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Haunted Vacation at Solomons Island

by Verona Jones 3 years ago in travel
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Scariest week of my life

DOD Lodging at Solomons Island

I love anything paranormal as well as haunted sites... from a distance. It is totally different when you are the one involved in the haunting. I grew up seeing spirits and over the years I have become comfortable with the thought that I will always have spirits around me. The funny thing is, that I have become so comfortable with being surrounded that sometimes I forget to be open to the energies around me.

I was living with my sister, Tracy, in San Diego, California and we decided to take a trip to Maryland. Me, for seeing my sons and their family and her, to see her nephews she hadn't seen in years. Deciding where to stay was the fun part as my son Steven and his family lived in Gambrills which is northern Maryland, and my son James and his family lived in Waldorf which is southern Maryland. Plus, Tracy and I wanted to do some wine tastings and exploring which take place primarily in southern Maryland.

Tracy, being a retired Navy veteran got good rates at the Navy Recreational Center, Solomons Island which is very southern Maryland. Since, we were planning to visit family and site-see for a week, we decided to stay at the Rec Center at Solomon's.

When we checked in the first night, it was like staying in a fully furnished apartment. It had a kitchen, two bedrooms, one bath, a dining room, and a living room. My bedroom was near the kitchen, and you had to go through the kitchen, dining room, and living room to get to Tracy's bedroom. It was perfect. We each had our own personal privacy, but still together.

The only weird thing was that Tracy's bedroom was unusually cold, but we passed it off as the A/C was really good in her room. Tracy didn't mind the cold, and in fact, liked it that cold which is why she took the room. I like it cold, but not near freezing so I had no problem with her taking that room. The thought of anything paranormal happening never even entered our minds until...

It had been a long day of flying and driving, so we decided to just order food in and relax that evening, before visiting family and site-seeing. After dinner, we went to our respective bedrooms to sleep.

Except there was a lot of noise coming from the kitchen right outside my bedroom. The best way to describe it was as if someone was throwing a temper tantrum. Cupboard doors slamming, loud bumping on the walls and ceiling, pots and pans clinging. Except, nothing was out of the normal the next morning. No mess, no dishes laying around... nothing.

It had been so noisy, I turned on the lights to investigate and I found nothing to explain the noise which continued through the entire night. Every time I got up to go look, it got silent. Then after about twenty minutes or so after I was back in bad, it would start up again. I must have gotten up four or five times only to be greeted by total silence.

We went sightseeing, visited family, and attended a few wine tastings and enjoyed the seafood at Solomons Island. It was a great vacation except for the nightly tantrums happening in the kitchen. Tracy didn't hear anything, and like she pointed out a couple of times, as much noise as I was claiming to hear she should have heard something too. I was beginning to think maybe I was crazy.

A friend came to visit and stayed with me in my bedroom the next night and absolutely no noise. I had the best night of sleep that night and also the following night before he had to leave on the third night. On the fourth night, the noise started up again preventing me from getting any sleep that night.

Kept getting up to investigate and again, the noise stopped and nothing out of place, but twenty minutes or so back in my bed and the racket started up again. I even yelled at the damn spirit to stop making noise. It just got worse.

On the fifth night, my youngest son, James called to say he was bringing his family to visit with us. I told him what had been going on, so he brought his camera and while visiting he walked around the apartment taking pictures. Both my sons, Steven and James are sensitive as well, so although they might think their mother is weird? They don't disbelieve me when I tell them of my experiences.

James actually caught pictures of shadows on the ceiling and walls. He pointed out, it looked like they were trying to escape his notice, as it seemed like they were moving away from the camera. Seeing those pictures made me feel so much better, because now I knew I wasn't crazy. I really was hearing the noises.

So, Tracy, Me, and James sat down discussing possible reasons for the spirits to be acting up. Remembering how cold Tracy's room was, I thought maybe it was because Tracy was in their bedroom. That maybe they didn't like having a stranger in their space.

As a test to see if we were right, Tracy slept in my bedroom and lo and behold, I finally got a good night sleep. Coincidence? Maybe, because the noise didn't happen while my male friend slept in my room either. So, either I was correct that Tracy was in their space, or it was because I wasn't alone and they only liked bothering me when I was alone. Either way...I didn't care because I was finally able to get some sleep and we were leaving on the sixth day and the spirits could have their apartment back.

It was the first time I had such a negative experience, and I was glad we were leaving. Although, I was also curious so, I did some research on the area. The recreational center was built on the remains of a prospering town until the 1933 Chesapeake-Potomac Category 4 hurricane hit the area. It killed 47 people and did over 42 million dollars worth of damage. It had 140 mile an hour winds and destroyed the oyster beds the town depended on for their livelihood.

That area never fully recovered, and in 1941 the Navy built the Navy Recreational Center on that land. I will probably never know why the spirits were upset with me or even if they were casualties of the hurricane, but the experience taught me never become blase' about our surroundings. There is always more history about the places we visit then just the surface and to be open to the energies of that history.


About the author

Verona Jones

Verona is an aspiring writer living in Tucson, Arizona. She loves to write about urban legends and history. She is a proud member of the Horror Writer's Association (HWA) and the Horror Author's Guild (HAG).

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