well as victims of sexual assault.

“It is complete and the sacrifice made,” responded Emily in great delight.

Immediately she was alive again with Michael. In the new world they had been dating for years and will eventually get married and have children. They will both be successful and happy. After they leave this world they will spend an eternity in joy and happiness. Jack and Sara ran off the road before running into Emily’s parents so her parents were back. The news also came out that Patti’s mother had killed Patti then herself in a murder suicide. Also, news came out that Craig, Steve and Juliet were killed when they got ran over by a bus as they were laughing at a disabled man. The other kids that bullied Emily ended up poor and in dead end jobs that neither gave raises or cost of living increases. They had to live in crappy apartments next to rude, loud, obnoxious cigarette smokers. They were not able to get married, have children, buy a house or know happiness. They later died and joined Patti and the others.

Emily’s darkness was left to torture the seven and the new comers and even Emily was allowed to forget the old world. In the new one she was always happy and had friends. She was kind to everyone. Michael was a star athlete and stood up for kids being picked on. Emily and Michael would never know how their lives were before the change. Their lives were full of joy and happiness and they had loving children whom they adored.

The End


Sadly many victims of bullying do not get to have happy lives. Many may harm themselves but the truth about bullies is that they do it because they are weak minded. They do not have the mental strength to act in any other way. Life is full of bullies and it is a good idea to learn how to deal with them. They will not change and they will not go away.


About the author

Ferrari King

I am Ferrari King and I enjoy writing short stories and playing games. My other hobbies are working out, MMA and reading. Here is my Twitch: ferrariking1955 and check out my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/c/ferrariking

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